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By Fabio
Date: 10/12/2002

The World Road Championships get to their penultimate day at Zolder. While waiting for Sunday's "big race", fans will be able to enjoy two more interesting competitions on Saturday. The first is the Junior men road race, consisting of 10 laps of the "usual" 13.1-km-long circuit. The second is the Elite Women's RR, featured by an extremely strong field of participants.

The teen-aged boys will take the start at 930am (Central European Time). Their complete startlist (backnumbers included is just below in the page. Who may win this race ? Probaly one of the fastest wheels of the peloton, as both previous contests (Junior Women and U23 Men) ended in bunch sprints, and Saturday morning 's race could just be the same. But let's read ome more time what London-based DP writer Andy McGrath wrote in his excellent article previewing both the British teams and World Championship races in general.

Slovakian UCL No. 1 Matej Jurco also has excellent time trailing skills, though he finished 2nd to Dekker by 40 seconds in the final TT stage of this year’s Tour de Lorraine. If he is not injured, Jurco is hotly tipped to win the Men’s Junior Road Race. He specialises in making breaks from the peloton and then sprinting powerfully. Even in the situation of a bunch sprint, the Slovakian would be favoured. Others who may win include Mark Jamieson of Australia, Jos Harms of The Netherlands and Olivier Stiler-Cote of the USA. However, like all road races, this will be a very unpredictable race."

At 1h30 PM (CET) the spotlight will be on the ladies of the Elite Women's Road Race, that will fight for the gold medal on the same circuit and distance as the previous contest. The startlist (read it below) is filled with plenty of big names that could make it become one of the best and most unpredicatble races of the year. On Friday we knew that even 44-year-old Jeannie Longo managed to find a place in the French squad. Probably her performance in Wednesday's ITT (when she did better than many young riders who could be daughters of hers) persuaded both her team directors and Longo herself that good "ol'" Jeanie could be an excellent bet for the race.

But whereas Longo will be joining the party in Zolder, another famous French-speaker, Gènevieve Jeanson of Quebec, will soon join her friends back home in Canada. The 21-year-old from Lachine was forced to pull out of the Worlds an not take the start on Saturday, due to a tendinitis that affected her performance also during Wednesday's Time Trial.

As to race favorites, well, the easy parcours might suit the sprinters, just like it happened twice on Friday. But one more time I have to say cycling hiostory is full of seemingly easy rides turned into hard competitions due to the riders behaviour. And Saturday's RR could just be one more of this kind. Actually to many contenders could take the tite. Too many to have an in-depth galnce at of them all in this short preview. Let the names below speak. They perfectly say it all.

Both races should go live on Eurosport. The "Daily Peloton" will deliver you all the news and results of the competition.


