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Gilmore and McGrory win Six Days of Munich (Final Update)
By Fabio
Date: 11/12/2002
Gilmore and McGrory win Six Days of Munich (Final Update)
Sensational and surprising final night in Munich's Olympiapark velodrome. Despite Switzerland's Risi and Betschart were the clear favourites to take the title and set the new World record of Six-day wins, Scott McGrory and Matthew Gilmore gave a great preformance in the very final part of the competition and, after Gilmore launced a wicked attack, succeeded in putting one lap on their main rivals, such that they won the event for the first time, although Australian-born Belgian Gilmore accomplished what his father Graeme had already done in 1974, when paired to legendary local rider Sigi Renz, currently sport director in Olympiahalle. And the result Matt, third-place getter in last year's edition, achieved tonight made him very proud, according to what the man himself told Bavarian tv after the race ended.

But winning "the nicest 6-day in the World" (in Gilmore's words, an opinion shared by many anyway), they denied the "Alpen-express" (or "Alpen-Tornados", five-time winners of the Munich Six, but runner-ups one year ago too) the joy of winning their 30th six-day race and bettering the record the Swiss duo is currently sharing, since last January, with Germans Gustav Kilian and Heinz Vopel. No doubts that Betschart and long-haired Risi will try again very soon, anyway.

But now it's time to congratulate Gilmore and McGrory on their win, as well as Risi and Betschart (final top-scorers of the contest - btw) and also the all-German duo made up of Andreas Kappes and Andreas Beikirch, who clinched a podium spot by taking third in Munich, one week after their overall victory in the Six Days of Dortmund.

The "Munich Six" was the last one for another track cycling legend (and excellent sprinter in road races too): Italy's Silvio Martinello, who decided to retire, after a successful career featuring, among other things, 28 six-day victories, last year's edition of this race included. Martinello and Australian Stuart O'Grady took eighth overall, but managed to finish the race, despite the Australian was still suffering the consequences of the crash involving him and Bruno Risi on day three of the contest.

American Marty Nothstein and Britain's Bradley Wiggins finished in spot number nine, twelve laps behind the winners.

As for the other competitions, Australians couldn't celebrate McGrory and Gilmore's triumph by winning the Sprinter race too: Germany's Jens Fielder was the final champion ahead of Sean Eadie, while the other contender from Oz, Jobie Dajka, slipped into fourth and last place, as even Rene Wolff moved in front of him after the ultimate night.

The future stars of track cycling competed in the U23 "Franziskaner Rad Open", with Stefan Löffler and Daniel Palicki following the steps of Gilmore and McGrory, such that they regained the overall lead at the right moment, just to win the competition by a 14-point margin over fellow Germans Leif Lamparter and Sebastian Frey. Belgium's Iljo Keisse and John Van Den Abeele took the remaining podium spot, while the russian-teutonic pair made up of Mikhail Meikheev and Andreas Welsch, set up only after their respective teammates pulled out of the race, moved up to finish fourth overall.

93th Six Days of Munich - Final Overall Standings:

1. Scott McGrory (AUS) - Matthew Gilmore (BEL) - 349 points

at 1 lap

2. Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (SWI) - 365 points

3. Andreas Kappes - Andreas Beikirch (GER) - 297 points

at 4 laps

4. Robert Slippens - Danny Stam (HOL) - 209 points

at 5 laps

5. Andreas Müller - Guido Fulst (GER) - 140 points

at 6 laps

6. Adriano Baffi - Marco Villa (ITA) - 165 points

7. Jimmi Madsen (DEN) -Thorsten Rund (GER) - 120 points

at 7 laps

8. Stuart O'Grady (AUS) - Silvio Martinello (ITA) - 218 points

at 12 laps

9. Bradley Wiggins (GBR) - Marty Nothstein (USA) - 224 points

at 24 laps

10. Jens Lehmann - Ronny Lauke (GER) - 69 points

at 25 laps

11. Gerd Dörich - Mario Vonhof (GER) - 82 points

12. Lars Teutenberg - Frank Kowatschitsch (GER) - 65 points

at 26 laps

13. Stefan Steinweg - Erik Weispfennig (GER) - 56 points

at 30 laps

14. Lorenzo Lapage (BEL) - Christian Lademann (GER) - 52 points

Details and results of the other competitions (the U23 "Franziskaner Rad Open", and the Sprinters race also featuring Aussies Eadie and Dajka) to come later.

