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2012 Thuringen Rundfahrt - Elite Women: Prologue - Stage 3
By Bart Hazen
Date: 7/23/2012
2012 Thuringen Rundfahrt - Elite Women: Prologue - Stage 3

2012 Thuringen Rundfahrt - Elite Women: Prologue - Stage 3
Roundup on the prologue and the first four stages in the Thuringen Rundfahrt. Germany dominates with wins for Kupfernagel, Teutenberg (2x) and Worrack. Despite German wins Sweden's Johansson leads GC.

Roundup on the prologue and the first four stages in the Thuringen Rundfahrt. Germany dominates with wins for Kupfernagel, Teutenberg (2x) and Worrack. Despite German wins Sweden's Johansson leads GC.

Prologue Zwickau, 3.3 km
Former Cross- and ITT World Champion Hanka Kupfernagel (RusVelo) has won the prologue of the Thuringen Rundfahrt in Zwickau. Kupfernagel powered to a time of 4.51 and was 2 seconds faster than Clara Hughes. Reigning ITT World Champion Judith Arndt was third at 3 seconds. Lizzie Armitstead and Trixi Worrack completed the top five. Defending Tour champion Emma Johansson started the race in sixth place 8 seconds down.

The Thuringen Rundfahrt is for many riders the final preparation for the Olympic Games in London next weekend.

1. KUPFERNAGEL, Hanka RusVelo .04'51" 940
2. HUGHES, Clara Team Specialized Lululemon .04'53" 370 2"
3. ARNDT, Judith Orica AIS .04'54" 970 3"
4. ARMITSTEAD, Elizabeth AA Drink Cycling Team .04'56" 770 5"
5. WORRACK, Trixi Team Specialized Lululemon .04'59" 080 8"
6. JOHANSSON, Emma Hitec Products Mistral Home .04'59" 520 8"
7. DE JONG, Thalita Rabobank Women Cycling Team .04'59" 550 8"
8. FENNEL (A.), Esther Koga Ladies .05'02" 700 11"
9. ZABELINSKAYA, Olga RusVelo .05'02" 780 11"
10. PIETERS, Amy Skil Argos .05'03" 930 12"
11. LAWS, Sharon AA Drink Cycling Team .05'06" 220 15"
12. FAHLIN, Emilia Team Specialized Lululemon .05'06" 330 15"
13. NEYLAN, Rachel Abus Nutrixxion .05'07" 070 16"
14. TEUTENBERG, Ina-Yoko Team Specialized Lululemon .05'07" 920 16"
15. KOZONCHUK, Oksana Be Pink .05'08" 620 17"
16. DAAMS, Jessie AA Drink Cycling Team .05'08" 850 17"
17. DÜSTER, Sarah Rabobank Women Cycling Team .05'09" 420 18"
18. LONGO BORGHINI, Elisa Hitec Products Mistral Home .05'09" 900 18"
19. VISSER, Adrie Skil Argos .05'10" 320 19"
20. GEBHARDT, Elke Be Pink .05'11" 160 20"
Full result

Stage 1 Neustadt, 114.1 km
Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (Specialized-Lululemon) has won the first stage in Neustadt. In the sprint Teutenberg was faster than Adrie Visser and Emma Johansson. The latter one took enough time bonuses to take the overall leaders jersey from Kupfernagel.

The stage contained one big lap with several climbs and a final 24 km loop back to Neustadt. During the stage the riders had to deal with rain and the riders were very cautious in the descent. At the Possneck climb Häusler reached the top in first position followed by Kupfernagel and Laws. Due to the pace of Häusler several riders dropped off the back.

Due to the rain in the first hour was completed with an average of 32,5 km. Lizzie Armitstead took the first boni sprint ahead of Arndt and Johansson. After the sprint a small break including Elisa Longo Borghini (Hitec), Liesbet de Vocht (Rabobank), Chloe Hosking (Specialized) and Elena Cecchinj (MCipollin) broke clear. But on the second climb of the day the break was reeled in.

