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By Fabio
Date: 10/11/2002

After the Pros stole the show on Thursday with the Elite Men's ITT, on Friday the young and very young guns are back on their bikes to start the Road Race program, that will got to its highest level on Sunday. But before watching Cipo and McEwen, Freire and Museeuw, fans at Zolder will have the chance to see four more competitions, starting from the Junior Women, that will ride on Friday's morning, and the U23 boys battling later in the afternoon.

No less than 64 teen-agers will go for the Gold in the Junior Women road race (about 8 km. Namely 6 laps of a13.1-km-long circuit). The Time Trial winner, Italy's Anna Zogno, won't be riding, but compatriot and silver medalist Tatiana Guderzo will. Along with her, three more Italians, all of them 18-year-old, will try to give the "Squadra Azzurra" (already winner of one Gold, one Silver and one Bronze so far in these World Championships) with some more precious medal.

But many wouldn't agree, starting from the Dutch and German Girls. Without Nicole Cooke (too "old" for this categroy), Britain's didn't send any rider to compete in this contest. But other English-speaking countries did: the US will compete with the same girls as in Tuesday's ITT, namely Magen Long (12th on the TT) and Larssyn Stanley (6th three days ago). Both Canada and Australia will field more complete teams, each of them featuring 4 girls (as for Canadians, all of them should be from the French-speaking part of the country). Among the Aussies will be also Sally Cowman, who got into the Top 10 in the previous race.

But to know a little more about this race, let's read what DP writer Andy McGrath wrote in his excellent article previewing both the British teams and World Championship races in general.

In the Women’s Junior Road Race, there is a very good Lithuanian contingent, with riders such as Agne Bagdonaviciute and Agne Radzeviciute leading their team (and seemingly the unpronounceable name competition!). These two have a firm grip on junior cycling, with Bagdonaviciute winning the Omnitel Cup and Radzeviciute coming 3rd. The dominant pair were split by Luis Keller and she could challenge. I wouldn’t count out a surprise though, as these three riders will be watched intensely by the other competitors."

The race starts much earlier than in previous days, namely at about 9h30AM. (Central European Time ) and will probably go live on Eurosport. The "Daily Peloton" will deliver you all the news and results of the competition.


