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German Women for the World Championship
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 10/4/2002
German Women for the World Championship

Judith Arndt, Petra Rossner and Ina-Yoko Teutenberg lead the German women's squad in Belgium

All three cyclists ride for the American team Saturn and have helped that team to a very successful year. Arndt won the Tour de'l Aude and the HP Women's Challenge, and wore the leader's yellow jersey in the Grand Boucle Feminine for 6 days, until she lost time on the final climbs in the 7th and 8th stages. Rossner won stages in the various tours, and also won the World Cup title. Teutenberg won, among other things, the point leader's jersey at the Tour de'l Aude.

The other nominees for a place on the team also had successes this year. For example, Regina Schleicher won two World Cup races, Castilla y Leon and GP de Plouay. Angela Brodtka, Trixi Worrack and Tina Liebig can also show good results in international competitions.

It remains to be seen what the final decision will be, and who will be the team's "unofficial" captain. A World Championship team built around Rossner would work very well and give the Germans a good chance to win. Teutenberg would be a strong factor to consider in a sprint finish.

The Germans can count on Arndt and Liebig in the time trial. If conditions are good, at least one of them should be on the podium.

And here are the statistics:

Courtesy of Saturn Cycling
Judith Arndt (Saturn)
UCI Ranking: 2
Successes: winner, Tour de'l Aude
Winner, HP Women's Challenge
 Stages in the Grande Boucle Feminine (leader's trikot for 6 days)



Courtesy of Saturn Cycling
Petra Rossner (Saturn)
UCI Ranking: 3
Successes: winner, Australian WC
Winner, Hamilton WC
2d, Castilla y Leon
Stage win, Tou de'l Aude
Winner, First Union Liberty Classic
2d, GP de Plouay
Winner, Rotterdam Tour
Winner, World Cup


Courtesy of Team Michela Fanini
Regina Schleicher (Michela Fanini)
UCI Ranking: 11
Successes: 8th, Fleche Wallonne
Winner, Castilla y Leon
Winner, GP de Plouay





Courtesy of Saturn Cycling
Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (Saturn)
UCI Ranking: 21
Successes: Points jersey, Tour de'l Aude




Courtesy of Team Redbull
Angela Brodtka
UCI Ranking: 34
Succcesses: 4th, Castilla y Leon
9th, Internation Thüringen-Rundfahrt der Frauen





Courtesy of
Trixi Worrack (RK Endspurt Cottbus)
UCI Ranking: 43
Successes: 12th, Fleche Wallonne






Courtesy of UCI
Tina Liebig (SSV Gera)
UCI Ranking: 109
Successes: 28th, Primavera Rosa
(Photo of Tina gold medalling in 1998 World Championship Junior Women's Road Race)





by M. Steil, translated by Susan Westemeyer,

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