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Women’s Prestige Cycling Series wraps up at Cascade
By Imelda March
Date: 7/16/2012
Women’s Prestige Cycling Series wraps up at Cascade
The organizers of the Women’s Prestige Cycling Series have released the current Series standings following the second event, the Nature Valley Grand Prix. The Cascade Cycling Classic will decide the winners of the series.

The race for the individual crown has tightened considerably. While Megan Guarnier (Team TIBCO/To the Top) retains the lead that she claimed at Redlands, she’s being challenged by neo-pro Jade Wilcoxson (Optum Pro Cycling p/b KBS). Wilcoxson finished third at Nature Valley, moving her from sixth to second while Guarnier could only manage tenth place at Nature Valley. Carmen Small (Optum Pro Cycling p/b KBS), who didn’t attend Redlands but won the Nature Valley Grand Prix, has vaulted into third and is also a threat for the overall title.


1 - 275 - Megan Guarnier - Team Tibco / To the Top
2 - 231 - Jade Wilcoxson - Optum Pro Cycling p/b KBS
3 - 220 - Carmen Small – Optum Pro Cycling p/b KBS
4 - 165 - Emilia Fahlin - Specialized-lululemon
5 - 162 - Amber Neben - Specialized Lululemon

The Best Young Rider classification is also up for grabs. Joelie Numainville (Optum Pro Cycling p/b KBS) dropped from first into a three-way tie for fourth, and is actually sixth, based on Series tie-breakers. Lindsay Myers (Team TIBCO/To the Top) is the current leader, but there are five others that are within 22 point of Myers.


1 - 242 - Lindsay Myers - Team Tibco / To the Top
2 - 231 - Loren Rowney - Specialized Lululemon
3 - 231 - Ally Stacher - Specialized Lululemon
4 - 220 - Emilia Fahlin - Specialized-lululemon
5 - 220 - Denise Ramsden, - Optum Pro Cycling p/b KBS
6 - 220 - Joelie Numainville - Optum Pro Cycling p/b KBS

Numainville also lost the lead in the sprint competition to Loren Rowney (Specialized lululemon), dropping to third, where she’s tied with current US National Criterium Champion Theresa Cliff Ryan (Exergy TWENTY 12). Both riders, along with Guarnier in second, are within shooting distance of Rowney.


1 - 275 - Loren Rowney - Specialized Lululemon
2 - 242 - Megan Guarnier - Team Tibco / To the Top
3 - 220 - Theresa Cliff Ryan - Exergy TWENTY12
4 - 220 - Joelie Numainville - Optum Pro Cycling p/b KBS
5 - 206 - Samantha Schneider - Team Tibco / To the Top

Optum Pro Cycling stretched their lead over Specialized lululemon in the team competition from 74 to 134 points. TIBCO is a distant third, 453 points behind Optum Pro Cycling.


1 - 1064 - Optum Pro Cycling p/b KBS
2 - 930 - Specialized-Lululemon
3 - 611 - Team TIBCO / To the Top Cycling
4 - 489 - Exergy TWENTY12
5 - 70 - Vanderkitten Focus

While Optum Pro Cycling seems secure in the team classification, all three jerseys remain in play. The showdown will come at the Cascade Cycling Classic, the final event of the 2012 Women’s Prestige Cycling Series.

Please visit, 33rd Annual Cascade Cycling Classic for information about the Prologue and Stages 1-5 scheduled for July 17 to July 22.

About the Women's Prestige Cycling Series The Women’s Prestige Cycling Series, now in its ninth year, is the only national-level competition produced by women for women. Its goal is to promote women’s cycling by giving them a spotlight that they don’t have to share with the men. The Series origin can be traced back to a discussion at the 2003 Women's Cycling Summit Conference, held at the Nature Valley Grand Prix. Since then, more than 30 teams have participated in some of the United States' top races from coast to coast. The 2012 edition began at the Redlands Bicycle Classic in California (March 22 – 25), followed the Nature Valley Grand Prix in Minnesota (June 13-17). It will conclude at the Bend Memorial Clinic Cascade Cycling Classic (July 17-22) in Oregon.

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