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Laszlo Bodrogi interview
By Celine Tytgadt
Date: 11/5/2002
Laszlo Bodrogi interview
The second rider in the spotlight on Véloclub du net is Laszlo Bodrogi and you will be able to chat with him on Thursday’s chat on the site mentioned from 8 to 9PM CET. Be there!

VC: What do you like best in your profession?
The victories, winning a race because it’s an immense feeling of joy but there are also the sensations of speed and the fact thaty ou can see lots of countries, wonderful views.

VC: And what do you like least about it?
Like in any sport, there are disadvantages, but you need to have the character to overcome those and to come back stronger that you have ever been.

VC:Of all the things you have achieved, what are you most proud of?
I am someone who is happy with very little and I don’t normally go ranting on about my results, but if I really need to give one specific thing, I would have to say my podium spot in the World Championships in Plouay.

VC:So what was your biggest dissappointment?
It’s difficult to say but recently, I made a mistake in de GP Fourmis as I started the sprint too early. I had good legs and so a very good chance of winning the race, it’s a real shame.

VC:What has been the biggest joy in your carreer?
Let’s say that you get bigger joy out of winning a road race than a time trial where one is always alone. So I would say my victory in the third stage in the Tour de l’Avenir. I had been very happy with this result, but I also would like to mention that as an amateur I won the last part of the coupe de Mavic in Soisson.

VC:What has been the biggest deception?
Paris-Roubaix 2002 because I was in such a good escape and I fell, not too bad, but because of this, I have had terrible pains in my wrist on the other cobbled sections. The result was that I lost time on those and I couldn’t take back the time afterwards and I lost a lot of time then. So much even that I arrived out of the time limit in the velodrome in Roubaix. A real disaster....

VC:Which rider impresses you the most?
Laurent Jalabert: he’s always motivated even though he was at the end of his career. He was there in every race and he did great things even in his final years. Of course, his popularity is immens.

VC:Who did you want to be when you were little?
I never had an idol because I tried to follow my own way. I have never tried to resemble someome because you need to be yourself and know your own personallity.

VC:What would you change about yourself if you had a magic wand?
That’s a tough one...But I would have to say my right ear because it is turned inwards a bit more than the other. Just a minor estetic detail!

VC:Who do you like to please?
I don’t ride to please anyone in particular, I ride for my own pleasure.

VC:How did you become a cyclist?
I often went to friends by bike but I was mostly into bi-cross. I had a lot of fun on the bike and one day, I saw an advert on television for a criterium. So I entered and I finished third in my category, at twelve years old. At the end of the year then, 1989, I had applied for a licence and I started in a club in Hungary.

VC:If you had one person to thank for helping you to achieve what you have now, who would it be and why?
It would be especially my father and my family who have always supported me. It’s without a doubt thanks to them that I am here because they have invested in this sport which is nonetheless quite expensive.

VC:Under which weather circumstances do you feel the best?
I don’t like the rain and the cold, but I don’t really like a lot of heat either. It depends anyway, as you need to have the legs so .....

VC:If your life could be re-lived, what would you change?
I would maybe become a football player because they earn a lot more and they run a lot less (laughs), or I would continue my studies so I could become a ingeneer for controlling the ISO 9001.

Many thanks to Nicolas Richolet at

Velo-club will hold a chat with Laszlo Bodrogi on Thursday at 8pm Central European Time (in French) - you must be a member of velo-club but registration is free. This interview is part of velo-club's ongoing series spotlighting riders in the pro peloton. We invite you to visit Véloclub

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