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News Roundup: 11 October
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 10/11/2002
News Roundup: 11 October

Jeanson Injured; will not Compete in Road Race

Injured with a pre-tendonitis on her right Achilles’ tendon, Canadian cyclist Genevičve Jeanson will not start in the road race tomorrow at the world championships.  She made this decision after consulting with both the UCI doctor and a local specialist near Zolder.

Jeanson initially felt pain during Wednesday’s time trial. “I accelerated after one of the first tight corners, and I felt an acute pain on my Achilles’ tendon, said the young Team RONA leader.  Then the pain subsided somewhat.  But it increased after the race.”

 Jeanson went to see the doctors Thursday, the day following the time trial.  But she made her decision this morning, following the doctors’ recommendation.

“I’m worried and disappointed, added Jeanson.  Worried, because I can’t wait to know the prognosis of this injury.  I want to heal as quickly and as completely as possible.  And I’m disappointed, because I miss the opportunity to race in a very competitive event.  With a flat course like we have here, I had no personal ambitions in this race, but I probably could have contributed to the success of the Canadian team.  This course is more for Lyne Bessette than for me.”

Jeanson will stay away from her bicycle until further developments.  As soon as she is back in Canada, she will meet with specialists who will decide on a treatment program. (RONA)

Jeannie Longo Will Ride

French cycling legend Jeannie Longo has been given the nod by team bosses to ride in Saturday's road race here at the world road race championships. Longo, the 43-year-old who has a total of 13 world titles, had been unsure of taking part as bosses mulled over whether or not to field younger talent.

The veteran champion, who could now bid for a 14th world title only days after failing to defend her time trial crown, also had a very distant relationship with the team. However her seventh place behind winner Zoulfia Zabirova in Wednesday's time trial proved good enough for national team selector Patrick Cluzaud.

Longo, the world's most decorated woman cyclist with close to 700 career victories and 30 medals from world championships and the Olympic Games, won the bronze medal in last year's 121km road race in Lisbon. (AFP)

Gerolsteiner Adds Nitsche

Team Gerolsteiner announced today that it has signed 25 year old  Torsten Nitsche for two years. Nitsche has ridden for Saeco since 2000. Hans-Michael Holczer says adding Nitsche is another consistent step in the  construction of a "sprinter-team within the team." Says Holczer, "With Torsten, we now have covered the lacking member for our top sprinters Olaf Pollack and Robert Förster. Torsten is quick and reliable and we are convinced that he will achieve a great deal. Nitsche has been on Pollack's wish list. In addition the Belgian is well-suited to the spring-classics, which don't exactly fit many pros."

With Nitsche, Förster and Udo Bölts, who was eleven years with Telekom, Holczer says the planning for the 2003 season is as good as locked.

Nitsche is another talented rider who comes from RSC Cottbus, as did Pollack, Ronny Scholz of Gerolsteiner and Danilo Hondo of Telekom. (Gerolsteiner)

Big Bicycle Flea Market Saturday at Lehigh Velodrome, Pennsylvania

This Saturday, October 12, the Lehigh Valley Velodrome will host the 2002 Big Bicycle Flea Market and Swap Meet. The event commemorates the first bicycle race held at the Lehigh Valley on October 12, 1975.

Twenty commercial vendors and 200 individual vendors will be selling a variety of new and used road, mountain, track and BMX bikes, parts, associated equipment as well as clothing and other related items. Over 3,000 people visited the flea market last year. Bring lots of cash and come to bicycle bargain heaven.

In addition, Bobby Julich, Team Telekom, will be on hand to sign autographs and sell his collection of sports attire and memorabilia. Julich ( is a five-time Tour de France finisher, finishing 3rd in 1998. Proceeds from his autographed items will benefit charity.

Ticket Sales: Ticket Window opens 8:00 am, October 12, 2002
$5.00 Adults
FREE Children 12 and under with paid adult

Flea Market: October 12, 2002
Gates Open 9 am - 2 pm
Lehigh Valley Velodrome
Routes 100 & 222
Trexlertown, PA

For more information visit (

Allan Iacuone to ride the 265km Melbourne to Warrnambool classic

Allan Iacuone, 28, national road champion in 1994, has ridden this event six times with his best finishes a second to Belgian Bart Heirewegh in 1998 and a third to Swiss Daniel Schnider in 1997. He won the Tour of Tasmania in 1997.

Disillusioned with cycling, Iacuone retired for 14 months before being persuaded to make a comeback at the start of this year with the squad spearheaded by close friend David McKenzie.

