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Track - Open Des Nations: Full Preview
By Fabio
Date: 11/15/2002
Track - Open Des Nations: Full Preview
After a hectic season start, with the outcomes of competitions in Mexico, Amsterdam, Grenoble and Germany decided in neck-and-neck battles, the "track cycling circus" puts six-day races aside for a while (they will resume early next week in Belgium anyway) and keeps focusing on a very special week-end, featured by two events, both to take place in worldwide-famous Bordeaux-Le Lac velodrome: the hour record attempt by Jean Nuttli and the twelfth edition of "Open des Nations".

The former will take place on Friday afternoon when, starting from 15h00 (Central European Time), when 2001Swiss ITT Champion Jean Nuttli, riding for France's Division II Team Saint Quentin-Oktos, will try to better the Hour World Record set by Englishman Chris Boardman a little more than 2 years ago, during the Manchester's World Championships. Here are some more details, taken from yesterday's edition of Mick Knapton's excellent News Round-up

“Nuttli’s Hour” tomorrow: Tomorrow (Friday) sees Swiss time trial specialist Jean Nuttli (Oktos-St Quentin) attacking Chris Boardman’s World Hour Record of 49.441 kms. 28 year old Nuttli who this season won the time trial stage in the Circuit de la Sarthe and has twice previously won the Chrono des Herbiers (2001,2000) will tackle the record at the Bordeaux velodrome as an opening event in the GP des Nations track meeting which takes place over the weekend. Nuttli made headlines as a rider who took up cycling just to lose weight, he lost a great deal of weight and found he could be very successful at the sport. His trainers say that he is ready for the Hour attempt and is at the top of his form. The velodrome at Bordeaux has seen some memorable attempts on the Hour record, most notably from Miguel Indurain and Tony Rominger who both set new world best marks at the venue.

The World Hour record has seen some crucial and controversial changes in it’s rules in recent years. In 1996 the UCI decided that only “basic” bicycles and equipment could be used in any “Hour” attempt with wheels of the same diameter, ordinary handle bars, a basic diamond frame and a helmet without a visor being used. The venue of the record attempt also has to be at an altitude of less than 600 metres to counteract the advantage of riding at high altitude locations such as Mexico City, Bogato and La Paz. At the same time the record reverted to Eddy Merckx’s 1972 mark of 49.431 kms. Chris Boardman managed to better Merckx’s record by a mere 10 metres at Manchester at the end of the 2000 season.

Below is Boardman's "average speed" at intermediate times during his 2000 successful attempt:

10 Minutes - 49,731 km/h
30 Minutes- 49,684 km/h
45 Minutes - 49,453 km/h
50 Minutes - 49,411 km/h
57 Minutes - 49,376 km/h
58 Minutes - 49,401 km/h
59 Minutes - 49,407 km/h
60 Minutes - 49,441 km/h

12th "OPEN DES NATIONS": The other event set to take place on the Lapebie Track of Bordeaux-Lac Stadium is the "Open Des Nations", a very particular competition, organized by Jean Marie Leblanc and the Tour de France Society. Unlike most track cycling contests, this is a 3-day event, featuring 4-rider strong, nationality-based teams. First disputed in 1991, and previosuly raced in the "Palais Omnisports" in Paris-Bercy, in 2000 the "Open Des Nations" moved to the Southwestern French city of Bordeaux, scene of many cycling exploits in the recent past (and a new one on Friday's afternoon ?).


COMPETITION - DETAILS: The contest, bringing together many of the World's best track specialists, including recently crowned World Champions, consists of a challenge among 16 teams, each of them made up of 4 riders (2 sprinters, 2 six-day specialists), battling in seven different competitions:

- Individual Sprint : 1 round - 1 rider per nation

- Flying Lap : 1 lap: 250 meters - 1 rider per nation

- Points Race : 40 laps: 10 kilometres - 1 rider per nation

- Sprinters Elimination ("Elimination a La Danoise") : 1 rider eliminated every 2 laps/500 meters - 1 rider per nation

- Sixdaymen Elimination

- Madison : 160 laps: 40 kilometres - 2 riders per nation

- Keirin : 8 laps: 2 kilometres - 1 rider per nation.

