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Young Guns - Latest Results from Italy (October 6th, 2002)
By Fabio
Date: 10/6/2002
Young Guns - Latest Results from Italy (October 6th, 2002)

11th Trofeo Il Cappello D'Oro: Another victory for Antonio Aldape Chávez, the 21-year-old that could turn into Mexico's second rider to become famous in Italy after Julio Alberto Pérez Cuapio.

1. Antonio Aldape Chávez (Mex - Polisportiva Auto Lelli) p. 60
2. Stelvio Michero (Ita - S.C. Centri della Calzatura D.Bigioni) p. 50
3. Luigi Buonfrate (Ita - Polisportiva Auto Lelli) p. 48
4. Giairo Ermeti (Ita - U.S. Palazzago AB Isolanti Zoccorinese) p. 38
5. Francesco Pietrangelo (Ita - S.C. Centri della Calzatura) p. 34
6. Francesco Bellotti (Ita - V.C. Mantovani),
7. Massimo Amichetti (Ita - S.C. Centri della Calzatura) p. 33
8. Alexander Bajenov (Rus - G.S. Impruneta Cotto REF),
9. Giulio Tomi (Ita - G.S. Impruneta Cotto REF) p. 32
10. Sergio Marinangeli (Ita - S.C. Calzaturieri Montegranaro Marini Silvano),
11. Luca Solari (Ita - Marchiol Site Frezza) p. 30
12. Danilo Andrenacci (Ita - S.C. Monturano Civitanova Cascinare) p. 27
13. Antonio uadranti (Ita - G.C. Feralpi Sintofarm) p. 20
14. Alessandro D'Andrea (Ita - S.C. Centri della Calzatura) p. 25
15. Dimitri Dementiev (Rus - G.S. Podenzano Italfine) p. 20

76th Piccolo Giro di Lombardia - UCI 1.6

Unlike its Paris-Tours counterpart, the U23 version of Giro di Lombardia is not held on the same weekend as the "pro" one. The race was indeed disputed on Saturday, October the 5th, and won by one of Italy's most promising riders, Antonio Quadranti, with a 50-second margin over Russia's Kiril Golubev.

A "home win" for 22-year-old Quadranti (a name you'll probably hear many a time in years to come), as the race finished into Besana Brianza in the Como province , and 22-year-old Quadranti is from the nearby town of Uggiate Trevano.

Quadranti made his decisive move on the Colma di Sormano climb, after being a protagonist also of the attacks that made the selection on the previous Colle Brianza and Ghisallo ascents.

"It's the icing on the cake of a great season. And what makes me even happier is the fact that I'm the first rider from the Como area to win the race since the finishing line is located on home roads" the winner said afterwards. Btw - Como is also the town where Lance Armstrong was based during his first years as a pro rider(including 1993, when he took the World Road Title), definitely a good and lucky area for cyclists.

1. Antonio Quadranti (Ita - Sintofarm Feralpi) -4h15'25" (41.344 km/h)
2. Kiril Goloubev (Rus - Promociclo) - at 50";
3. Giairo Ermeti (Ita - Zoccorinese-Vellutex) - at 2'00";
4. Daniele Marziani (Ita - Grassi Mapei) - at 3'05";
5. Alessio Ciro (Ita - Ceramiche Pagnoncelli) - s.t.;
6. Marco Rusconi (Ita - Ceramiche Pagnoncelli) - s.t.;
7. Marco Marzano (Ita - Sintofarm Feralpi) - s.t.;
8. Ruslan Gryshchenko (Rus - Zoccorinese Vellutex) - s.t.;
9. Francesco Bellotti (Ita - VC Mantovani Rovigo) - s.t.;
10. Maurizio Varini (Ita - Sintofarm Feralpi) - s.t.;
11. Domenico Puzzovivo (Ita - Zoccorinese Vellutex) - s.t.;
12. Alberto Dilani (Ita - Macerati Sinclair) - at 3'42";
13. Borys Gapych (Ukr - Viris Lomellina Vigevano) - at 3'50";
14. Roman Radchenko (Ukr - GS Danton Caparrini) - at 4'15";
15. Santo Anzŕ (Ita - Zoccorinese Vellutex) - s.t.

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