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Volunteer Writers Wanted
By Staff
Date: 4/8/2013
Volunteer Writers Wanted
This year the Daily Peloton celebrates its 12th year of covering the sport of professional cycling. During that time we have become one of the world's top cycling sites for some important reasons - the quality of our writing, the enthusiasm of our team, and a love for the greatest sport on earth.

We cover up to the minute U.S and international professional cycling news; covering both men's and women's races as well as elite cycling teams. We cover the world's largest races such as the Giro d'Italia, Tour de France, and Vuelta a Espana as well as local races across the world. We interview the top names and get to test some of the best gear.

What surprises our friends and rivals is that all our staff work on a volunteer basis, which makes it just that bit more remarkable how well we have done. We can ask only so much of each of our contributors though and so the Daily Peloton is looking for new writers to contribute to the next 12 years of the Daily Peloton story, cycling fans who are writers with the desire to tell other fans about the sport.

Writing for Daily Peloton will bring you experience in the field of writing as well as give you a name in the sport of cycling. Many of our writers have gone on to successful careers in the sport - working for teams and event organizers, sports bodies and even the Olympic Games.

If you are interested in becoming part of the team at the Daily Peloton, please get in contact and send us a brief bio, a sample of your work, and let us know why you would love to write for us.

Send your reply to Luke Allingham at

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