As for the four riders of each team:

- the two Six-day men will take part in Madison, Elimination Race for Sixdaymen, and Points Race;

- the two Sprinters will take part in Keirin, Individual Sprint, Flying Lap and Elimination race for Sprinters;


SCHEDULE: Here is the Timetable for both Friday and Saturday nights in Bordeaux's velodrome (all times CET).

20h15: KEIRIN (1st and 2nd serie) - 15'
20h30: INDIVIDUAL SPRINT (1/8 Final) - 30'
21h45: INDIVIDUAL SPRINT (Losers Tournament) - 10'
22h00: INDIVIDUAL SPRINT (Quarter-Finals) - 10'
22h10: KEIRIN SHOW 5'
22h30: INDIVIDUAL SPRINT (Semi-Finals) - 5'
22h35: 6-DAY MEN ELIMINATION - 10'
22h45: INDIVIDUAL SPRINT (Finals) - 20’
23h05: FLYING LAP - 25'
23h30: POINTS RACE - 10'
23h40: KEIRIN FINALS - 15'
23h55: CEREMONY 10'

Sunday's Schedule, including both "Open des Nations" and "Keirin Open" contests, is a follows (all times CET):

12h15: KEIRIN OPEN 1st LAP - 20'
12h50: INDIVIDUAL SPRINT (1st Heats) - 30'
13h20: 45-MINUTE MADISON - 45'
14h05: KEIRIN OPEN 2nd LAP - 20'
14h25: INDIVIDUAL SPRINT (Losers Tournament) - 10'
14h35: INDIVIDUAL SPRINT (1/4 Finals) - 10'
15h05: INDIVIDUAL SPRINT (Semi-Finals) - 5'
15h10: 6-DAY MEN ELIMINATION - 10'
15h20: INDIVIDUAL SPRINT (Finals) - 20'
15h40: FLYING LAP - 25'
16h05: 6-DAY MEN ELIMINATION - 10'
16h15: KEIRIN OPEN (Finals) - 20'
16h35: AWARDS CEREMONY - 15'


PARTICIPANTS: 64 riders will be competing in Bordeaux-Le Lac. All 16 teams are based on nationality, including a mixed squad made up of two Latvians and as many Austrians. The field of participants is of high quality, going from French stars such as Tournant, Rousseau, Perque (all three in the strong "France Bleue") and Laurent Gané, to Germany's Jens Fielder (recent winner of the Sprinter race in Munich) and Stefan Löffler (champion of the U23 Franziskaner Rad Open on the same Bavarian track), from Slippens and Stam, Dutch winners of the "Amsterdam Six", to Grenoble's runner-ups Aeschbach and Marvulli.

And there's a strong english-speaking contingent too, without the USA, but with teams from Canada, Britain (also featuring Brad Wiggins and World Champion Chris Newton) and especially Australia. With the likes of World Champions Sean Eadie, Jobie Dajka and Luke Roberts joining their efforts, plus the help from 25-year-old Darren Young (Austral Wheelrace winner at multiple silver medallist at the national championships), Aussies could challenge the French dominance of the event (local riders won it 10 times out of 11). But beating track cycling sensations such as Arnaud Tournant, who last year made history (again) by setting the new flying lap record for two days in a row (12"667 the first time, averaging a speed of 71.051 km/h, 12"634 no more than twenty-four hours later, with a new record speed of 71.236 km/h) will not be easy task at all.

