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Team Tibco and Specialized hosts women’s demo at Global Bike
By Staff
Date: 12/19/2011
Team Tibco and Specialized hosts women’s demo at Global Bike
With the winter fast approaching, Team TIBCO/To the Top teamed up with Specialized to help keep cyclists motivated to ride in the “off-season” by hosting a group ride and women’s clinic at Global Bikes in Phoenix, Arizona.

Jennifer Wheeler of Team TIBCO leads the Q&A at Global Bikes in Phoenix, Arizona women's demo. Photograph used by permission.

The two-day attracted more than 20 women, ranging from beginners to competitive cyclists. They were all eager to learn more about Specialized's women-specific equipment and demo top-of-the line Specialized road bikes such as the S-Works Amira and the Ruby Pro.

“I had been thinking of upgrading so I wanted to test ride some bikes before deciding,” said Phoenix resident and avid cyclist Trisha Coffman. “I’ve love Specialized’s dedication to women's specific bikes. As soon as I was ready to upgrade to a more aggressive race geometry, I knew the Amira would be my next bike. The demo and the 2012 improvements just sealed the deal for me.”

The event also featured a basic maintenance clinic where attendees learned how to change a flat and what to eat and drink on a ride. Team TIBCO cyclist Jennifer Wheeler addressed these topics and conducted a “Change a Flat” competition, in which participants who changed a flat the fastest were rewarded with Specialized clothing and equipment. She also held a Q&A session, fielding questions about the life of a pro cyclist, Team TIBCO’s focus on developing talent from the junior level and beyond, and how only a few years ago, she had many of the same questions they have now.

“Cycling can be a little intimidating when you start,” said Wheeler. “Your performance depends heavily on the fit and maintenance of your equipment. These clinics are great place to take the knowledge I’ve gained and pay it forward.”

Charlayne Barger, Manager at Global Bikes and a competitive cyclist in multiple disciplines, regularly hosts women’s clinics and group rides with the goal of getting more women involved in cycling.

“We have a place for everyone here at Global Bikes,” said Barger. “Some women come in looking for the top-of-line bike to fulfill their competitive needs. Other women just need a new saddle to make their cruiser bike more comfortable. If I can help one person get more excited about cycling, it’s a good day for me.”

Visit Global Bikes Events Calendar for more information on their next clinic and group ride.


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