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Post race reactions from the Belgian front
By Celine Tytgadt
Date: 3/24/2002
Post race reactions from the Belgian front
According to Jo Planckaert nothing more than a fourt place was possible. "I am happy with a fourth spot and with the knowledge that I am ready for my races that are coming up now. But of course, I can't be thrilled, I didn't win. But then again, that was impossible, because noone can beat Mario Cipollini in a sprint."

Patrick Lefevere showed himself more than happy after Domo's performance. "We can still do things. With Fred Rodriguez second and Tomas Konecny sixth we had two guys in the top 10 in the primavera."

"For a team without it's main riders that's not bad at all. It also porved that we can even compete without our real teamleaders, with ambition and unity were the main factors here. Those places of honour are a real boost for the moral of the team. In the Flemish race,s you will hear from Domo-Farm Frites."

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