1. FIEDLER Jens (Sprinter)
2. MÜLLER Andreas (6-Day Man)
3. WOLFF Rene (Sprinter)
4. FULST Guido (6-Day Man)

GERMANY Espoirs :
5. BERGEMANN Carsten (Sprinter)
6. LAMPATER Leif (6-Day Man)
7. HARTMANN Nico (Sprinter)
8. LÖFFLER Stefan (6-Day Man)

11. EADIE Sean (Sprinter)
12. ROBERTS Luke (6-Day Man)
13. DAJKA Jobie (Sprinter)
14. YOUNG Darren (6-Day Man)

15. MADSEN Steen (Sprinter)
16. MAURAIS Alexandre (6-Day Man)
17. CLOUTIER Alexandre (Sprinter)
18. GILBERT Martin (6-Day Man)

21. DYRGAARD Jakob (Sprinter)
22. CHRISTIANSEN Morten (6-Day Man)
23. RASMUSSEN Alex (Sprinter)
24. HANSEN Jimmy (6-Day Man)

25. VILLANUEVA José Antonio (Sprinter)
26. MARTI Francisco (6-Day Man)
27. ESCUREDO José Antonio (Sprinter)
28. ALZAMORA Miguel (6-Day Man)

FRANCE Bleu (Bleu) :
31. ROUSSEAU Florian (Sprinter)
32. NEUVILLE Jérôme (6-Day Man)
33. TOURNANT Arnaud (Sprinter)
34. PERQUE Franck (6-Day Man)

FRANCE Rouge (Red) :
35. GANE Laurent (Sprinter)
36. MERCIRIS Fabien (6-Day Man)
37. BOURGAIN Mickaël (Sprinter)
38. GENEAUZEAU Benoît (6-Day Man)

FRANCE Espoirs (White):
41. MANDARD Matthieu (Sprinter)
42. D'OLIVIER Laurent (6-Day Man)
43. GANE Hervé (Sprinter)
44. HADDOU Saïd (6-Day Man)

45. MACLEAN Craig (Sprinter)
46. NEWTON Chris (6-Day Man)
47. EDGAR Ross (Sprinter)
48. WIGGINS Bradley (6-Day Man)

51. KIKSIS Ainars (Sprinter)
52. GARBER Roland (6-Day Man)
53. BERZINS Viesturs (Sprinter)
54. STOCHER Franz (6-Day Man)

55. BOS Théo (Sprinter)
56. SLIPPENS Robert (6-Day Man)
57. MULDER Teun (Sprinter)
58. STAM Danny (6-Day Man)

61. BURAN Pavel (Sprinter)
62. BLAHA Martin (6-Day Man)
63. DRCMANEK Arnost (Sprinter)
64. LAZAR Petr (6-Day Man)

65. JERABEK Jaroslav (Sprinter)
66. LISKA Martin (6-Day Man)
67. BAZALIK Peter (Sprinter)
68. ZABKA Jozef (6-Day Man)

71. MERK Patrick (Sprinter)
72. MARVULLI Franco (6-Day Man)
73. HEER Martial (Sprinter)
74. AESCHBACH Alexander (6-Day Man)

75.VYNOKUROV Andriy (Sprinter)
76. SIMONENKO Olexandr (6-Day Man)
77. RUBAN Sergiy (Sprinter)
78. YAKOVLEV Vasyl (6-Day Man)


OPEN DES NATIONS - COMPLETE PALMARES: As you may notice, only Germany was able to break the local domination of the contest a decade ago, but in 1993 France's winning streak began, and so far nobody has been able to put an end. Could anyone do it this time?

2001: FRANCE (Florian ROUSSEAU, Arnaud TOURNANT, Jérôme NEUVILLE, Robert SASSONE )

2000: FRANCE (Florian ROUSSEAU, Frédéric MAGNE, Damien POMMEREAU, Robert SASSONE )

1999: FRANCE (Florian ROUSSEAU, Cyril BOS, Laurent GANE, Arnaud TOURNANT, Francis MOREAU, Philippe ERMENAULT, Franck PERQUE, Jérôme NEUVILLE )

1998: FRANCE (Florian ROUSSEAU, Frédéric MAGNÉ, Laurent GANÉ, Christophe CAPELLE, Francis MOREAU, Philippe ERMENAULT, Franck PERQUE, Jérôme NEUVILLE )