Backnumber - Name - Nationality - Date of Birth

1 - DE GOEDE Suzanne NED19840416 - NED
2 - MARKERINK Loes NED19851214 - NED
3 - SPIJKERMAN Marjon NED19850417 - NED
4 - VIERLING Miranda NED19840210 - NED
5 - FIUK Paulina POL19841228 - POL
6 - KRAWCZYK Monika POL19840123 - POL
7 - ZAMOLSKA Magdalena POL19850408 - POL
8 - BLINDYUK Yulia RUS19841211 - RUS
9 - GAVRILOVA Valentina RUS19850614 - RUS
10 - SCHELUDIAKOVA Kristina RUS19850213 - RUS
11 - YAMUSHEVA Ekaterina RUS19840401 - RUS
12 - BACCAILLE Monia ITA19840410 - ITA
13 - FUSAR POLI Daniela ITA19841017 - ITA
14 - GUDERZO Tatiana ITA19840822 - ITA
15 - SOLDO Eleonora ITA19840117 - ITA
16 - BRANDAU Elisabeth GER19851216 - GER
17 - HEINY Christine GER19850514 - GER
18 - KNOEPFLE Bianca GER19850104 - GER
19 - STUMPF Claudia GER19840312 - GER
20 - BAGDONAVICIUTE Agne LTU19850604 - LTU
21 - BALTRUSAITYTE Lina LTU19840928 - LTU
22 - DARGYTE Laura LTU19850304 - LTU
23 - RADZEVICIUTE Agne LTU19840310 - LTU
24 - BAUMANN Judith SUI19840806 - SUI
25 - FURRER Monika SUI19850806 - SUI
26 - BUROVA Kateryna UKR19840108 - UKR
27 - OVCHARENKO Nina UKR19840807 - UKR
28 - SEMCHUK Svitlana UKR19841226 - UKR
29 - SHPYLYOVA Iryna UKR19850820 - UKR
30 - FOURNIAL Vicky FRA19840408 - FRA
31 - GIRAUDO Clothilde FRA19850514 - FRA
32 - LE BERRE Sandrine FRA19840823 - FRA
33 - TIRARD Nathalie FRA19840723 - FRA
34 - ASPLUND Carolina SWE19850226 - SWE
35 - HOLER Monica SWE19840515 - SWE
36 - MYHRE Christine NOR19851106 - NOR
37 - LONG Magen USA19841213 - USA
38 - STALEY Larssyn USA19850508 - USA
39 - HENRION Ludivine BEL19840123 - BEL
40 - PEETERS Sara BEL19850215 - BEL
41 - VERHAEGHE Charlot BEL19840629 - BEL
42 - WERNER Audrey BEL19840908 - BEL
43 - ALMEIDA GARCIA Erika ESP19840922 - ESP
44 - JIMENEZ JIMENEZ Marta ESP19850928 - ESP
45 - TELLETXEA LOPEZ Naiara ESP19840418 - ESP
46 - TXURRUKA ANSOLA Lore ESP19841014 - ESP
47 - HOFFMAN Isabelle LUX19840601 - LUX
48 - ASIPENKA Halina BLR19850304 - BLR
49 - SHARAKOVA Tatsiana BLR19840731 - BLR
50 - SHIMEI Fu CHN19840201 - CHN
51 - SCHOBER Bernadette AUT19840715 - AUT
52 - EMERY Dianne RSA19840104 - RSA
53 - PAEGLESKALNE Inese LAT19841006 - LAT
54 - TELLE Laura LAT19850809 - LAT
55 - COWMAN Sally AUS19840401 - AUS
56 - GOSS Belinda AUS19840106 - AUS
57 - RHODES Alexis AUS19841201 - AUS
58 - WILLIAMS Stephanie AUS19850901 - AUS
59 - BELANGER Julie CAN19840331 - CAN
60 - BOULAY Magalie CAN19840113 - CAN
61 - LEBLANC Genevieve CAN19840219 - CAN
62 - LEMIEUX Audrey CAN19850509 - CAN
63 - BUBLOVA Petra CZE19850424 - CZE
64 - HUERTA BARRON Monica Haydee MEX19840828 - MEX

12.30 pm - 04.33 pm: Road Racing Men under 23:

Just after midday, the girls leave room to the cycling stars of the very near future, the young guns of the U23 Road Race (about 170 km. Namely 13 laps of a13.1-km-long circuit). After a period featured by quite unpredictable races, with winners from several European countries, the late 90s saw an all-Italian domination, with a stunning hat-trick in 1998 (Basso-Nocentini-Di Luca) and an even more sensational 1-2-3-4 two years before with Giuliano Figueras winning (and the only rider left outside the podium that time, Paolo Bettini, having serious chances to grab even the Gold in the pro race this year ...) from Sgambelluri and Sironi .

The Italian domination ended after 1999, the year Leonardo Giordani looked pretty in rainbow colors on the home roads of Treviso. But then a strong bunch of east-Europeans came and took it all.

The Y2K edition was hunt-territory for Russian Eugeni Petrov who dominated the ITT and soloed to victory in the Road Race too. Last year saw Yaroslav "the Great" Popovych ("the Merckx of the Amateurs"), already runner-up in 2000, give a REAL cycling lesson to all of his rivals. The Ukrainan soloed to victory in a stunning ride. Only Italy's Caruso (then a teammate of his at Zoccorinese-Vellutex) was the only one able to follow the Ukrainian when he attacked, but couldn't stay on Popovych's wheels for long. American Danny Pate (winner of the ITT a few days before) got an excellent 13th spot. But also Baspalov (silver medalist in Tuesday's ITT) and Arkeev will join the strong Russian team. But Western Europe replies with many big names in different teams: Holland with Hans Dekkers, Ireland with Mark Scanlon and Dermot Nelly, Italy with Pietropolli, Ravaioli and Bucciero among the favorites, Spain with his bunch of great riders, and of course France, Germany and the local (Belgian) boys. And do not forget the guys from Scandinavia either.

