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Totally Unpredictable...
By Anita van Crey
Date: 10/9/2002
Totally Unpredictable...
What have some great names of cycling have to say about this World Championship?

Rik van Looy: It is the riders who make the race. Therefore this World Championship can be a difficult one. For sure when the wind will blow and the asphalt is as sucking as I remember of the race there in 1969. I do not think it will be a massive sprint. There are too many candidates for the rainbow jersey who stand no chance unless the eliminate the sprinters. I think we will see one breakaway after the other, and we perhaps will see Johan Museeuw win one of his finest.

Patrick Lefevre: This World Championship will be a much harder one than everyone expects. It will be a totally unpredictable one. That's in my opinion the main difference between this race and for instance the ones in Lugano, Valkenburg and Verona. There the course was that heavy, riders were dropped in vast amounts. This year many feel the urge to attack to try and make sure it will NOT be a massive sprint. I think one group will stay away, who will control the race?

Jan Raas: A circuit like this one in Zolder has everything in it to make it a massive sprint race. That is if some countries work together and keep the field together. When a breakaway group leaves the bunch, the question will be who will be the most nervous in field. Therefore I will place my money on a group that gets away, but when it would come to a massive sprint I think Mario Cipollini will do well. Cipo has, regardless of his age, still that killer instinct that the others lack.

Walter Godefroot: Many do say Erik Zabel will win the rainbow jersey, but I do not think so. He will be TOO focused. And he is a strong sprinter, but not anymore the fastest and best. The 10.000 dollar question is if it will be a massive sprint. All will depend on the tactics of the bigger race-nations, it can be up to some dare it alls. I think Zolder will be the openest and unforeseen World Championships in the last twenty years.

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