Backnumber - Name - Nationality - Date of Birth

1. BUCHKO Andriy UKR19840603 UKR
2. CHUZHDA Oleg UKR19850508 UKR
3. GRABOVSKYY Dmytro UKR19850930 UKR
4. KONDRUT Vitaliy UKR19840815 UKR
5. SHUVAYEV Oleksandr UKR19840301 UKR
6. DEKKER Thomas NED19840906 NED
7. DUYN Huub NED19840901 NED
8. HARMS Jos NED19840330 NED
9. VAN LEIJEN Joost NED19840720 NED
10. VEELERS Tom NED19840914 NED
11. CABRERA Alexandre FRA19841225 FRA
12. CHAZAL Jordane FRA19840510 FRA
13. DELAGE Mickael FRA19850806 FRA
14. GERARD Arnaud FRA19841006 FRA
15. JEROME Vincent FRA19841126 FRA
16. DE BACKER Bert BEL19840402 BEL
17. INGELS Nick BEL19840902 BEL
18. MEERSMAN Gianni BEL19851205 BEL
19. ROELANDTS Jurgen BEL19850702 BEL
20. VERBIST Evert BEL19840627 BEL
21. INGEVALDSSON Jesper SWE19840426 SWE
22. LÖVKVIST Thomas SWE19840404 SWE
23. PERSSON Dennis SWE19840316 SWE
24. MARZOLI Samuele ITA19840301 ITA
25. NIBALI Vincenzo ITA19841114 ITA
26. RIZZA Emanuele ITA19840208 ITA
27. SANTAMBROGIO Mauro ITA19841007 ITA
28. TRAFICANTE Roberto ITA19840923 ITA
29. ALALUUSUA Juha-Matti FIN19850214 FIN
30. JAASKELAINEN Pekka FIN19840103 FIN
31. VASTARANTA Jukka FIN19840329 FIN
32. GRAF Nico GER19850502 GER
33. HAUSSLER Heinrich GER19840225 GER
34. LUEDTKE Ronny GER19840123 GER
35. PADDAGS Sebastian GER19840301 GER
36. SCHWAGER Sebastian GER19840104 GER
37. BONDA Patryk POL19841226 POL
38. BRONZ Pawel POL19840820 POL
39. KLAK Igor POL19851208 POL
40. PAJOR Bartosz POL19841115 POL
41. PIETRZAK Przemyslaw POL19840411 POL
42. CONCANNON Michael IRL19840207 IRL
43. HARDWICK Theo IRL19850715 IRL
44. MCQUAID Andrew IRL19841120 IRL
45. O'BRIEN Paidi IRL19840213 IRL
46. ROCHE Nicholas IRL19840703 IRL
47. FUS Lukaz CZE19850202 CZE
48. MICEK Tomas CZE19840529 CZE
49. ONDRYAS Richard CZE19841103 CZE
50. SEL Jan CZE19850506 CZE
51. STUDNICKA David CZE19850212 CZE
52. BELKOV Maxim RUS19850109 RUS
53. ESIN Alexey RUS19850330 RUS
54. IGNATIEV Mikhail RUS19850507 RUS
55. KOZANTCHOUK Dmitry RUS19840405 RUS
56. TROFIMOV Iouri RUS19840126 RUS
57. BOUCHER Cabrel CAN19850705 CAN
58. COOPER Marsh CAN19850822 CAN
59. DAVIDSON Andrew CAN19840608 CAN
60. EVANS Cameron CAN19840110 CAN
61. VIVES Maxime CAN19840625 CAN
62. EIBEGGER Markus AUT19841016 AUT
63. FANKHAUSER Clemens AUT19850902 AUT
64. KUGLER Josef AUT19840205 AUT
65. LENER Christian AUT19850820 AUT
66. SCHRÖGER Matthias AUT19851014 AUT
67 .KISERLOVSKI Emanuel CRO19840803 CRO
68. KLIBA Dean-Srecko CRO19841202 CRO
69. SATINOVIC Vanja CRO19840213 CRO
70. SEVER Pavao CRO19840407 CRO
71. BERGH Eckard RSA19840924 RSA
72. IMPEY Daryl RSA19841206 RSA
73. NEL Leon RSA19850826 RSA
74. JURCO Matej SVK19840808 SVK
75. KARDOS Stanislav SVK19840128 SVK
76. SLOTTA Jakub SVK19851015 SVK
77. VELITS Martin SVK19850221 SVK
78. VELITS Peter SVK19850221 SVK
79. BIGA Viktoras LTU19841206 LTU
80. BUIVIDAS Andrius LTU19850811 LTU
81. SAMSONOV Vitalij LTU19841102 LTU
82. MOHN Jan Fredrik NOR19840203 NOR
