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Giro Rosa to capture the world with digital strategy
By Imelda March
Date: 7/3/2014
Giro Rosa to capture the world with digital strategy
The television program Raisport will follow the Women’s International Tour of Italy (also know as the Giro Rosa) beginning Friday 4th to Sunday 13th July, Raisport 2 will have daily 50 minutes recaps, as well as a brief five-minute mentions on Rai 3 and Raisport 2 just after the Tour de France. Thanks to director Francesca Portinari, commentators Piergiorgio Severini and Luigi Sgarbozza, and to the entire Rai staff for giving Giro fans these daily summaries.

The Giro Rosa will have a live streaming video at RAI Sport Geo-restricted to Italy.

Radio Number One will be the offical radio and will follow the Giro caravan from Caserta until the last stage on the Ghisallo. Paolo Avella will interview one of the best riders of the Giro and will update all the cycling fans with the daily events in his program airing around 5:00 p.m.

For live updates, check the Giro fan page on Giro Rosa Cycling Race on Facebook and Giro Rosa Cycling on Twitter using the #girorasa14 hashtag.

On the official website you can find all details about the stages, teams, athletes, rider interviews, etc.

New this year, is your ability to see the best shots throught the GIROROSA Cycling Race on Instagram.


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