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Christophe Agnolutto: interview about his personality
By Celine Tytgadt
Date: 12/5/2002
Christophe Agnolutto: interview about his personality
On Velo

On Velo-club du net, every week is dedicated to a different rider.  So far, the riders at word were Laszlo Bodrogi, Rik Verbrugghe, Jacky Durand, Aurelien Clerc and Sebastien Joly.  This week, it is up to Christophe Agnolutto.  This is the second part of the interview where he talks about his personality rather than his career.  The final part of those special weeks at velo-club end with a chat on Thursday evening 9PM CET and the transcript of it posted on Friday.  On the Daily Peloton, you will find the chat transcript on Friday evening (CET timezone).

Christophe Agnolutto has won quite a few races, but you might especially remember him from his great ride in the Tour de France 2000 winning solo with over one minute on the rest of the peloton on a rainy day.  Other races he has won are a stage in the Tour of Switzerland 1996, a stage in the Tour of Romandy of 1998 and A travers le Morbihan in 1997.

PS Velo-club has also a cartoon about the cyclist they dedictated the special week to!  Check it out here for the one of Christophe Agnolutto.

What if you would only have 24 hours to live?

I would go to a desert island with my wife and two daughters.  It's not a drea, but if I would only have 24 hours more to live, it would be this situation without a doubt.  I often go away on holidays to islands, but I wouldn't stay there my entire life.

What do people call you?

Momo, it got started by two rides I knew when I was an amateur some ten years ago, no reason in particular.  Someone called me like that afterwards and after that, it just caught on.  It's not the one that I prefer, but I haven't chosen it.  It has no connection with my name or surname.

What do you like best about yourself?

My generosity, because I like being generous, as often as possible.

What's your favorite part of the day?

I like making a good meal when I go out big.  Around 6-7PM, I like preparing a good evening meal and then, I appreciate what I'm eating.

What's the moment you like least then?

The morning because I have problems getting up in the morning.  I more a late night person and I find it really hard to get up.  When I was going to school, my favorite day was Wednesday.  I didn't have to get up!

What has life thought you?

In life, you need to be persistent and the precise possible if you want to succeed.

What would you have liked to learn at school and would have been very usefull to you?

I would have liked to learn Italian because it would serve me will on the bike and on holidays.  I have some Italian origines so I would have liked learning Italian.  Let's say I understand it but I don't really speak it.

What's your favorite film/book/CD?

On the movie side, I liked Pulp Fiction.  In CD's, I like Marc Lavoine and in books, it would be "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho.

What's your favorite country or city?

In France, it's not bad at all, but I would say a city in the south for a bit of sun, it's good there.  It wouldn't be bad living in a town like Pau for example.

What's your weak spot?

Eating because I love a good meal, and even more drinking.  I like a good galss of sweet white wine like the Mont-Basillac, a good aperitif or a good glass of red wine.

What's your favorite sentence/expression?

"We live a dream", I say it often when I'm happy.  It happened for the first time at the funeral of my life as a boy, 5 years ago when I got married.

A fan follows you around, flattered or angry?

If it's a lovely woman, I would be flattered.  Yes, it pleases me just as long as it doesn't cross the line into my private life.

A fan creates an internet site who has been dedicated to you without your authorisation: flattered or angry?

Flattered because it feels good that people are interested in me, in what I do.  I don't have one for the moment because I haven't really found the person who would be able to make one.

You receive a great present from someone that you don't really like, do you accept it or not?

No, it wouldn't be very honest to accept it so I wouldn't.

Keep on coming back for the chat transcript in about 24 hours and be sure to visit Nicolas' site !

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