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Glasgow 2014: Lizzie Armitstead wins Gold at road race
By Imelda March
Date: 8/3/2014
Glasgow 2014: Lizzie Armitstead wins Gold at road race
"I am really happy," said Armitstead, who had won the national title on the same course in 2013. "That was the best cycling teamwork I have ever been a part of."

" The women's road race course started in Glasgow Green, featured a 14km circuit taking riders along Argyle Street, Buchanan Street and St Vincent Street before carrying on to the west end of the city where they passed through Kelvingrove Park and circuit the west end before heading back towards the city center and the finish.

Commonwealth Games - Glasgow 2014
Women's Road Race Final Results
98 kilometers (circuit race)

Place, Name, Country, Time, Time Difference
1 Lizzie Armitstead, Eng 2.38.48
2 Emma Pooley, Eng 2.39.08 0.25
3 Ashleigh Pasio SA 2.39.54 1.11

4 Tiffany Cromwell Aus 2.39.54 1.11
5 Linda Villusem NZ 2.39.57 1.14
6 Gracie Elvin Aus 2.41.02 2.19
7 Katie Archibald Sco 2.41.02 2.19
8 Leah Kirchmann Can 2.44.12 5.29
9 Joanne Kiesanowski NZ 2.44.12 5.29
10 Dani King Eng 2.44.12 5.29
11 Melissa Hoskins Aus 2.44.12 5.29
12 Hannah Barnes Eng 2.44.12 5.29
13 Amy Roberts Wal 2.44.12 5.29
14 Rushlie Buchanan NZ 2.44.12 5.29
15 Reta Trotman NZ 2.44.12 5.29
16 Jaime Nielson NX 2.44.12 5.29
17 Shara Gillow Aus 2.44.12 5.29
18 Anna Christian IOM 2.44.12 5.29
19 Lucy Garner Eng 2.44.12 5.29
20 Laura Trott Eng 2.44.12 5.29
21 Lydia Helene Boylan NI 2.50.55 12.12
22 An-Li Kachelhoffer SA 2.51.00 12.17
23 Gemma Neill Sco 2.51.00 12.17
24 Tamiko Butler Ant 2.51.00 12.17
25 Jasmine Glaesser Can 2.51.00 12.17
26 Chloe Hosking Aus 2.51.00 12.17
27 Anne Ewing Sco 2.51.00 12.17
Eileen Roe Sco DNF
Ann Bowditch Ggy DNF
Laura Brown Can DNF
Stephanie Roorda Can DNF
Heidi Dalton SA DNF
Lise Olivier SA DNF
Elinor Barker Wal DNF
Antri Christoforou Cyp DNF
Charline Joiner Sco DNF
Karina Bowie Ggy DNF
Joanna Watts Ggy DNF
Aurelie Halbwach Mri DNF
Anriette Schoeman SA DNF
Claire Thomas Sco DNF
Cherise Stander SA DNF
Nicole Mitchell Ber DNF
Vera Adrian Nam DNF
Laura Wasley IOM DNF
Claire Oakley NI DNF
Katie Curtis Wal DNF
Nyaruri Joyce Matara Ken DNF
Claire Fraser-Green Guy DNF
Sriyalatha Wickrama Singha Sri DNF
Katrin Garfoot Aus DNF
Linda Loffler Swz DNF
Carol du-Pont Swz DNF
Bianca Hernould Jam DNF
Dinize Wilsch Swz DNF
Jane Njeri Mwangi Ken DNF
Hayley Jones Wal DNF
Marina Bleasdale Ggy DNF
Doreen Musoliza Lwimbuli Ken DNF
Irene Steyn Nam DNF
Joyce Muthoni Mwangi Ken DNF
Dinesha Adikari Mudiyanselage Sri DNF
Emily Collins NZ DQ

** DNF= Did not finish
** DQ = Disqualified


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