He has had several good placings and stage victories to his credit this season, but none would compare with winning the Warrnambool.

"I'm feeling good, but the Warny is a difficult race because of the distance," he said. "All of our team is racing and numbers certainly do help in a race like this. Jamie (Drew) is motivated and I know Macca (McKenzie) is motivated too. It's a pretty special race with all the history attached to it, so we'll be in it to win it, basically."

With fine weather predicted, Iacuone said the main worry today would be picking the right breakaway move. "With the depth of the field, a break can stay at 4min and can't be pulled back, so it's very hard to read the race," he said.  The Tour of Warrnambool (UCI 1.5) takes place 12 October. (Herald Sun News)

A Race Rich Pink Would Like...

Salisbury, Maryland -- More than 7,000 people are expected to participate in this Saturday's Sea Gull Century Bicycle Ride.

Started 14 years ago by 68 friends and cycling enthusiasts, ridership has steadily grown to a record turnout last year of more than 7,400 participants and is now considered the largest single-day tourism event on the Eastern Shore.

The 100-mile journey starts and ends at Salisbury University, leading riders to stops at Milburn Landing overlooking the Pocomoke River, Assateague Island and Adkins Mill Pond where riders can fill up on pie before the final leg home.

From the university, riders take several small side streets and secondary roads to keep out of heavy traffic as they wind across the peninsula, said Gains Hawkins, university spokesman.

The registration fee was $45 before Aug. 15 and $65 thereafter, though registration ended long ago as the event drew many more riders than the 6,000-person limit.

"Many of these late entries were businesses and organizations that had been raising money for some type of worthwhile cause so we couldn't deny them entry," he said. "Our main concern is crowding the streets and creating an unsafe environment."

To reduce crowding, Hawkins said riders do not start at the same time.

"We do what is called the 'Show and Go,' " he said. "You just show up when it is light enough and go."

Riders aren't timed, as the event is recreational and offers no points or prize money to professional riders.

The Century generates about $30,000, which last year paid for fitness equipment at the university's student fitness center.

Ages vary from 8 years of age to 84, and some riders will venture to Salisbury from as far away as Washington and Ontario, Canada.

Each rest stop also offers some form of entertainment.

Before the race Friday, the Mt. Airy Highwheelers will display their collection of antique bicycles on campus. Then group members will ride the bikes in the tour.

Live music will be at Adkins Mill Pond and pastry treats will be offered at other stops. (Salisbury Daily Times)

Velo-Club "Transer Gazzette" for Friday

After Steels, Diercksens and Verstrepen....two new riders are on the way to sign for Lambouwkrediet Colnago: Fabien de Waele (Mapei) lieutenant of Steels, and Gianluca Bortolami (Tacconi), who obtained an oral agreement with its sporting director.

According to Italian newspapers, Santigao Botero, the new ITT champion of world, may sign with  Deutsche Telekom.

Zarrabeitia (ONCE) could also leave his team; other Spanish teams are interested in him.

Euskaltel-Euskadi will not prolong the contracts of Oscar Solaün or Igor Flores. These two will be looking and no new teams have been named. (

World Championships: Men's Elite Road Race Start List
(Thanks to Nicolas at

1. Oscar Freire
2. Igor Astarloa
3. Joseba Beloki
4. Rafael Diaz Justo
5. José Vicente Garcia
6. José Enrique Gutierrez
7. Pedro Horrillo
8. Pablo Lastras
9. Luis Perez
10. Mikel Pradera
11. Oscar Sevilla
12. Antonio Tauler
13. Haimar Zubeldia

14. Paolo Bettini
15. Gianluca Bortolami
16. Davide Bramati
17. Mario Cipollini
18. Danilo Di Luca
19. Giovanni Lombardi
20. Daniele Nardello
21. Alessandro Petacchi
22. Fabio Sacchi
23. Luca Scinto
24. Mario Scirea
25. Matteo Tosatto

26. Andrej Hauptman
27. Zoran Klemencic
28. Uros Murn
29. Gorazd Stangelj

31. Jan Boven
32. Steven de Jongh
33. Servais Knaven
34. Jans Koerts
35. Karsten Kroon
36. Bram Schmitz
37. Bobbie Traksel
38. Stefan van Dijk
39. Max van Heeswijk
40. Aart Vierhouten
41. Bart Voskamp

42. Rolf Aldag
43. Bert Grabsch
44. Danilo Hondo
45. Matthias Kessler
46. Andreas Klier
47. Sebastian Lang
48. Olaf Pollack
49. Jan Schaffrath
50. Raphael Schweda
51. Sven Teutenberg
52. Jens Voigt
53. Erik Zabel

