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Laszlo Bodrogi Chat transcripts
By Celine Tytgadt
Date: 11/8/2002
Laszlo Bodrogi Chat transcripts
Velo-club du net has thematic weeks which means that every week, another rider takes the spotlight. Last week, it was Rik Verbrugghe's turn, now it's time for Laszlo Bodrogi. A link to the interview done, can be found below. This is a transcript of the chat session held on Thursday at 8pm CET.

VC: What are your objectives for 2003? Will you be going for the Tour de France?
I don't go for the general classification, no. But I will try out for the time trials, maybe the other stages as well.

VC: Isn't it always frustrating of being the only cyclist at this high level in your own country?
As a matter a fact, we were three pros this year.

VC: How do you explain your domination in the time trials? Do you think you were born with those qualities?
That's for sure, but I still need to work extremely hard to get to this level.

VC: Do you think that you could have done better at the World Championships Time Trial in Zolder this year?
I have been very disappointed that I couldn't be on the podium.

VC: What will be your objectives for next year?
In general, I will race more or less the same programme as I have done this season.

VC: Do you think you can still get better in the mountains so that you could stay on top of the general classification in the first week of the races?
I will try to work on my climbing skills but a lot of people think that it's a matter of weight.

VC: What are you other passions besides cycling?
PS2 (car games), music and I like going to the cinema.

VC: What was your idol when you were a kid?
I didn't have any real idols and I still don't want to resemble anyone.

VC: Do you really think you can become a French citizen? And why do you want it?
I don't know if it will work. The reason why I would like this is that my current federation doesn't guarantee me the best conditions to race in.

VC: What is your best souvenir on the bike so far?
My road race victories.

VC: Do you think you could have won Paris-Roubaix this year?
I had quite some luck until I crashed before the second feeding.

VC: Do you have a fan club?
Yes, I do. It's in Besanšon, in Hungary as well but I'm not really up-to-date with it.

VC: Is there a rider who you look up to?
Lately, it was JaJa, I really thought he was impressive.

VC: Have you already restarted training?
Well, I have hardly come back from my vacations.

VC: With which riders do you get along with best?
The ones older than me.

VC: Are there any unknown Hungarian riders that you think highly off?
I don't know the young guns anymore, and my "generation" is disappearing quite quickly.

VC: Are you disappointed with the end of the Mapei-team?
A little bit, yes, but the adventure continues.

VC: Where have you spent your holidays?
After the Japan Cup, I have taken some time of in Thailand.

VC: Do you like the Belgian courses?
When I feel good yes, but they are very hard and demanding.

VC: For the future, what are the riders that you think will persist?
Especially those who can climb. These days, the races are in the mountains.

VC: What do you think of the profile of the World Championships Road Race in Zolder and what do you think about the winner, Cipollini?
I would say he had prepared himself very well. For once, the Italian team has been able to work like they should. The route was rolling and very dangerous because of the barriers.

VC: Do you have a girlfriend?
Yes, I do.

VC: Do you think that you could become the World Champion Time Trailing in Hamilton?
I will definitely try, by racing a bit less next year.

VC: Have you celebrated Bettini's victory in the World Cup?
Of course, the fist stage with our new team.

VC: Do you train alone?
Often, yes. When I ride slowly, my previous team-mates come with me.

VC: What will be your first race in 2003?
I will visit the desert in Qatar.

VC: Will you be racing in the Giro, the Tour or de Vuelta?
The Tour has been programmed, but I don't really feel motivated for the other two.

VC: Have you played the CyclingManager game?
I have seen the game once, but I didn't like it that much, it was too long!

VC: Do you ever think about the World hour record?
One day, the idea might spring to mind, but for the moment, I am not thinking about it.

VC: In the time trials, what opponent do you fear most?
Myself, I sometimes make mistakes in my sensations. I'm going well when I feel good and the other way around as well.

VC: The Vuelta, is it a nice preparation for the World Cup?
Possibly, but then you need to race less in the beginning of the season.

VC: What do you think about Patrick Lefevere?
Actually, I don't really had much time to get to know him at Mapei, but I like him, he's nice, we get along.

VC: What do you think about his new team Quick-Step?
I hope that we can hit hard from the beginning, maybe become the team of reference, oh well, I'm hoping anyway.

VC: Is there a team for which you would like to race some day?
As the teams change very often, I couldn't give you a straight answer. At least I can say I have been part of MAPEI!

VC: Do you think Ullrich will still be able to win a grand tour?
He would need to train very hard and seriously and that he celebrates less, so I don't think so no.

VC: How did your passion for cycling began?
I have tried it like other sports and stayed in it.

VC: Do you often come to Besanšon often of do you spend most of your time in Italy?
Since the Tour, I have moved back to the Jura.

VC: Do you like the ambiance in the Mapei team?
In general yes. There were of course some very serious moments, but we could also have fun.

VC: What is the stage you will be preparing for especially in the 2003 Tour, if there is any?
The prologue, because that means wearing the yellow jersey in Paris.

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