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Some more post race reactions....
By Celine Tytgadt
Date: 3/25/2002
Some more post race reactions....
Nico MATTAN (cofidis) also ended up in the second group after the big crash in Milan-San Remo. "Voila, so this is my MSR!" he said sarcastically at the finish line. "We've worked absolutely for nothing for 300 km". Anyone could see that Nico Mattan was very disappointed last Saturday. "The first 150 km any good cyclingtourist could follow us and then - if the race really gets started - the race gets turned upside down in a few seconds because of a stupid crash. In the second group we really tried to get back to the leaders and we were very close. But in today's cycling it is impossible to get back in such a fast final. At a certain point I saw I was doing 56 km an hour so to get in the first group one would have to ride 75 km an hour. Well sorry, but that's not possible for a man on a bike."

Robbie MCEWEN (Lotto) was also disappointed, just like many others that finished in the second group. "Who came second?" was the first thing Robbie asked after crossing the finish line. "What a pitty that a crash has to decide a race like that. McEwen lost some crucial time due to a flat just before the crash of Dekker and co that also hindered Zabel. "Cipo is a nice victor and congratulations for his success, but in all modesty, I dare to say that I could have made it tough for him if I would have been there. Because who dares to say now that I can't handle races of over 300 km? Or that I am not good enough to go over hills like the Cipressa and the Poggio? But the race is really hard in the final to San Remo and eventhough we came real close to the leaders, it appeared to be not good enough. Shame, because I would have liked to measure myself with Cipollini on the Via Roma."

Oscar FREIRE (Mapei) thought he was the best. "In the final curve I was in an ideal position, in Cipollinis wheel. All of a sudden Lanfranchi bumped into me very brutally. I might have lost about twenty places. What is he looking there?? Still I became fifth, that proves for me that I was the best."

"I'm really disappointed", the world champion confessed, not really happy about his team. "AFter the decent of the Poggio I looked around. I was counting three guys for Cipollini, while I had to do it on my own."

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