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Interview: Loren Rowney
By Bart Hazen
Date: 12/21/2011
Interview: Loren Rowney

Interview: Loren Rowney
Interview with talented Loren Rowney from Australia. In 2012 she will turn professional with the American Specialized-Lululemon team of Kristy Scrymgeour

23 year old Loren Rowney is one of the talented riders in Australia. Rowney recently won the Hybrid Honda women's Tour and signed a contract with the American Specialized-Lululemon team of Kristy Scrymgeour. For the new season she expects to learn a lot from the stars on the team and to do well in some races. An interview:

Can you introduce yourself?

Hi my name is Loren Rowney, I was born in South Africa and moved to the Gold Coast Australia when I was 8 yrs old. I was a National level runner all through school as well as dabbling in triathlon, playing touch football and soccer. I started cycling at 14 and rode competitively for a few years, and then focused on my studies and came back to it when I was 20 years and have been racing since and loving it.

How did you get involved with cycling?
I went to watch my brother race one day and saw a girl in my neighborhood racing and thought if she can win races so can I.

Rowney recently won the Honda Hybrid women's tour. Photo © 2011 Jarrod Partridge

What kind of rider are you?
A bit of an all rounder, I have a good sprint and have won a few races in bunch kicks, and I can climb quite well.

What are your strengths and on what needs to be worked on?
Iím still learning about my strengths as a bike rider, I would really like to improve my time trialling this year.

You recently won the Hybrid Honda womenís Tour. I suppose your biggest win to date?
Yes it was definitely the highlight of my career thus far, and was a great way to cap off the year with my team.

How do you look back at the rest of your season?
I learnt a lot about racing this year in terms of team racing and how to race stage races. The start of the season was slow due to a crash last year December which put me out for a while, so the second half of the season was really good.

You are going to ride for one of the best womenís teams Specialized-Lululemon. Did you expect to be on that team?
To be quite honest I didnít think an opportunity like this would come up so fast. I know I did quite well domestically, so I was hoping to get an AIS scholarship for 2012. When I got the phone call from Kristy (Scrymgeour) I couldnít believe it, my brother had just been joking that ďI should go pro nowĒ. Iím just so excited and motivated to be a part of this team.

In 2012 she will turn professional with the Specialized-Lululemon team. Photo © 2011 Jarrod Partridge

Recently you were in the USA for the first training camp of the team. Can you share your experiences?
Iím pretty much in my element at the moment, riding with girls like Ina (Teutenberg), Clara (Hughes) and Trixi (Worrack) to name just a few of the talented riders here is just a dream come true. The whole team is so professional, we have such great support from our sponsors, particularly Specialized and Lululemon. And the great thing about the camp is we get to know the sponsors on a personal level and connect with them, as well as all the team bonding.

How is it to ride in a team with compatriot Chloe Hosking?
I really look up to Chloe, she is such a fantastic rider and wise beyond her years, and at the same time so much fun to be around. We didnít know each other until a couple of weeks ago, but have really hit it off, and itís great to have Kristy (Scrymgeour) and Beth (Duryea) as well.

What will be your role?
My role in this team will be riding for girls like Amber (Neben), Ina (Teutenberg) and Evelyn (Stevens) in the States and to learn as much as possible about racing from them and the races I do.

What will be your goals next season?
To medal at the Nationals, do my job well for the girls, get some good results and hopefully continue on with the team.

What will be your goals on long term as a person and as a cyclist?
To race World cups with the team, Compete in the World Championships for Australia, complete Honours in my degree, to be the best I can possibly be.

Loren in her new Specialized-Lululemon team. Photo © 2011 VeloImages

What is Loren doing when not riding a bike?
Hanging out with friends and family, Uni, watching a lot of movies, playing with my dogs.

What do we have to know from you what most people donít know?
Iím obsessed with my dogs, or any dog for that matter, I always have to pat dogs that walk by.

Who are your role models in and outside cycling?
My friend Helen, my mum outside cycling. In cycling I would have to say Clara (Hughes), Ina (Teutenberg), Judith (Arndt) and Marianne Vos.

What do you study?
Bachelor of Science majoring in Ecology and Conservation biology

If you weren't a cyclist. What would you be doing?
I would be trekking in some remote part of the world and doing research.

Final question. What is your motto?
Believe in yourself. Itís pretty simple, but when it comes down to it, it doesnít matter if someone is always telling you, you are great, you have potential, you have to believe in yourself if youíre ever going to achieve anything.


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