1997: FRANCE (Sylvain ANQUETIL, Carlos DA CRUZ, Philippe ERMENAULT, Frédéric MAGNÉ, Jérôme NEUVILLE, Franck PERQUE, Florian ROUSSEAU, Arnaud TOURNANT )

1996: FRANCE (Cyril BOS, Christophe CAPELLE, Philippe ERMENAULT, Frédéric MAGNÉ, Jean-Michel MONIN, Francis MOREAU, Florian ROUSSEAU, Hervé THUET )

1995: FRANCE (Cyril BOS, Philippe ERMENAULT, Frédéric MAGNÉ, Eric MAGNIN, Jean-Michel MONIN, Francis MOREAU, Florian ROUSSEAU, Hervé THUET )

1994: FRANCE (Cyril BOS, Fabrice COLAS, Gilbert DUCLOS-LASSALLE, Philippe ERMENAULT, Frédéric MAGNÉ, Jean-Michel MONIN, Francis MOREAU, Florian ROUSSEAU )

1993: FRANCE (Cyril BOS, Fabrice COLAS, Hervé DAGORNE, Gilbert DUCLOS-LASSALLE, Philippe ERMENAULT, Frédéric MAGNÉ, Jean-Michel MONIN, Florian ROUSSEAU )


1991: FRANCE (Fabrice COLAS, Hervé DAGORNE, Gilbert DUCLOS-LASSALLE, Philippe ERMENAULT, Denis LEMYRE, Frédéric MAGNÉ, Francis MOREAU, Pascal POTIE )



1. France "Blue" 326 points
(FRANCE BLUE = Arnaud Tournant, Florian Rousseau, Robert Sassone and Jerôme Neuville)

2. Germany "A" 305 points
3. Australia 292 points
4. Netherlands 290 points
5. Ukraine 222 points
6. Slovakia 202 points
7. Czech Republic 200 points
8. France "White" (Espoirs) 191 points
9. Spain 188 points
10. Switzerland 188 points
11. France "Red" 165 points
12. Italy 158 points
13. Denmark 151 points
14. Germany "B" ("Espoirs") 108 points
15. USA 95 points
16. Canada 65 points

KEIRIN OPEN: Besides the main competition, for the second time an extra Keirin contest will be part of the event. Just a further proof of the progress this discipline is making, after officially becoming an Olympic sport two years ago in Sydney. And also a way to get some TV exposure in Japan, when the race will be aired (not live though) by the NHK Channel. Sean Eadie, Jobie Dajka and UK's 31-year-old Maclean will challenge the Japanese "gods" of Keirin. 18 racers, 8 nationalities, are entered for the 2nd Open de Keirin. This very spectacular event will take place on Sunday, the 17th of November 2002 from 12.00 a.m, and will confront the best racers in the category. The list of participants is as follows:

Japan :
Shinichi Ota - Yuta Kojima - Takayuki Matsumoto - Tomu Watanabe - Yuji Yamada - Hiroschi Tsutsumi

Jens Fiedler - René Wolff

Sean Eadie - Jobie Dajka

Florian Rousseau - Arnaud Tournant - Laurent Gané

José Villanueva - José Antonio Escuredo

Craig Maclean

Czech Republic:
Pavel Buran

Andryi Vynokurov

Minor Races: Also younger riders will be given the chance to compete in thier own contests. The OPEN DES REGIONS CADETSand the OPEN DES REGIONS JUNIORS will take place on Friday (Cadets) and Saturday (Juniors) evening respectively, and on Sunday morning (both) before the "big" races start.

TV COVERAGE: Unlike last year's edition, this time the "Open des Nations" will not go live on Eurosport. But European viewers able to watch the France 3 Channel will have the chance to see the final hour of action live on Sunday afternoon, reprtedly starting at about 345 pm (Central European Time). Don't miss it, and don't miss the Daily Coverage our site will provide for you, with all news and results of the 12th "Open des Nations".

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