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2012 Paris Correze: Stage 2
By Lucy Alderson
Date: 8/4/2012
2012 Paris Correze: Stage 2
Kenny Elissonde of FdJ sprinted to glory in the second and final stage of the Paris - Correze yesterday in front of the jubilant crowds at Chaumeil. Egoitz Garcia of Cofidis battled hard and came a valiant second of the stage but overall winner of the race.

Starting in the picturesque town of Objat, the 136 riders got off to a flying start, but along the way many of them dropped by the wayside, the challenging course proving a bit too much.This included the first stage winner, Adam Blyth who threw in the towel fairly early on, as did some complete teams.

Kenny Elissonde was not among these. Having worked hard for Arnaud Demare in the first stage, this one was for him.He wasn't the only one who was willing to fight for the glory on the Monedieres, however. Florian Vachon, his team mate Dimitri Champion, Cyril Lemoine , Guillaume Bonnafond, Freddy Bichot and the Spanish rider Garcia were all up for the challenge.

The pursuit of this breakaway group by the peloton was rather disorganised and the breakaway group built up a lead of five minutes by the first ascent. This sitation didn't change and the peloton never caught up.

The competition lay within the breakaway group, which by the Suc de May had been narrowed down further to the duo of Elissonde and Garcia. The quick descent meant an even faster finish. Elissonde was focused upon winning the stage, while Garcia knew that he could win the overall title. They understood that they needed to work together in order to achieve their aims and this pushed them on together in norder to do so.

Kenny Elissonde had his first stage win in a professional race; Garcia did the same as winner of the overall race.

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