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Young Gun Glory in Foggy Uruguay
By Podofdonny
Date: 3/25/2002
Young Gun Glory in Foggy Uruguay
59th Vuelta Ciclista al Uruguay - 2.5

Stage 3 - March 24: Rocha - Maldonado, 197.5 km

In what was to be a very hard stage, the only climatic condition missing was wind .The undulating route was hard enough, but the riders were also treated to sun, rain and FOG! After about 20 kilometers of competition, it began to rain and a thick fog bank settled on the route. The speed of the peloton dropped to a virtual standstill as the riders struggled in the poor visibilty.

Eventually the weather cleared and in a move iniated by Victor Dos Santos,Victor Faust, Juan Dutra and the Venezuelan Manuel Medina soon got a gap on the peloton. However after very quickly building a lead of nearly five minutes the heavy weights decided enough was enough and the Peñarol, Alas Rojas and Nacional teams started to chase the gap in earnest.

Having caught the escapees the peloton hit the hardest section of the parcours, hilly terrain and torrential rain - which caused the bunch to split into three sections as the stronger riders pulled away. On the final run in in spite of many attempts by potential escapees the peloton (or what was left of it anyway) braced it self for the final sprint.

Stage 3 - March 24: Rocha - Maldonado, 197.5 km
1 Jaroslaw Zarebski (Pol) Polsat Polonia 5.13.39
2 Daniel Fuentes (Cub) Nacional
3 Cezary Zamana (Pol) Polsat Polonia
4 Héctor Morales (Uru) Fénix
5 Alejandro Actón (Arg) Alas Rojas

So yet another win by a youngster - Neo-pro Zarebski's first ever pro win!

Which would have delighted Italian trainer Giancarlo Ghillioni - who tactfully suggested that his Polish boys had such a good day because they liked the weather!

General classification after stage 3

1 Alejandro Actón (Arg) Alas Rojas 9.28.55
2 Gerardo Romero (Uru) Nacional .02
3 Carlos Quiroga (Arg-*El.2)
4 Alen Reyes (Uru-*El.2)
5 Daniel Fuentes (Uru-*El.2)
6 Milton Wynants (Uru-*El.2)
7 Javier Gomez (Arg-*El.2)
8 Milton Castrillón (Uru-*El.2)
9 Tomás Margalef (Uru-*El.2)
10 Richard Mascarañas (Uru-*El.2) 4.15.17

Stage 4 : Maldonado - Las Piedras, 172.2 km should be one for the sprinters - we'll see!

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