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Team JET CYCLING to start in Tour de la relève
By Bart Hazen
Date: 6/14/2012
Team JET CYCLING to start in Tour de la relève

Team JET CYCLING to start in Tour de la relève
Team JET CYCLING from California will be in Canada in July for the Tour de la relève internatio​nale de Rimouski!

The organising committee of the third edition of the Tour de la relève internationale de Rimouski is proud to announce that the prestigious American team JETCycling will be participating in the 2012 event.

“It’s a tremendous coup to have this team signed up, as this raises the calibre of the competition for the race”, commented the director of the Tour, Michel Fugère.

Based in Irvine, California, the JETCycling team will bring four female Youth competitors to Rimouski. The team’s visit to the region was made possible thanks to the efforts and dedication of cyclist Joanie Caron, a native of Rimouski. By singing the praises of the race route and the quality of the organisation, she was able to convince JETCycling’s owner Jet Tanner to add the Tour de la relève internationale de Rimouski to his 2012 competition calendar.

Annette Edmondson (Jayco-AIS) takes the win in Roden. Photo © 2012 Team JET Cycling

“It’s an event which will give our athletes the chance to compete against and compare themselves to young people from other countries. It’s the only race of its type in the world with six stages over four days. We wouldn’t miss this amazing opportunity that will also help us prepare for our European racing calendar. The girls are thrilled to be able to take part in a Canadian race”, added director and founder of JETCycling, Jet Tanner.

Joanie Caron, who is developing her skills this season in the United States and Europe with a professional team, is very familiar with the American team’s reputation. “In my opinion, JETCycling is the best women’s development programme in North America. The team stands out because it consists of female Youth cyclists who can rival even the best Junior racers in the United States. And there is every reason to believe that they’ll find their places on the podium regularly during the Tour de la relève internationale de Rimouski”, explained the friendly athlete.

The third edition of the Tour de la relève internationale de Rimouski brings together some 200 young cyclists from Canada, the United States and Europe, in a staged race for the male and female Youth (15--16 years old) and female Junior (17--18 years old) categories. The main goal of this event is to prepare these athletes for international competitions and to allow them to experience a race similar to the Tour de France, albeit on a smaller scale of six stages over four days. This year, the event will host 25 men’s and 25 women’s teams. The organising committee has received no less than thirty team entries so far.


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