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The battle over the rainbow
By Anita van Crey
Date: 10/13/2002
The battle over the rainbow
A dark morning, a dry morning, a morning as all others. Except this is the one who has been playing in a lot of heads for more or less longe times. It played in the heads of some in Belgium who years ago decided to try and organise the worlds and it for sure plays around in the heads and minds and bodies and legs of 202 brave men from different countries who all would like a different jersey as their teammates wear. The battle over the rainbow has come to its climax, the big race the professionals have been awaiting for will start in three hours from now. All the checkposts on the roads to Zolder, to the circuit are in place. Three men in winterjacket, guarded with flashlights and mean looks in their eyes checking everyone for every right entrance ticket. And everyone is checked and checked again. The tension has rissen to his boilingpoint, 150.000 spectators should come, the whole world is watching, is focussing, so everything has to run as smoothly as can be. The smalller roads surrounding the course and Zolder though are not really made for such big heaps of cars. So was decided two exits on the main highway will be closed and all cars are directed to bigger than big parkinglots who can host 50.000 cars. Busses take the cycling-enthousiast to the circuit, charging non. Who will win, who will play a role, who will try and make some minutes on world wide is all a big hat and a lot of strings attached. Countryteams are joined by salaries payed all year, teams have bordercrossing interests, riders and possibilities. As it is slowly getting a clear day in all its light in Belgium all odds are open. Add 256 k. to 10.30 o'clock and the result will be one happy man on the highest step on the podium, recieving a white jersey with five different coloured stripes and a medal made of gold. Propably there will be some tears to ched, some enjoying done, some flags to be waved. The exitement is building, the chalcked finish line whitisch with allready a yet faint and distant blue, red, black, yellow and green...........
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