On the second climb Häusler led the bunch over the top followed by Kupfernagel and Neben. After the climb Specialized-Lululemon took control of the race and on the third climb of the day the bunch split into several parts. Kupfernagel crossed the KOM in first place securing the KOM jersey.

80 km into the race Johansson attacked. In the pooring rain she managed to get a small lead. Claudia Häusler, Romy Kasper, Clara Hughes, Oxana Kozonchuk and Malgorzata Jasinska bridged across to Johansson gaining a maximum of 45 seconds. In front Johansson was the motor of the break but the cooperation was far from ideal. 10 km ahead the break was reeled in and all was back together.

Immediately Chloe Hosking, Sara Mustonen and Marta Bastianelli attacked. There attempt lasted until 3 km to go. Into the final 2 km Johansson tried again but the Specialized-Lululemon team perfectly led out Ina Teutenberg for the stage win. Johansson was rewarded with the leaders jersey due to the time bonuses during the stage and her third place at the finish.

"I'm really happy with the win," said Teutenberg. "The girls were active all day and did a great lead-out for the sprint. It's probably the best lead-out we've done as a team all year."

"It was hard out there with the wind," she added. "It was fast all day and the bunch was continually splitting up. But I felt good out there and I'm happy I was able to finish it off at the end."

The seven-day stage race is the last race opportunity for riders to prepare The Olympics Games coming up in two weeks time. The six Specialized-lululemon riders at Thueringen, as well as four of their teammates will all represent their nations in London.

"We are very excited to be fielding so many of our athletes at the Olympic Games. The out of our 13 have been selected" says Team Sport Director Ronny Lauke. "It's been a fantastic year and the girls have all raced really well together under the pressure of an Olympic Year. Today they showed that they have the form to do well, so we're excited for the coming weeks."

1. TEUTENBERG, Ina-Yoko SLU 3.08'19" 10"
2. VISSER, Adrie SKI 3.08'19" 6"
3. JOHANSSON, Emma HPU 3.08'19" 11"
4. TAGLIAFERRO, Marta MCG 3.08'19"
5. WORRACK, Trixi SLU 3.08'19"
6. PIETERS, Amy SKI 3.08'19"
7. ARNDT, Judith GEW 3.08'19" 2"
8. ARMITSTEAD, Elizabeth LNL 3.08'19" 3"
9. LONGO BORGHINI, Elisa HPU 3.08'19"
10. DÜSTER, Sarah RBW 3.08'19"
11. KUPFERNAGEL, Hanka RUS 3.08'19"
12. KOZONCHUK, Oksana BPK 3.08'19"
13. HÄUSLER, Claudia GEW 3.08'23" 4" 4"
14. CECCHINI, Elena MCG 3.08'23" 4"
15. MUSTONEN, Sara HPU 3.08'26" 7"
16. MACLEAN, Jessie GEW 3.08'28" 9"
17. KASPER, Romy RUS 3.08'28" 9" 1"
18. HOSKING, Chloe SLU 3.08'34" 15"
19. FENNEL (A.), Esther KOG 3.08'36" 17"
20. BRAS, Martine DLT 3.08'36" 17"
Full result

Stage 2 Schleiz, 103.7 km
After winning the first stage Ina Teutenberg (Specialized-Lululemon) has won her second consecutive stage at the Thuringen Rundfahrt. In Schleiz "Teut" won the sprint of a 24 rider group ahead of race leader Emma Johansson and German national champion Judith Arndt. Due to her second place Johansson retained the overall lead.

Despite the first stage the conditions were very different with 22 degrees. A late route change due to road works added an extra 10,5 km to the stage. The stage contained three climbs and two sprints. At the first climb in Harra Italian Valentina Carretta led Claudia Häusler and Petra Dijkman over the top. A few kilometers later Armitstead won the first intermediate sprint followed by Johansson and Kupfernagel.

After 50 km of racing the group broke into parts and the first remarkable attack came from Belgian ITT Champion Liesbet de Vocht. De Vocht gained a maximum lead of 1.30 halfway through the stage and was first over the second climb of the day. Despite RusVelo trying to keep Kupfernagel in the KOM jersey it was Häusler who crossed the top in second followed by Kapusta.