An all-European challenge ? Australians would be the first ones to disagree: they field a strong team with and could have many a chance to climb the podium. The USA will be represented by Creed, Fitzgerald, Milne, Rettseck and Suttle, while Team Canada will be once more made up mainly of French-speaking riders.

Other names to watch out for could be the ITT winner (Lithuania's Tomas Vaitkus) and branze medalist (Portugal's Sergio Paulinho), Austria's Bernard Kohl, a pair of Slovenes, Luxembourgian Franck Schleck and Polish-Canadian Peter Mazur. Alberts and (Yanto) Barker will be the main stars of the British squad. Yates will lead the Kiwi squad (well, actually a two-man team).

Once more, let's see what Andy Mc Grath has to tell, now about this race:

Mikhail Timochine is one of the favourites to win in the Under 23 Road Race as he sprints strongly, finished 2nd in the European U-23 Championships Road Race and currently occupies top spot on the UCL rankings. But Frenchman Christopher Kern outsprinted Timochine to win the Liege – Bastone – Liege race and he will be favoured in a bunch sprint. Mark Scanlon of Ireland, who recently signed a professional contract with AG2r after impressing as a domestique for them, has found his form after a knee injury and he’ll be closely watched.

The race starts at 12h30 (Central European Time ) and will probably go live on Eurosport. The "Daily Peloton" will deliver you all the news and results of this competition too.


