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By Fabio
Date: 10/10/2002

Elite Men's Individual Time Trial

(Full Live Coverage, Race preview and complete startlist below in the page...)


1. Santiago Botero Echeverry (Colombia) - 48'08"45 (50.352 km/h)

2. Michael Rich (Germany) - at 08"23

3. Igor Gonzalez De Galdeano (Spain) - at 17"15

4. Laszlo Bodrogi (Hungary) - at 25"53

5. Uwe Peschel (Germany) - at 33"76

6. David Millar (Great Britain) - at 35"32

7. Aitor Gonzalez Jimenez (Spain) - at 1'04"03

8. Michael Rogers (Australia) - at 1'06"34

9 .Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland) - at 1'07"81

10. Raivis Belohvosciks (Latvia) - at 1'15"42

11. Bogdan Bondariew (Ukraine) - at 1'16"11

12. Marc Wauters (Belgium) - at 1'29"77

13. Bert Roesems (Belgium) - at 1'29"90

14. Filippo Pozzato (Italy) - at 1'30"19

15. Viatcheslav Ekimov (Russia) - at 1'30"34

16. Christophe Moreau (France) - at 1'38"15

17. Evgeni Petrov (Russia) - at 1'40"22

18. Manuel Quinziato (Italy) - at 1'47"22

19. Eric Wohlberg (Canada) - at 1'51"68

20. Roland Green (Canada) - at 2'07"49

21. Marius Sabaliauskas (Lithuania) - at 2'11"41

22. Steffen Kjaergaard (Norway) - at 2'11"76

23. Jean Nuttli (Switzerland) - at 2'11"98

24. Eugen Wacker (Kyrgyzstan) - at 2'14"61

25. Servais Knaven (Holland) - at 2'17"81

26. Stuart Dangerfield (Great Britain) - at 2'17"89

27. Robert Hunter (South Africa) - at 2'19"36

28. Martin Cotar (Croatia) - at 2'19"93

29. Dylan Casey (USA) - at 2'23"76

30. Georg Totschnig (Austria) - at 2'25"07

31. José Azevedo (Portugal) - at 2'25"08

32. Yuriy Krivtsov (Ukraine) - at 2'27"12

33. Dean Podgornik (Slovenia) - at 2'30"97

34. Victor Hugo Pena Grisales (Colombia) - at 2'32"43

35. Nathan O'Neill (Australia) - at 2'44"64

36. Ondrej Sosenka (Czech Rep.) - at 2'45"36

37. Chris Horner (USA) - at 2'52"67

38. Tomasz Brozyna (Poland) - at 2'53"91

39. Edgardo Simon (Argentina) - at 2'59"46

40. Thor Hushovd (Norway) - at 3'01"50

41. Benoît Joachim (Luxembourg) - at 3'05"46

42. Slawomir Kohut (Poland) - at 3'10"14

43. Igor Bonciucov (Moldova) - at 3'10"73

44. Csaba Szekeres (Hungary) - at 3'12"83

45. Pedro Miguel Lopes Goncalves (Portugal) - at 3'17"78

46. Andrey Mizourov (Kazakhstan) - at 3'25"94

47. Marcus Ljungqvist (Sweden) - at 3'53"02

48. Tiaan Kannemeyer (South Africa) - at 3'57"18

49. Magnus Backstedt (Sweden) - at 4'00"30

50. Jacky Durand (France) - at 4'02"42

51. Jan Valach (Slovakia) - at 4'05"49

52. Aliaksandr Kuchynski (Blr) - at 4'05"69

53. Christian Poos (Luxembourg) - at 4'28"35

54. Paul Van Schalen (Holland) - at 4'31"20

55. David O'Loughlin (Ireland) - at 4'58"88

56. Mannie Heymans (Namibia) - at 6'39"67

57. Pavel Nevdakh (Kazakhstan) - at 6'58"22

LIVE COVERAGE: Welcome to the coverage of the Elite Men's Individual Time Trial. Until 4 PM (CET) we'll have live updates every few mins. From about 4 PM (Central European Time) we'll have a complete, up to the minute live coverage of the competition right here. Click on F5 to refresh the page.

