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Let the Adventure Begin
By Staff
Date: 8/1/2014
Let the Adventure Begin

Three Brave Ultra-Bikers

The Tour of BC will makes its debut on Sunday August 3rd, 2014.

The lone rider will be Italian ultra-racer Alessandro Colo. In the shorter  version of the race, the PowerCranks Contender David Baxter and his crew will be competing from the Lone star state, Texas.

And in our NAKED Division Chris Culos will be competing unassisted or escorted in the 1,600 kilometer race the Naked Challenger.

The Naked Challenger and the PowerCranks Contender are contested on the same 1,607 kilometers course. You can view the course here:
please click on link “view full route” to see an interactive map. Or if you prefer naked please visit  and again please click on link “view full route” to see an interactive map.

The 5,180 kilometer long Tour de BC Route can be viewed at  and the larger version by clicking on link “view full route”.

All three of these men have sacrificed a lot of time and resources jut to make it to the start line. They are racing for the challenge and adventure primarily and Chris Culos is also raising money for a cancer charity.

For these riders and their crews there will be no fanfare at the starting line; just a quiet start near daybreak on the shores of the Pacific.

Updates on their progress will be available on the , the  Facebook and Twitter.

I will be traveling with Alessandro  Colò and his crew and providing expanded coverage on his progress. For a in depth look at the endurance, determination and suffering of an ultra-endurance cyclist please follow our coverage. It will be special. Guaranteed.

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