With 20 km to go the gap for De Vocht was down to 30 seconds. Malin Rydlund tried to bridge up but didn't succeed. Just before the final climb the gap was down to less than 10 seconds and on the first slopes of the final climb 92 km into the race De Vocht was chased down. Häusler led the bunch over the top followed by Pijnenborg and Laws. Due to the efforts of Häusler on the climbs she will take over the KOM jersey from Kupfernagel.

With 10 km to go AA Drink and Specialized-Lululemon took control of the reduced bunch. 24 riders managed to get away with 8 km including all the favorites for the GC with Arndt, Johansson, Worrack, Armitstead, Teutenberg, Longo Borghini and Kupfernagel.

In the remaining kilometers Specialized-Lululemon controlled the race and perfectly led out Teutenberg for her second stage win of the week. Emma Johansson leads the race going into stage three with a 5 second lead ahead of Arndt and 7 seconds ahead of Teutenberg.

“We had the perfect situation,” said Teutenberg. “Three of us up the road forcing Orica-AIS to chase. Clara and I were able to sit on the chase and wait for the finish. Our group caught the break shortly before the finish and the girls put me in position for the sprint."

“It wasn’t all that fast today at the beginning but it was hard again because of the wind and the persistent hills. The sprint was a little scary too but it worked out well. Adrie [Visser] went flying into the corner and I had to back off but I managed a good line around the corner and got a gap.”

1. TEUTENBERG, Ina-Yoko SLU 3.13'27" 10"
2. JOHANSSON, Emma HPU 3.13'27" 8"
3. ARNDT, Judith GEW 3.13'27" 4"
4. ARMITSTEAD, Elizabeth LNL 3.13'27" 4"
5. VISSER, Adrie SKI 3.13'27"
6. JASINSKA, Malgorzta MCG 3.13'29" 2"
7. BRAS, Martine DLT 3.13'29" 2"
8. NUMAINVILLE (A.), Joelle CAN 3.13'29" 2"
9. WORRACK, Trixi SLU 3.13'29" 2"
10. ZABELINSKAYA, Olga RUS 3.13'29" 2"
11. DIJKMAN, Petra KLT 3.13'29" 2"
12. HÄUSLER, Claudia GEW 3.13'29" 2"
13. LAWS, Sharon LNL 3.13'31" 4"
14. KUPFERNAGEL, Hanka RUS 3.13'31" 4" 3"
15. HUGHES, Clara SLU 3.13'36" 9"
16. PIJNENBORG, Mascha DLT 3.13'39" 12"
17. NEYLAN, Rachel NXX 3.13'39" 12"
18. FAHLIN, Emilia SLU 3.13'39" 12"
19. CARRETTA, Valentina MCG 3.13'39" 12"
20. LONGO BORGHINI, Elisa HPU 3.13'39" 12"
Full result

Stage 3 Greiz, 128.4 km
Trixi Worrack continued the winning streak of Specialized-Lululemon by winning the 128,4 km stage in Greiz. Worrack was the best of a 30-rider break over Lizzie Armitstead and Martine Bras. Emma Johansson retains the overall lead.

The stage was held in dry but chilly conditions. The first attack of the day came 7 km into the race from Alexis Rhodes (Orica-AIS). Rhodes created a maximum of almost 5 minutes 50 km into the race. From that point AA Drink, RusVelo and Specialized moved to the front to chase behind Rhodes.

After 60 km Rhodes suffered a flat tire and the gap was down to 2 minutes. The wind picked up and the bunch broke into parts. With 40 km to go Rhodes her gap was down to 30 seconds. Romy Kasper (RusVelo) went in the counter attack and bridged up to Rhodes. Rhodes dropped and was caught a few kilometers ahead by the bunch.

Kasper's lead was growing and she quickly created a 50 seconds lead. On the second climb of the day Kasper's lead was coming down and was caught by twelve other riders including Emma Johansson, Sylwia Kapusta, Elisa Longo Borghini, Judith Arndt, Claudia Häusler, Sharon Laws, Lizzie Armitstead, Trixi Worrack, Sarah Duester, Amber Neben, Joelle Numainville, Jessie Daams and Adrie Visser. With 25 km to go the thirteen had a 30 seconds gap on 17 chasers. The chase of this group was being led by RusVelo as Kupfernagel missed the break.