Backnumber - Name - Nationality - Date of Birth

1. GRIVKO Andriy UKR19830807 UKR
2. GRYSCHENKO Ruslan UKR19810204 UKR
3. STARCHYK Volodymyr UKR19800413 UKR
4. YABLONSKYY Denys UKR19821207 UKR
5. ZAGORODNY Volodymyr UKR19810627 UKR
6. BORGHESI Fabio ITA19800214 ITA
7. BUCCIERO Antonio ITA19820419 ITA
8. CHICCHI Francesco ITA19801127 ITA
9. PIETROPOLLI Daniele ITA19800711 ITA
10. RAVAIOLI Ivan ITA19801101 ITA
11. AREKEEV Alexandr RUS19821012 RUS
12. BESPALOV Alexandr RUS19810510 RUS
13. CHTCHEGOLEV Ivan RUS19821110 RUS
14. PCHELKIN Andrey RUS19810127 RUS
15. TIMOCHINE Mikhail RUS19801120 RUS
16. HOLMKVIST Jonas SWE19820817 SWE
17. KESSIAKOFF Fredrik SWE19800517 SWE
18. LARSSON Gustav SWE19800920 SWE
19. LERGARD Tobias SWE19800716 SWE
20. OLSSON Jonas SWE19800110 SWE
21. BATES Gene AUS19810704 AUS
22. GERRANS Simon AUS19800516 AUS
23. PELL David AUS19800609 AUS
24. RENSHAW Mark AUS19821022 AUS
25. SUTHERLAND Rory AUS19820208 AUS
26. DE WEERT Kevin BEL19820527 BEL
27. GILBERT Philippe BEL19820705 BEL
28. NUYENS Nick BEL19800505 BEL
29. STEEGMANS Gert BEL19800930 BEL
30. VAN SUMMEREN Johan BEL19810204 BEL
31. BERGER Harald AUT19831104 AUT
32. GROSSLERCHER Clemens AUT19810405 AUT
33. KOHL Bernhard AUT19820104 AUT
34. MATZBACHER Andreas AUT19820107 AUT
35. BAUMANN Eric GER19800321 GER
36. KAUFMANN Thomas GER19810928 GER
37. KNEES Christian GER19810305 GER
38. SCHRÖDER Björn GER19801027 GER
39. SIEBERG Marcel GER19820430 GER
40. CREED Michael USA19810108 USA
41. FITZGERALD Mark USA19800327 USA
42. MILNE Shawn USA19811109 USA
43. RETSECK Jonathan USA19820821 USA
44. SUTTLE Dale USA19810424 USA
45. BERTHOU Eric FRA19800123 FRA
46. CHAVANEL Sébastien FRA19810321 FRA
47. COYOT Arnaud FRA19801006 FRA
48. LEQUATRE Geoffroy FRA19810630 FRA
49. VAUGRENARD Benoït FRA19820105 FRA
50. BOZIC Borut SLO19800808 SLO
51. GAZVODA Gregor SLO19811015 SLO
52. MARIN Matej SLO19800702 SLO
53. STRGAR Matic SLO19820726 SLO
54. ZRIMSEK Jure SLO19820120 SLO
55. DUQUE Leonardo COL19800410 COL
56. ORTEGA RAMIREZ Mauricio COL19801022 COL
57. RODRIGUEZ DIAZ Andres COL19821119 COL
58. KAMALDINOV Khushnud UZB19810826 UZB
59. KHALMURATOV Muradjan UZB19820611 UZB
60. LAGUTIN Sergey UZB19810114 UZB
61. SHKARPETA Denis UZB19811109 UZB
62. YUNUSOV Marat UZB19821210 UZB
63. DEKKERS Hans NED19810807 NED
64. GILING Bastiaan NED19821104 NED
65. KORNEGOOR Arne NED19810425 NED
66. VAN AGTMAAL Peter NED19820125 NED
67. WEENING Pieter NED19810405 NED
68. ANÃO Edgar POR19820331 POR
69. BROCO Hernani POR19810613 POR
70. PAULINHO Sergio POR19800326 POR
71. PIRES Bruno POR19810515 POR
72. TORRE Jorge POR19810209 POR
73. BEPPU Fumiyuki JPN19830410 JPN
74. ELLERTSEN Kristian NOR19820521 NOR
75. LUND Per Martin NOR19810213 NOR
76. MYHRE Christopher D. NOR19830228 NOR
77. LOPEZ GONZALEZ Carlos MEX19810117 MEX
78. KANANEN Kimmo FIN19801211 FIN
79. BAGDONAVICIUS Audrius LTU19820219 LTU
80. VAITKUS Tomas LTU19820204 LTU
81. VOLUNGEVICIUS Karolis LTU19820630 LTU
82. BAUSCH Gusty LUX19800225 LUX
83. SCHLECK Frank LUX19800415 LUX
84. WOLTER Michel LUX19801015 LUX
85. JOVANOVIC Nebojsa YUG19830327 YUG
86. PROKIC Nened YUG19821102 YUG
87. CSOMOR Zoltan HUN19810421 HUN
88. LENGYEL Tamas HUN19801112 HUN