1446: The race got underway at 2 PM CET, with Moldova's Igor Bonciucov being the first rider to get on his bike and take the start. 22 More riders have followed so far, with the last one being Russian Vjatcheslav Ekimov of USPS. Canada's Roland Green has set the best times (so far) in the Time checks (Abelenlaan after 20 km. of racing and Sterrewacht at Km. 25.1 km. The race is 40.4 km long.

1451: Igor Bonciucov (Moldova) was the first rider to cross the finishing line, with a time of 51'19"19.

1458: Britain's Stuart Dangerfield has just taken the lead in the race (with 4 riders crossing the line so far) with a time of 50'26"34. Argentina's Edgardo Simon follows with.

1501: Another English-speaker now in the lead: Canada's Roland Green just set a time of 50'15"95. more than 10 seconds better than Dangerfield's.

1504: American Dylan Casey is about to take the start. Italy's Manuel Quinziato has set the best time at the second check, 22 secs better than Green.

1509: Also Norway's Kjaergaard has done slightly better than Green after two time checks. But not better than Quinziato. Canadian Green still is the best among the 10 riders who have crossed the finishing line so far.

1514: Green still has the best time, ahead of Dangerfield and Austria's Totschnig. Belgium's Roesems has set the best time (1 sec,. better than Quinziato's) at the FIRST TIME CHECK after 20 km. South African Robert Hunter just took the start.

1518: Chris Horner (USA) just crossed he line with a finishing time of 51'01'13. He's currently ranked fifth, 45"18 behind Roland Green, and just ahead of Argentinian Edgardo Simon. Canadian Eric Wohlberg took the start.

1520: Australia's Nathan O'Neill set a better time than Horner: 50'53"10, and is now in fifth place.

1524: While one of the main favorites (Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano) was starting his race, South African Tiaan Kannemeyer finished his own with a time of 51'05"64 (currently 11th overall, just behind Sweden's Ljungqvist and ahead of Belarus' Kuchynski)

1526: Italy's MANUEL QUINZIATO has set the new best time, and is currently leading ahead of Green, while Norway's Kjaergaard set a time of 50'20"231 and threw UK's Dangerfield out of the TOP 3 places.

1530: Excellent result for Kyrgyzstan's Eugene Wacker: the rider from Central Asia is currently fourth overall, such that Dangerfield dropped to fifth.

1532: Manuel Quinziato's time is about 20 seconds better than Roland Greene's. Kjaergaard still in the provisional third place

1534: VJATECHSLAV EKIMOV just set the best time !! 49'38"80, namely 16"87 better than Quinziato's. Roland Green down to third place.

1536: Many of the big names already took the start. The last one to do was Belgium's Marc Wauters.

1538: UNBELIEVABLE: Belgium's BERT ROESEMS just set the fastest time (49'38"36), less than half sec. better than EKI's !!!

1542: Ukraine's Bondariew has got the fastest time at the 1st time check (halfway point).

1545: Santiago Botero just took the start. Belgian Bert Roesems still in the lead ahead of Ekimov and Quinziato

1547: Spotlight on the two spaniards. Aitor just took the start, while Igor set the best time at the first time check (halfway point of the race).

1550: Hungary's Bodrogi is the penultimate rider to get on his bike. Only Britain's David Millar will follow as last starter.

1552: Lithuanian Marius Sabaliauskas is currently fifth overall, 41" behind leader Bert Roesems, and also behind Ekimov, Quinziato and Canadian Roland Green

1555: First time check update: Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano is leading with a time of approx. 23'49", ahead of three Mapei youngsters: Swiss Fabian Cancellara, Australia's Michael Rogers and Italy's Filippo Pozzato.

1557: First time check update: Germany's Michael Rich just did better than Galdeano by some 10 seconds

1559: Ukraine's BOGDAN BONDARIEW just set the best time at the finishing line !!! 49'24", about 13" better than Roesems

1602: Michael Rich better than Galdeano at the second Time Check (km 25.1) too, but this time only by 2 secs.

1608: Russia's Eugeni Petrov set a time of 49'48"68 and is currently fourth, just ahead of Quinziato and Canadian Eric Wohlberg who set a time of 50'00"14 and did slightly better than compatriot Roland Green.

1609: 48'25"60 - BEST TIME for IGOR GONZALEZ DE GALDEANO !!! Eric Wohlberg finished in fifth place slightly edging out fellow Canadian Roland Green.

