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The Dutch to conquer in Zolder...updated...
By Anita van Crey
Date: 9/30/2002
The Dutch to conquer in Zolder...updated...
The team will consist of the following riders:

Bobbie Traksel
Bram Schmitz
Bart Voskamp
Aart Vierhouten
Michael Boogerd
Erik Dekker Two days after the team is announced, Dekker pulls out of the team because lack of form!!!
Steven de Jongh
Karsten Kroon
Jans Koerts
Stefan van Dijk

The last two riders will be announced after next Sundays world cup race Paris-Tours

The timetrail will see both Servais Knaven and Paul van Schalen at the starting podium. Dutch national champion timetrail Erik Dekker will focuss on the roadrace and gave his forfait for Thursdays competition.

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