Approaching Greiz the two groups came together forming a new break of 30 riders. In the final circuit there was not much happening and it ended up in a sprint. As in the previous days Specialized-Lululemon took control of the race but this time Teutenberg led out Worrack for the stage win. Alexis Rhodes was awarded the most active rider jersey after her solo effort.

"The last 40km of the race were pretty windy," said Team Sport Director Ronny Lauke. "AA Drink went on the attack and split up the peloton. In the front group of 11 we had Trixi and Amber [Neben] so it was a good situation for us."

"The break started really well," said Worrack. "But it wasn't a perfect situation for a few of the teams so eventually another group of about 15 riders caught us with a lap to go."

"We had Emilia [Fahlin] doing a great job covering breaks and at the end she started the lead out and Ina [Teutenberg] finished it and led me into the sprint."

"I felt really great today so I'm happy now that my form is starting to come up for the Olympics. I just needed a bit of racing. The next three days here will be the perfect final preparation."

The fourth stage is a 20km time trial in Altenburg.

1. WORRACK, Trixi SLU 3.29'09" 10"
2. ARMITSTEAD, Elizabeth LNL 3.29'09" 6"
3. BRAS, Martine DLT 3.29'09" 4"
4. TAGLIAFERRO, Marta MCG 3.29'09"
5. NUMAINVILLE (A.), Joelle CAN 3.29'09"
6. JOHANSSON, Emma HPU 3.29'09" 2"
7. ARNDT, Judith GEW 3.29'09" 2"
8. LONGO BORGHINI, Elisa HPU 3.29'09"
9. DÜSTER, Sarah RBW 3.29'09"
10. ZRIMSEK, Petra BPK 3.29'09"
11. ZABELINSKAYA, Olga RUS 3.29'09"
12. VISSER, Adrie SKI 3.29'09"
13. CECCHINI, Elena MCG 3.29'09"
14. BASTIANELLI, Marta MCG 3.29'09" 3"
15. JASINSKA, Malgorzta MCG 3.29'09"
16. KUPFERNAGEL, Hanka RUS 3.29'09"
17. KASPER, Romy RUS 3.29'09" 2"
18. LAWS, Sharon LNL 3.29'09"
19. DIJKMAN, Petra KLT 3.29'09"
20. PIJNENBORG, Mascha DLT 3.29'09"
Full result

Ranking after stage 3
1. JOHANSSON, Emma HPU 9.55'33"
2. ARMITSTEAD, Elizabeth LNL 9.55'38" 5"
3. ARNDT, Judith GEW 9.55'41" 8"
4. TEUTENBERG, Ina-Yoko SLU 9.55'42" 9"
5. WORRACK, Trixi SLU 9.55'46" 13"
6. KUPFERNAGEL, Hanka RUS 9.55'47" 14"
7. VISSER, Adrie SKI 9.55'59" 26"
8. HÄUSLER, Claudia GEW 9.56'09" 36"
9. ZABELINSKAYA, Olga RUS 9.56'16" 43"
10. LONGO BORGHINI, Elisa HPU 9.56'16" 43"
11. LAWS, Sharon LNL 9.56'22" 49"
12. BRAS, Martine DLT 9.56'33" 1'00"
13. NUMAINVILLE (A.), Joelle CAN 9.56'34" 1'01"
14. FAHLIN, Emilia SLU 9.56'36" 1'03"
15. DIJKMAN, Petra KLT 9.56'37" 1'04"
16. JASINSKA, Malgorzta MCG 9.56'39" 1'06"
17. PIJNENBORG, Mascha DLT 9.56'40" 1'07"
18. DAAMS, Jessie LNL 9.56'42" 1'09"
19. NEBEN, Amber SLU 9.56'47" 1'14"
20. CARRETTA, Valentina MCG 9.57'14" 1'41"
Full ranking

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