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Daily Peloton Partners with Tour of BC
By Staff
Date: 5/6/2014
Daily Peloton Partners with Tour of BC

Daily Peloton International Cycling News is proud to announce that it has signed on as international media sponsor for, for the development and presentation of six ultra-endurance and ultra-adventure bicycle races in British Columbia and the surrounding Canadian Provinces. 

The marquee RideCanada event is the Tour of British Columbia (TourdeBC), a 3,300 mile single stage race with 210,000 feet of climbing. Riders may also ride shorter versions of the Tour de BC by entering the 1,000 mile PowerCranks Contender or the 1,800 mile BC Explorer.

For cyclists who enjoy unsupported challenges, all three courses are also offered in Ride Canada’s “Naked Series” of cycling. In the Naked Challenger, Naked Pioneer and the Naked Rider’s Race soloists, 2 and 4 person teams ride without the aid of support or escort crews. The Naked race series offers a first time ever approach to team randonneur racing.

Perry Stone, president of, is the only person to ever accomplish three complete circumnavigations of Australia on a bicycle, riding twice with support crews and once unassisted. He held the record for fastest for over ten years and is a familiar name to Daily Peloton readers. In a five and a half year period Stone rode 95,000 miles in Australia, mostly unsupported, giving him vast experience in all facets of ultra-endurance cycling. His true love and appreciation for all cycling, especially ultra-endurance riding, which he refers to as the “Zen of Bicycle Racing,” makes him the ideal organizer for these ultra-endurance challenges. Read This Race (about his 2002 Australia circumnavigation): 

All RideCanada races will debut in August 2014. Friends and readers of the Daily Peloton will be offered special incentives to participate in these exciting ultra-cycling challenges.

The Daily Peloton wishes all riders a speedy and successful race, and we look forward to the development of these exciting disciplines in North America. 

Perry Stone may be reached at

For further information please visit: 

Tour of British Columbia 

PowerCranks Contender 

BC Explorer 

Naked Cycling 

Ride Canada 

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