89. MADARAS Zoltan HUN19800410 HUN
90. VÖRÖS Benedek HUN19811118 HUN
91. BAZAYEV Assan KAZ19810222 KAZ
92. IGLINSKIY Maxim KAZ19810418 KAZ
93. MAMYROV Bakhtiyar KAZ19810621 KAZ
94. SHESTAKOV Viktor KAZ19830304 KAZ
95. EISAKS Kalvis LAT19830307 LAT
96. LAGZDINS Arturs LAT19830716 LAT
97. MELEHS Olegs LAT19820324 LAT
98. .ARAMOTINS Aleksejs LAT19820408 LAT
99. BLACKGROVE Heath NZL19801205 NZL
100. YATES Jeremy NZL19820706 NZL
101. MARXER René LIE19830127 LIE
102. HOFFMANN Erik NAM19810822 NAM
103. BAK Glenn DEN19810607 DEN
104. DEMIN Michael DEN19800201 DEN
105. DYRING Rasmus DEN19800206 DEN
106. OREDSSON Thomas DEN19800202 DEN
107. VANDBORG Brian DEN19811204 DEN
108. GILBERT Martin CAN19821030 CAN
109. LAROCHE Jean-François CAN19800326 CAN
110. ROLLIN Dominique CAN19821029 CAN
111. AUSTA Caspar EST19820128 EST
112. LEBEDEV Andri EST19820407 EST
113. MAIMRE Raivo EST19820828 EST
114. RAUDSEPP Tarmo EST19811204 EST
115. HUSAR Radovan SVK19800922 SVK
116. SIDLO Ladislav SVK19820623 SVK
117 .STEJSKAL Branislav SVK19810412 SVK
118. AVALOS Carlos Enrique ESA19820228 ESA
119. CONTRERAS Jorge ESA19800827 ESA
120. MURILLO Jose Reinaldo ESA19820922 ESA
121. ALBASINI Michael SUI19801220 SUI
122. GYSLING Daniel SUI19820320 SUI
123. LOOSLI David SUI19800508 SUI
124. RAST Grégory SUI19800117 SUI
125. ZAUGG Oliver SUI19810509 SUI
126. DANCULOVIC Tomislav CRO19800615 CRO
127. KVASINA Matija CRO19811204 CRO
128. POKUPEC Zvonimir CRO19820318 CRO
129 .SEVER Ivan CRO19830415 CRO
130. ZAFFERANI Luca SMR19820919 SMR
131. MURILLO Juan VEN19820801 VEN
132. RIVAS Joan VEN19830827 VEN
133. VARGAS Freddy VEN19821027 VEN
134. ALBERTS Jamie GBR19800317 GBR
135. BARKER Yanto GBR19800106 GBR
136. KELLY Mark GBR19810629 GBR
137. LLOYD Daniel GBR19800811 GBR
138. SOUTHAM Tom GBR19810528 GBR
139. DE BEER Adriaan RSA19800221 RSA
140. LILL Darren RSA19820820 RSA
141. MCLEOD Jan RSA19801003 RSA
142. BONDARI Dmitrii MDA19801212 MDA
143. GUTALOV Evgheni MDA19830730 MDA
144 .MATVEEV Alexandr MDA19831030 MDA
145 .PUGACI Alexandru MDA19811021 MDA
146 .SABALIN Alexandr MDA19810623 MDA
147. MAZUR Piotr POL19821202 POL
148. MORAJKO Jacek POL19810426 POL
149. OKRUCINSKI Daniel POL19800331 POL
150. WIESIAK Mariusz POL19810401 POL
151. DE PEDRO GARCIA Pablo ESP19801109 ESP
153. GARCIA MARIN Jorge ESP19800423 ESP
154. GUTIERREZ Francisco ESP19800603 ESP
155. REYNES Vicente ESP19810730 ESP
156. DEIGNAN Philip IRL19830907 IRL
157. LYNCH Denis IRL19810922 IRL
158. MCQUAID Gary IRL19800809 IRL
159. NALLY Dermot IRL19801005 IRL
160. SCANLON Mark IRL19801010 IRL
161. FABISOVSKY Ladislav CZE19810303 CZE
162. HEBIK Martin CZE19821111 CZE
163. KOZUBEK Stanislav CZE19800609 CZE
164. MARES Martin CZE19820123 CZE
165. BAREI Vjacheslav BLR19820508 BLR
166. CHABURKA Anatoli BLR19800512 BLR
167. HUTAROVICH Yauheni BLR19831129 BLR
168. IVANOU Aliaksandr BLR19820706 BLR
169. SHYMANOVICH Ales BLR19830802 BLR
170. NINOS George GRE19830922 GRE
171. TAMOURIDIS Ioannis GRE19800603 GRE


Saturday October the 12th:

09.30 am - 12.35 pm: Road Racing Junior Men

01.30 pm - 04.42 pm: Road Racing Women Elite

Sunday - October the 13th:

10.30 am - 04.28 pm: Road Racing Men Elite

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