83. SNOEKS Leonard NOR19850226 NOR
84. VOLD Svein Erik NOR19851031 NOR
85. FARRAR Tyler USA19840602 USA
86. GRABOWSKI Zachary USA19850226 USA
87. MITCHELL Nathan USA19840707 USA
88. STILER-COTE Olivier USA19840406 USA
89. FREI Thomas SUI19850119 SUI
90. RHYN Manuel SUI19840503 SUI
91. ROSSI Nazareno SUI19850403 SUI
92. VITORIA David SUI19841015 SUI
93. ZAUGG Pascal SUI19840731 SUI
95 .LORENZO Fausto ESP19840401 ESP
96. RABUNAL RIOS Gonzalo ESP19840801 ESP
97. ROJAS GIL Jose Joaquin ESP19850608 ESP
98. SANCHEZ PRADO Eladio ESP19840712 ESP
99. BOLE Grega SLO19850813 SLO
100. ILESIC Aldo Ino SLO19840901 SLO
101. MAKAROVIC Leon SLO19840609 SLO
102. ROZMAN Janez SLO19840213 SLO
103. SVAB Miha SLO19840420 SLO
104. ATANASOV Petko BUL19841127 BUL
105. KUSHLEV Stefan BUL19840730 BUL
106. TONEV Viktor BUL19850117 BUL
107. GARCIA Artur VEN19840126 VEN
108. AL-YASSIEN Badr KSA19841115 KSA
109. LAM Kai Tsun HKG19841124 HKG
110. WU Kin San HKG19850504 HKG
111. CARDOSO Filipe POR19840515 POR
112. JESUS Antonio POR19840120 POR
113. LIMA Bruno POR19851105 POR
114. MENDES José POR19850424 POR
115. SANCHO Bruno POR19851213 POR
116. BIRJUKOV Denis EST19840307 EST
117. LAPTSENKOV Andrei EST19840203 EST
118. MANDRI Rene EST19840120 EST
119. USIN Risto EST19840119 EST
120. KALOUDAKIS Nikolaos GRE19840318 GRE
121. KARIMPIDIS Manolis GRE19840303 GRE
122. CASPI Yair ISR19840119 ISR
123. ZOUAGHI Mounir TUN19840420 TUN
124. DIAZ PRETEL Diego COL19841110 COL
125. INFANTINO ABREU Rafael COL19840828 COL
126. ABOLINS Aldis LAT19840724 LAT
127. BARZDENS Vitalijs LAT19850203 LAT
128. POLAKOVS Martins LAT19840409 LAT
129. FUNAKI Makoto JPN19850112 JPN
130. IKEDA Takeshi JPN19840620 JPN
131. KOIWA Daisuke JPN19840411 JPN
132. HAURYLIUK Andrei BLR19850301 BLR
133. KHOMICH Siarhei BLR19841111 BLR
134. KUNITSKI Andrei BLR19840702 BLR
135. SAMOILAU Branislav BLR19850525 BLR
136. KRSTIC Dusan YUG19840121 YUG
137. BRESCHEL Matti DEN19840831 DEN
138. CHRISTENSEN Mads DEN19840406 DEN
139. FINNERUP Andreas DEN19840317 DEN
140. LUND Anders DEN19850214 DEN
141. DANNIKER Sergey KAZ19841116 KAZ
142. DIMOVSKIKH Andrey KAZ19850311 KAZ
143. DMITRIYEV Valeriy KAZ19841010 KAZ
144. KOLESSOV Alexey KAZ19840927 KAZ
145. CLARKE Jonathon AUS19841218 AUS
146. JAMIESON Mark AUS19840504 AUS
147. MEADLEY James AUS19840204 AUS
148. SANDERSON Nicolas AUS19840527 AUS
149. SULLIVAN Ryan AUS19841128 AUS
150. GUERRERO MATA Abundio MEX19850801 MEX
151. HERRERA GARCIA Filiberto MEX19850916 MEX
152. BRAMMEIER Matthew GBR19850607 GBR
153. ILLINGWORTH Adam GBR19841117 GBR
154. JOLLEY Michael GBR19840621 GBR
155. PENKETH Christopher GBR19840718 GBR
156. DIDIER Laurent LUX19840719 LUX
157. HENDEL Gilles LUX19840315 LUX
158. KIRCH Joé LUX19840823 LUX
159. SCHLECK Andy LUX19850610 LUX
160. CIOBAN Denis MDA19850627 MDA
161. CRECIUN Dumitru MDA19840131 MDA
162. GROSSU Vladimir MDA19840228 MDA
163. SAMBRIS Ruslan MDA19850206 MDA
164. TALASIMOV Veaceslav MDA19850205 MDA


