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Fantasy Vuelta - Best Team Name Award: Results
By Fabio
Date: 9/29/2002
Fantasy Vuelta - Best Team Name Award: Results

2nd FABIO'S FANTASY TOUR ("FantaSTour 2002")

All Fabio's Fantasy Games, since their beginning in the good old days of the 2001 Tour de France, were linked to a special contest, the "Best Team Name Award", aimed at giving proper reward to the most creative among you the players. And the "2nd Fantasy Vuelta" made no exception. One more time we have chosen the Virtual Team(s) with the funniest and most original name(S).

Just like in the past TdF, the winner of this contest will be awarded a special prize: in that occasion it was a footbal jersey kindly offered by DP reader Francesco Grandi from Italy; now it's a copy of "The Tour baby", a special video realised by American Cycling fan Scott Coady or, as the tape cover says, the results of "Scott Coady's amazing journey following the entire 2000 Tour de France. Watch as Scott embarks on an adventure of a lifetime, armed with only a Sony digital video camera, his passion for cycling, and ... " and the winner will see the rest (including LA in his hotel room, Robin Williams, Phil & Paul etc.) !!

Of course also other cycling fans not wishing to miss this particular cycling adventure have the chance to watch it all, as the tape is on sale, and all proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Lance Armstrong Foundation; but Janna will have more on this later.

Now back to the contest, whose winner, once more like in TdF, was decided by a special "Daily Peloton" Jury, with the "selection process" divided in two halves: the first just to find the seven "finalists", and the second, decisive one, to choose the winning name amongst them. And here are the full results, starting from the 7th place that goes to ...

7th: Vueltalent (Remo Kaasenbrood - Holland.)

6th: DownunderOnTop (Tim Kenington - Australia.)

5th: follow me to Madrid (Juan Pablo Villate - Canada)

4th: Pericos Delga Dogs (Rajivinder Singh - Singapore)

To the Podium places now:

3rd: Cloggeleros (Anita Van Crey - Holland)

2nd: Pepto Bismal/Quick Step (B. Whaley - U.S.A.)

And brand new, uncontestable WINNER of the "Best Team Name Award" for the "2nd Fabio's Fantasy Vuelta" is ...

... Iron men of irun (Pod Ball - UK)

The name is a funny pun referring to the city of Irun, which is one the most famous towns of the cycling-mad Basque Country of Spain (and one of the biggest cycling-loving areas all over the world), but also home to Pod's favorite rider, Lampre-Daikin's Juan Manuel Garate .. a true "iron man", judging by the guy's performances in many of the races he took part in, the 2002 Giro d'Italia in particular. Congrats to Mr. Ball, who will be awarded a copy of the "Tour Baby video".

And a special mention also for the following names, all of them getting Daily Peloton jury's votes.

--- Bears on motorBikes
--- Bringing home the Mail
--- Bull Cycle
--- C'era una Vuelta...
--- Cierta Falta / UK
--- Cycos / USA
--- Don't bike - Just drink
--- equipo de canteros borrachos
--- Gruppetto
--- Hot sun of the spanish mountains
--- Juan de La Vuelta
--- Las piernas calientes de acero!
--- Los estremos duros
--- Manolo and the VENGA-BOYS
--- Mueltdown / USA
--- My Legs Look Better Than Yours
--- Pleasebespeedy
--- ShowMeThePesos / USA
--- Spanish Knights / UK
--- Speedy Gonzabel
--- Sweet Al & the wet Willies
--- Team Saddle Soreos / Canada
--- Velocidad de la Luz
--- Vuelta Skelter

Once again I have to say there were several other original and very funny names, but unfortunately one more time the DP Jury had a limited number of choices at its disposal. The Daily Peloton thanks all participants, promising they will probably have another chance very soon, in the new (eventual) Fabio's Fantasy Game linked to the coming World Road Championships. See ya there, folks !!

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