1611: Aitor Gonzalez is just 13th (!!) at the first time check.

1613: 21-year-old Fabian Cancellara just set the second best time at the finish: the Mapei rider clicked a time of 49'16"27, far from Galdeano, but better than Bondariew.

1614: Hungary's Bodrogi has set the 4th time at the first time check, while Aitor Gonzalez is having a very poor ITT today.

1615: Australia's Micheal Rogers has taken the provisional second place, doing about 1 and half sec. better than Cancellara.

1616: UK's David Millar set a time of 24'04" at the first check, and is currently fifth overall.

1618: Italy's Filippo Pozzato came across the line with a time of 49'38"65, and is currently sixth, just behind Belgium's Bert Roesems, and ahead of Vjatcheslaw Ekimov.

1620: Germany's Michael Rich put 7 more secs on IGG and was leading by 9 seconds on the Spaniard with only 4 km. to go for him.


1622: Current situation 1. Michael Rich (Ger) 2. Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano (Spa) 3. Michael Rogers (Aus).

1623: Ten riders still have to get to the finish.

1624: Portugal's José Azevedo crossed the line. His time 50'33"54... His place (provisional) 23rd, just behind American Dylan Casey.

1626: Local idol Marc Wauters finished in a time of 49'38"22, and took provisional seventh place just ahead of fellow countryman Bert Roesems.

1627: Christophe Moreau (as usual with his tongue out) set a time of 49'46"60 and is provisionally eleventh, ahead of Russia's Petrov.


1629: Swiss Jean Nuttli disappointed a bit: 50'20"43 and a provisional 18th place, not a great thing for somebody aiming at setting the new hour world record.


1631: BOTERO'S TIME: 48 08 45 - BOTERO TAKES THE GOLD !!!!!

1633: Still three riders to cross the finishing line, but seems nobody can do any better than the Colombian did...

1634: Uwe Peschel set the 4th time at the 36km. check.

1635: Spain's Aitor Gonzalez finished in a time of 49'12"48, slightly ahead of Australia's Michael Rogers; he's currently in 4th place Overall.

1636: 4 km to go for Millar, who set the 5th time at that point. Seems that Botero can now celebrate his (and Colombia's) first ever World Title.

1637: Uwe Peschel took fourth place. Aitor González dropped to fifth.

1638: Hungarian Laszlo Bodrogi couldn't take any medal. he clicked a time of 48'33"99 and is now just 4th overall.

1639: Only David Millar left. But he doesn't stand any chance to take the gold, and even another medal is not so easy to take for him.

1640: David Millar's final Time: 48'43'77 He ranked sixth Overall.

RACE PREVIEW and STARTLIST: The "Big Guns" are finally back on the road. Thursday in Zolder is fully reserved to the Elite Men category and its first race, the Individual Time Trial to be disputed over a 43.5-km-long distance.

There are many favorites, but one in particular: Spain's Aitor González Jiménez. The Kelme's (for how long ?) Basque, currently living in the Valencian Community, stormed to victory in the recent Vuelta mainly thanks to his great time-Trialling skills, and could benefit from an excellent state of form to extend his winning streak and grab the Gold medal in Belgium.

But many a rival wouldn't agree. Starting from David Millar, the "flyin' Scotsman" eager to take revenge after losing to Jan Ullrich last year. And going on with more contenders that will go for the gold, or at least a "lesser" medal. From Botero to Moreau, from Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano to Hungary's Bodrogi.

You may also expect some surprises to come from young Swiss Fabian Cancellara (recently crowned National ITT Champion) and fellow countryman Jean Nuttli. And why not mentioning the Germans, Uwe Peschel in particular ? America will be represented by Chris Horner and USPS' Dylan Casey, Italy by young riders Filippo Pozzato (Mapei), coming from a very successful season, and Manuel Quinziato (Lampre).

The first rider (Moldova's Igor Bonciucov) will take the start at 2 PM, followed by USPS' Luxembourgian Benoit Joachim. Britain's Stuart Dangerfield is coming a bit later.