Backnumber - Name - Nationality - Date of Birth

2. ELMENTAITE Diana LTU19830322 LTU
3. KUBELSKIENE Edita LTU19740301 LTU
4. POLIKEVICIUTE Jolanta LTU19700925 LTU
5. PUCINSKAITE Edita LTU19751127 LTU
6. URBONAITE Zita LTU19730903 LTU
8. CREUX Sophie FRA19810708 FRA
9 .LE FLOCH Magali FRA19750817 FRA
10. LONGO-CIPRELLI Jeannie FRA19581031 FRA
11. MARCUZ Sandrine FRA19780731 FRA
12. MARSAL Catherine FRA19710120 FRA
13. MOINARD Virginie FRA19810807 FRA
14. ARNDT Judith GER19760723 GER
15. BRODTKA Angela GER19810115 GER
16. LIEBIG Tina GER19800428 GER
17. ROSSNER Petra GER19661114 GER
18. SCHLEICHER Regina GER19740321 GER
19. TEUTENBERG Ina GER19741028 GER
20. WORRACK Trixi GER19810928 GER
21. GRIMBERG Arenda NED19780310 NED
22. MANSVELD Debby NED19721221 NED
23. MELCHERS Mirjam NED19750926 NED
24. VAN ALEBEEK Sissy NED19760208 NED
25. VAN DER ZEE Anouska NED19760405 NED
26. ZIJLAARD - VAN MOORSEL Leontien NED19700322 NED
27. BAUMANN Denise SUI19790604 SUI
28. BEUTLER Annette SUI19760629 SUI
29. BRÄNDLI Nicole SUI19790618 SUI
30. DOPPMANN Priska SUI19710510 SUI
31. EICHER-VOUETS Marcia SUI19700430 SUI
32. GRAB Sarah SUI19790713 SUI
34. LINDBERG Madeleine SWE19720301 SWE
35. LJUNGSKOG Susanne SWE19760316 SWE
36. BRONZINI Giorgia ITA19830803 ITA
37. CANTELE Noemi ITA19810717 ITA
38. CAPPELLOTTO Alessandra ITA19680827 ITA
39. D'ETTORRE Alessandra ITA19780508 ITA
40. FELLONI Sara ITA19721003 ITA
41. LONGHIN Katia ITA19731203 ITA
42 .BESSETTE Lyne CAN19750310 CAN
43. PALMER Susan CAN19670127 CAN
44. ST LAURENT Katy CAN19760322 CAN
45. FLATAAS Solrun NOR19670828 NOR
46. KVALÖ Jorunn NOR19750715 NOR
47. STENSVOLD Wenche NOR19750608 NOR
48. VALEN Anita NOR19681212 NOR
49. VALEN Monica NOR19700915 NOR
50. CARTER Susan GBR19671123 GBR
51. COOKE Nicole GBR19830413 GBR
52. DAVIES Emma GBR19781004 GBR
53. HEAL Rachel GBR19730401 GBR
54. NEWSTEAD Frances GBR19730507 GBR
55. WALLER Sara GBR19730118 GBR
56. MATUSIAK Bogumila POL19710124 POL
57. SIPURZYNSKA Anna POL19820102 POL
58. SKAWINSKA Anna POL19810119 POL
59. BELLETER Veronique BEL19771029 BEL
60. HIERCKENS Corine BEL19820530 BEL
61. PIETERS Cindy BEL19760124 BEL
62. VAN DAMME Evy BEL19800329 BEL
63. VAN DE VIJVER Heidi BEL19691231 BEL
64. VONCKX Vanja BEL19730212 BEL
65. HOLT Melissa NZL19761211 NZL
66. KIESANOWSKI Joanne NZL19790524 NZL
67. ROBB Kirsty Nicole NZL19790523 NZL
68. BOUBNENKOVA Svetlana RUS19720102 RUS
69. KHORTOVA Olga RUS19750108 RUS
70. MARTISSOVA Ioulia RUS19760615 RUS
71. POLKHANOVA Valentina RUS19710815 RUS
72. SLYUSAREVA Olga RUS19690428 RUS
73. ZABIROVA Zoulfia RUS19731219 RUS
74. AZPIROZ Arantzazu ESP19810901 ESP
75. BRAVO SOBA Rosa Maria ESP19760825 ESP
76. ITURRIAGA Eneritz ESP19800916 ESP
77. RUANO SANCHON Teodora ESP19690111 ESP
79. GARCIA Evelyn ESA19821229 ESA
81. KOLDING Vibe Janne DEN19800113 DEN
82. SIMPER Lisbeth DEN19780113 DEN
83. ANDRUSHCHENKO Tetyana UKR19770905 UKR
84. BOCHKARYEVA Elyzaveta UKR19780505 UKR
85. CHUZHYNOVA Iryna UKR19720807 UKR
86. KACHALKA Nataliya UKR19750409 UKR
87. KARPENKO Valentyna UKR19721209 UKR
88. SIMONOVA Irina UKR19800203 UKR
89. GAVLAKOVA Zlatica SVK19780412 SVK
90. POSCH Doris AUT19730401 AUT
91. WIESER Isabella AUT19760407 AUT
92. HAYEVA Volha BLR19821102 BLR
93. STAHURSKAYA Zinaida BLR19710209 BLR
94. SILVA Janildes Fernandes BRA19800823 BRA
95. KOZLIKOVA Lada CZE19791008 CZE
96. CARRIGAN Sara AUS19800907 AUS
97. GILMORE Rochelle AUS19811214 AUS
98. GOLLAN Olivia AUS19730827 AUS
99. HEMSLEY Margaret AUS19710811 AUS
100. JAMES Emma AUS19760907 AUS
101. RUTHERFORD Hayley AUS19800717 AUS
102. WRIGHT Alison AUS19800907 AUS
103. CALLE Maria Luisa COL19681003 COL
104. BRUCKNER Kimberly USA19700619 USA
105. DEMET-BARRY Deirdre USA19721008 USA
106. HOLDEN Mari USA19710330 USA
107. MAYOLO Tina USA19660509 USA
108. NEBEN Amber USA19750218 USA
109. VANGILDER Laura USA19641211 USA
110. OKI Miho JPN19740308 JPN
111. PINTOS Valeria ARG19711117 ARG
112. GIOURBOUZ Chalime GRE19790319 GRE
113. SUNDSTEDT Pia FIN19750502 FIN
114. BLOCH Shani ISR19790306 ISR


Sunday - October the 13th:

10.30 am - 04.28 pm: Road Racing Men Elite

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