Six Days of Munich - Complete Winners List:

1933: Oscar Tietz - Franz Lehmann (GER)
1949: Robert Naye (BEL) - Maurice Depauw jr (BEL)
1950: Robert Naye - René Adriaensens (BEL)
1950: Kamiel Dekuysscher - Odile Van De Meerschaut (BEL)
1951: Emile Carrara - Guy Lapébie (FRA)
1952: Alfred Strom (AUS) - Ludwig Hörmann (GER)
1953: Walter Bücher (SWI) - Jean Roth (SWI)
1954: Hans Preiskeit - Ludwig Hörmann (GER)
1972: Sigi Renz - Wolfgang Schulze (GER)
1973: René Pijnen - Leo Duyndam (HOL)
1974: Sigi Renz (GER) - Graeme Gilmore (AUS)
1975: René Pijnen (HOL) - Günther Haritz (GER)
1976: Wilfried Peffgen - Albert Fritz (GER)
1977: Patrick Sercu - Eddy Merckx (BEL)
1978: Patrick Sercu (BEL) - Gregor Braun (GER)
1979: Patrick Sercu (BEL) - Dietrich Thurau (GER)
1980: Danny Clark - Don Allan (AUS)
1981: Danny Clark - Don Allan (AUS)
1982: René Pijnen (HOL) - Patrick Sercu (BEL)
1983: René Pijnen (HOL) - Urs Freuler (SWI)
1984: Hans-Henrik 0rsted - Gert Frank (DEN)
1985: René Pijnen (HOL) - Urs Freuler (SWI)
1986: Danny Clark (AUS) - Dietrich Thurau (GER)
1987: Urs Freuler (SWI) - Dietrich Thurau (GER)
1988: Danny Clark (AUS) - Tony Doyle (GB)
1989: Etienne De Wilde (BEL) - Andreas Kappes (GER)
1990: Danny Clark (AUS) - Tony Doyle (GB)
1991: Etienne De Wilde (BEL) - Andreas Kappes (GER)
1992: Olaf Ludwig (GER) - Urs Freuler (SWI)
1993: Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (SWI)
1994: Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (SWI)
1995: Etienne De Wilde (BEL) - Erik Zabel (GER)
1996: Adriano Baffi (ITA) - Giovanni Lombardi (ITA)
1997: Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (SWI)
1998: Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (SWI)
1999: Andreas Kappes (GER) - Silvio Martinello (ITA)
2000: Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (SWI)
2001: Erik Zabel (GER) - Silvio Martinello (ITA)
2002: Scott McGrory (AUS) - Matthew Gilmore (BEL)

U23 Franziskaner Rad Open - Final Standings:

1. Stefan Löffler - Daniel Palicki (GER) - 140 points

2. Leif Lamparter - Sebastian Frey (GER) - 126 points

3. Iljo Keisse - John Van Den Abeele (BEL) - 118 points

4. Andreas Welsch (GER) - Mikail Meikheev (RUS) - 104 points

5. Ralph Zimmermann - Oliver Mattmann (SWI) - 104 points

6. Aurel Siegel - Felix Wolf (GER) - 100 points

7. Jakob Dyrgaard - Alex Rasmussen (DEN) - 98 points

8. Stefan Schwiers - Jan Pokrandt (GER) - 68 points

9. Armin Krahl - Christian König (GER) - 62 points

10. Christian Ortkras - Jan Erik Schwarzer (GER) - 44 points

11. Christian Schwerdt - Sebastian Körber (GER) - 29 points

12. Michael Bückers - Paul Krickser (GER) - 26 points

Sprinters Competition - Final Standings :

1. Jens Fielder (Germany)

2. Sean Eadie (Australia)

3. René Wolff (Germany)

4. Jobie Dajka (Australia)

The Track Cycling circus is going to move out of Germany, first with the special, nationality-based 3-day competition going under the name of "Open Des Nations", to get underway on Friday in the worldwide famous Bordeaux Velodrome. And later, with the "Six Days of Gent" (Gand for french-speaking people), the Belgian track which last Monday hosted the MEMORIAL NOEL FORE' (see link below for full results of the contest) will be ... the place to be for all Six-Day addicts: the event, whose past edition was won by Gilmore and McGrory, is set to start next Tuesday, November 19.

Needless to say, the "Daily Peloton" will be covering both races. Do not miss them !!

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