Below is the complete startlist, including the time of start of each rider. Riders from English-speaking countries are in bold text


Start Time- Backnumber - Name - Nationality - Date of Birth

14:00:00 57 BONCIUCOV Igor MDA19730316 MDA

14:02:00 56 JOACHIM Benoît LUX19760114 LUX

14:04:00 55 SIMON Edgardo ARG19741216 ARG

14:06:00 54 DANGERFIELD Stuart GBR19710917 GBR

14:08:00 53 HEYMANS Mannie NAM19710714 NAM

14:10:00 52 GREEN Roland CAN19740729 CAN

14:12:00 51 NEVDAKH Pavel KAZ19761014 KAZ

14:14:00 50 VAN SCHALEN Paul NED19720225 NED

14:16:00 49 KUCHYNSKI Aliaksandr BLR19791027 BLR

14:18:00 48 O'LOUGHLIN David IRL19780429 IRL

14:20:00 47 TOTSCHNIG Georg AUT19710525 AUT

14:22:00 46 LJUNGQVIST Marcus SWE19741026 SWE

14:24:00 45 COTAR Martin CRO19770710 CRO

14:26:00 44 HORNER Chris USA19711023 USA

14:28:00 43 O'NEILL Nathan AUS19741123 AUS

14:30:00 42 KANNEMEYER Tiaan RSA19781214 RSA

14:32:00 41 SZEKERES Csaba HUN19770130 HUN

14:34:00 40 QUINZIATO Manuel ITA19791030 ITA

14:36:00 39 KJAERGAARD Steffen NOR19730524 NOR

14:38:00 38 WACKER Eugen KGZ19740418 KGZ

14:40:00 37 KOHUT Slawomir POL19770918 POL

14:42:00 36 DURAND Jacky FRA19670210 FRA

14:44:00 35 EKIMOV Viatcheslav RUS19660204 RUS

14:46:00 34 LOPES GONCALVES Pedro Miguel POR19750629 POR

14:48:00 33 ROESEMS Bert BEL19721014 BEL

14:50:00 32 SABALIAUSKAS Marius LTU19781115 LTU

14:52:00 31 PODGORNIK Dean SLO19790703 SLO

14:54:00 30 PENA GRISALES Victor Hugo COL19740710 COL

14:56:00 29 VALACH Jan SVK19730819 SVK

14:58:00 28 MIZOUROV Andrey KAZ19730316 KAZ

15:00:00 27 BACKSTEDT Magnus SWE19750130 SWE

15:02:00 26 SOSENKA Ondrej CZE19751209 CZE

15:04:00 25 CASEY Dylan USA19710413 USA

15:06:00 24 POOS Christian LUX19771105 LUX

15:08:00 23 BONDARIEW Bogdan UKR19740602 UKR

15:10:00 22 BROZYNA Tomasz POL19700919 POL

15:12:00 21 HUNTER Robert RSA19770422 RSA

15:14:00 20 HUSHOVD Thor NOR19780118 NOR

15:16:00 19 WOHLBERG Eric CAN19650108 CAN

15:18:00 18 PETROV Evgeni RUS19780525 RUS

15:20:00 17 KNAVEN Servais NED19710706 NED

15:22:00 16 GONZALEZ DE G. ARANZABAL Igor ESP19731101 ESP

15:24:00 15 CANCELLARA Fabian SUI19810318 SUI

15:26:00 14 ROGERS Michael AUS19791220 AUS

15:28:00 13 POZZATO Filippo ITA19810910 ITA

15:30:00 12 BELOHVOSCIKS Raivis LAT19760121 LAT

15:32:00 11 RICH Michael GER19690923 GER

15:34:00 10 AZEVEDO José POR19730919 POR

15:36:00 9 WAUTERS Marc BEL19690223 BEL

15:38:00 8 MOREAU Christophe FRA19710412 FRA

15:40:00 7 NUTTLI Jean SUI19740102 SUI

15:42:00 6 KRIVTSOV Yuriy UKR19790207 UKR

15:44:00 5 BOTERO ECHEVERRY Santiago COL19721027 COL

15:46:00 4 GONZALEZ JIMENEZ Aitor ESP19750227 ESP

15:48:00 3 PESCHEL Uwe GER19681104 GER

15:50:00 2 BODROGI Laszlo HUN19761211 HUN

15:52:00 1 MILLAR David GBR19770104 GBR


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