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A “Wish List” of Gifts for Cyclists!
By Becky Leidy
Date: 12/17/2002
A “Wish List” of Gifts for Cyclists!

With Christmas just around the corner (YIKES), I felt compelled to gather together a list of my favorite cycling related items to help people find that perfect "something" for the pushbiker in their lives. If you are looking for anything more specific, feel free to e-mail Becky and I’ll do whatever I can to help pinpoint that special gift.

What I think every cyclist needs this time of the year:

A Trainer: Be it rollers for technique or a trainer for strength, it is a very handy thing to have. There are lots of different choices. Go to the local bike shop that you trust and ask: magnetic vs. fluid with the trainers (don’t even think about a wind model), and size and composition of the drums for rollers. And for heavens sake, if you get a trainer, get the front wheel block while you are at it! I can’t believe they don’t just include these things. It’s no fun being in a downhill position, unless you get to coast, too! I personally own a Cycleops Mag and like it very much. It’s very stable, even when I’m out of the saddle in a climb.

Shoe covers: For those of us in the frozen north, they are worth every penny. Frozen toes are nothing to sneeze at. Well, they are if you get a cold in the process! See the Grabber My Coal item below for a great combo gift!

Amfib Tights by Peal Izumi: According to my good friend, Doug, these are the best tights that are out there, wind resistant, insulated and warm. Good for over 20 F. Hope I get a pair for Christmas (hint, hint).

Bell Ghisallo Helmet: Did you know that the heat of your garage or car can break down the hard foam lining your helmet? It might not look it, but it will crack under less stress now. If it hasn’t been replaced in a couple of years, now is a good time to do just that. I’ve always worn a Bell, and this one in particular fits so nice. It was worth the extra $$.

Water bottles: Remember the time they left one sitting for a week in the cage with a drink besides water in it? I’ll bet they’ve done that with ALL of their bottles. I like the larger ones, because, of course, you can put more fluid in them.

What I think most cyclists would LIKE to have this time of the year:

Grabber My Coal: These little packets heat up when activated and can be found in the hunting section of your local department store. They are fantastic to put in your shoes or gloves during winter rides. These would make a good combo gift along with the shoe covers.

The Cyclist’s Training Bible by Joel Friel: This is a great time of the year to buy this book. It’s not too late to start mapping out next year’s racing season!

The Cyclist’s Training Diary by Joel Friel: Hand in hand with the “Bible,” this will help to keep a cyclist accountable. It’s also gives one a great sense of accomplishment when looking back.

BOB Trailer: For anyone who is planning on “bikepacking,” as they say, this is a must have. It’s simple, efficient, light-weight, and hey, Perry Stone uses it! That should be endorsement enough!

Homemade coupons for a massage post-ride: Enough said.

Tour De France 2001 DVD or video: The rivalry between Ulrich & Armstrong, the now famous “look,” what more can I say? I wish I had it!

The Tour Baby: Another video I would like to add to my collection. It’s the behind-the-scenes scoop on what is going on during the Tour De France by amateur filmmaker Scott Coady. Plus, in buying it, you help to benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation!

Break It. Fix It. Ride It. CD: Wouldn’t you like to save a few bucks by learning to wrap your own handlebar tape? How about adjusting that rear derailleur? This will help you to do that and MORE! Not only are there detailed instructions, but a list of the tools you will need to accomplish each job. And this doesn’t mean you have to drag the bike inside to your computer. Print the pages out that you need, silly. PC and Mac compatible.

For the cyclist that has everything:

A Silver Campagnolo Cork Screw: No joke, folks, and wait till you hear the price, $134!!! Like I said, for the cyclist who has everything!

Park Tool Toilet Paper Holder: I just think this is a laugh riot, but honestly, I wouldn’t mind one myself. It’s way more affordable, too, at around $25.

Happy holidays from the entire Daily Peloton staff!

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