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Equal payout at this year's West Michigan Stage Race
By Staff
Date: 2/19/2013
Equal payout at this year's West Michigan Stage Race
The West Michigan Stage Race is now entering its third year as the Premier Michigan Stage Race. This unique type of bicycle road race, scheduled for May 17th-19th, 2013, combines three separate disciplines, or stages, into one large event. The three stages are broken into three separate days with an overall, or General Classification (GC), tracking racers according to the lowest overall time. Upon the completion of each stage the overall leader will be awarded the West Michigan Stage Race Leaders Jersey which must be worn in the following stage to identify the current race leader. Individual Stage Winners will also be awarded each day with cash prizes. Of importance is that this race offers an equal payout distribution for both men and women offering $10,000 in cash prizes.

Stage Races allow for a race in which participants get to know one another and create relationships that may last a lifetime. Many racers may focus on one of the three stages hoping for a stage win while others keep their eye on the overall win. Many participants simply want to see how their bodies will react to three days of top notch racing. The West Michigan Stage Race has something for everyone from beginner road racers to peak road racers.

2013 also finds the West Michigan Stage Race included into the Nature Valley Pro Chase, making it a qualifying event for the Nature Valley Grand Prix, a 5 day stage race starting in St. Paul, MN June 12, 2013. With this prestigious selection, the West Michigan Stage Race will draw amateur racers from around the country to the Grand Rapids Area.

Stage one, Time Trial Cyclists will travel over a 7.2 mile out and back course with a race against the clock. Every 30 seconds a new racer will be sent out to conquer the race course with some racers completing the course in 15 minutes. By the end of this stage the GC leaders will be awarded. Location: Ada, Michigan.

Stage Two, Criterium Racers will now find themselves in a showcase for sprinters. Each category will now see themselves in their first massed start event on a 0.9 mile closed “circuit”. Racers will compete for a predetermined amount of time in which spectators will be able to watch the race develop. Racers trying to break away from the field, sprinters waiting for a field sprint and prizes given out during each category’s race create an action filled event. The criterium will culminate in a sprint to the finish on the last lap with overall time bonuses and cash awards awaiting the winners. Location: Metro Health Campus, Wyoming, MI.

Stage Three, Road Race The West Michigan Stage Race reaches its crescendo with this 30 mile loop in which categories will race between 1 and 3 laps over rolling hills and open windy roads. The overall winner will be determined by the end of this day and will usually come right down to the finish line sprint. Having racers six, seven, eight across at the finish line is not uncommon with time bonuses and cash awards again going to the top places racers. Location: Lowell, MI.

2012 Race Recap The 2nd Annual West Michigan Stage Race started with a bang with a 7.1 mile out and back time trial Saturday May 19th. The rolling course was covered by some in fewer than 15 minutes with Alex Vanais from Team Bissell-ABG-Nuvo winning with a time of 14 min and 40 seconds.

The women flew over the same course with Gray Patton from Bradfordwoods, PA racing for Cleveland Clinic/RGF/Carbon winning with a time of 17 min 4 sec. Patton would continue on to remain in the lead of the Womens’ Pro 1/2 Race after winning the Criterium and secure it by winning the Road Race Sunday. She won the overall title for the West Michigan Stage Race with an elapsed time of 3 hours 47 min and 2 seconds.

The Men’s Pro 1/2 category would see a lead change after Nathan Williams of Grand Rapids, MI, also riding for Bissell/ABG/Nuvo collected two 10 second time bonuses in the criterium vaulting him from 2nd place overall into first place overall in front of the Criterium Winner Liam Donoghue riding for xXx Racing. Williams retained his overall lead when his teammate Mac Brennan won the road race Sunday morning.

2012 Statistics:
♦ Total Riders: 267
♦ Riders from out of State: 50
♦ Men: 205/Women: 62
♦ Riders from outside of the 616 area code: 123
♦ States represented: MO(1), NC(3), PA(1), CO(1), MA(1), IL(36), IN(9), OH(30), WI(2)
Countries: Canada (3)

To learn more about his stage race, visit 3rd Annual West Michigan Stage Race.


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