54. Tomasz Brozyna
55. Slawomir Kohut
56. Marcin Lewandowski
57. Zbigniev Piatek
58. Robert Radosz
59. Marek Rutkiewicz
60. Zbigniev Spruch
61. Piotr Wadecki

62. Pavel Brutt
63. Dmitri Gaynitdinov
64. Edouard Gritsoun
65. Serguei Ivanov
66. Vladimir Karpets
67. Alexandr Kolobnev
68. Dmitri Konychev
69. Alexei Markov
70. Guennadi Mikhailov
71. Evgeni Petrov
72. Dmitri Semov
73. Sergei Smetanine

Czech Republic:
74. Tomas Konecny
75. Pavel Padrnos
76. Ondrej Sosenka
77. Jan Svorada

78. Niki Aebersold
79. Rubens Bertogliati
80. Oscar Camenzind
81. Fabian Cancellara
82. Aurélien Clerc
83. Martin Elmiger
84. Mauro Gianetti
85. Rolf Huser
86. Alexandre Moos
87. Beat Zberg
88. Marcus Zberg
89. Alex Zülle

90. Serge Baguet
91. Tom Boonen
92. Ludovic Capelle
93. Ludo Dierckxsens
94. Nico Eeckhout
95. Kevin Hulsmans
96. Johan Museeuw
97. Jo Planckaert
98. Tom Steels
99. Jurgen Van Goolen
100. Peter Van Petegem
101. Marc Wauters

102. Pedro Miguel Lopes
103. Nuno Marta
104. Hugo Sabido
105. Rui Sousa

United States:
106. Dylan Casey
107. Antonio Cruz
108. Mariano Friedick
109. Ryan Guay
110. Chris Horner
111. Tim Johnson
112. Jeff Louder
113. Fred Rodriguez
114. Mike Sayers
115. Guido Trenti

116. Baden Cooke
117. Allan Davis
118. Nick Gates
119. Matthew Hayman
120. Robbie McEwen
121. Bradley McGee
122. Stuart O'Grady
123. Nathan O'Neill
124. Michael Rogers
125. Henk Vogels
126. Matthew White
127. Matthew Wilson

128. Mauricio Ardila
129. Santiago Botero
130. Victor Hugo Pena
131. Jairo Perez

132. Laurent Brochard
133. Jimmy Casper
134. Jacky Durand
135. Pierrick Fedrigo
136. Andy Flickinger
137. Laurent Jalabert
138. Nicolas Jalabert
139. Christophe Moreau
140. Franck Renier
141. Cédric Vasseur
142. Richard Virenque
143. Nicolas Vogondy

144. Benoît Joachim
145. Kim Kirchen

South Africa:
146. Robert Hunter
147. Tiaan Kannemeyer

148. Vladimir Duma
149. Yuri Mitlushenko
150. Ruslan Pidgornyy;
151. Yaroslav Popovych

Great Britain:
152. David Millar
153. Julian Winn

154. Stefan Adamsson
155. Marcus Ljungqvist

156. Bernhard Eisel
157. Gerrit Glomser
158. René Haselbacher
159. Harald Morscher
160. Christian Pfannenberger
161. Werner Riebenbauer
162. Georg Totschnig
163. Peter Wrolich

164. Aleksandr Kuschynski
165. Alexandre Usov

166. Vladimir Miholjevic

167. Mindaugas Goncaras
168. Saulius Ruskys
169. Marius Sabaliauskas
170. Vladimir Smirnov

171. Martin Garrido

172. Aleksandar Nikacevic

173. David O'Loughlin

New Zealand:
174. Julian Dean

175. Arvis Piziks
176. Romans Vainsteins

177. Kurt-Asle Arvesen
178. Thor Hushovd

179. Charles Dionne

180. Igor Pugaci

181. Laszlo Bodrogi
182. Balasz Rohtmer

183. Jaan Kirsipuu
184. Janek Tombak

185. Plamen Kolev

186. Lars Bak
187. Bekim Christensen
188. Frank Hoj
189. Allan Johansen
190. Lars Michaelsen
191. Jacob Piil Storm
192. Michael Skelde
193. Nicki Sörensen

194. Mikhail Andreyev
195. Andrey Kashechkin
196. Andrei Kivilev
197. Andrey Mizourov
198. Dmitriy Muravyev
199. Pavel Nevdakh
200. Alexandre Vinokourov
201. Serguei Yakovlev

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