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Interview: Reconnecting with Megan Guarnier of Team Tibco
By Imelda March
Date: 7/2/2012
Interview: Reconnecting with Megan Guarnier of Team Tibco
We reconnected with Megan Guarnier, fresh off winning the elite women’s road race at the 2012 USA Cycling Elite, U23, Juniors & Paralympics Road National Championships in Augusta, Georgia. Megan shared with us her tentative racing plans and schedule.

Megan Guarnier on a training ride. Photograph used with permission.

Daily Peloton: Team USA has been named and you were not selected? What are your plans? Will you be around for Rio 2016?

Megan Guarnier: I am the 3rd ranked American rider in the world and I was hoping to be selected. Despite not being selected for the team representing the U.S., I am going to take it year by year.

Yes, I would love to win gold for the World Road Championships and the Olympics but with big goals one has to achieve small goals; as a result, I am checking things off the list.

Fortunately, I was able to pick myself from the non Olympic selection, continue doing well and let my legs do the talking.

DP: So how are the wedding plans? Have you moved up the date due to the non-selection?

Megan: I have not moved up the date because there is lots going on right now. I will need time to plan it and enjoy the moment. Due to my busy schedule, I anticipate that the wedding will be held sometime in 2013.


DP: Tell me about Nature Valley Grand Prix. It seems you thought you had another lap to go in the Stillwater Criterium when in fact you had won the race.

This incident was sad in a way because I was 95% certain that I completed the required laps but this particular race is confusing because there is a sprint line before the actual finish line and the lap counter said one-to-go. Thus I did not want to show any emotion when in fact I may have still had to go another lap. The finish line area was very loud and folks were cheering wildly. Then everyone was cheering and we the team got excited. I was thinking that I did not want to lose this doing a victory salute; I wanted to be certain that I won. I could not hear anything because everyone was cheering so loud. Ultimately, I wanted to be safe than sorry.

DP: You won the Redland Bicycle Classic. Tell me about that experience.

Megan: It was a Tibco goal to do well at Redlands. I had just returned from Europe and that was me just being fit and doing well and winning the road race at the 2012 USA Cycling Elite, U23, Juniors & Paralympics Road National Championships in Augusta, Georgia was a bonus.

I was just super fit because I was gunning for the Olympics. I had to state my case by letting my legs do the talking. So I returned from Europe with great fitness and was ready to go. That was the first time I had done Redlands so it was pretty cool not to know much about the course in my own experience--and winning it was pretty cool too.


DP: What does the rest of 2012 look like for you?

Megan: I have been invited to race with Team USA road team through USA Cycling, and Tibco is planning a racing block in the U.S., and I will be part of those.

Specifically I plan to wear the USA colors at La Route de France (France), Trophée d'Or Féminin (France), GP de Plouay-Bretagne (France), Premondiale Giro Toscana Int. Femminile - Memorial Michela Fanini (Italy) and, hopefully, the Tour of Holland.

On U.S. soil and wearing Team Tibco colors I will race the Cascade Classic and the Exergy Criterium.

The UCI World Championships in Limburg, Netherlands from September 15-23, 2012 is a focus. I meet two of the criteria for an automatic selection. I am among the top 25 in the UCI Individual Women World Rankings and the other is the National Championships win in the road race. Since I meet these I am planning to go, but one never knows.

I think the UCI World Championships course is a good course for me and the American women because there are several who could do well on that course. In 2009, I rode in the area at the women’s Amstel Gold race. Also, in 2011, the final day of the women’s Tour of Holland rode through there. These races have similar topography.

Lastly, after this year’s Fleche Wallone, a few of us stayed over for additional days and were able to preview parts of the course.


DP: If you could speak at commencement, what would you say?

Megan: Enjoy the journey and use the setbacks as learning experiences because they will make you stronger. Also, to follow your dreams and passions and do what you want to do. As long as you are enjoying what you do you will find your happiness.

DP: With your racing experience, if you could speak to a room full of junior riders, what would you say?

Megan: Good question! I would tell them to have patience and perseverance with the sport.


DP: You are gaining prominence; have you had any media training?

Megan: No I have not done any media training other than reviewing the outline provided by Team Tibco in our rider manual. We do a little training in team camp but I don’t have a media trainer at this time.

DP: Anything else to add?

Megan: I will rest after the world championships.


Interview: Getting to know Megan Guarnier

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