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LWC Chase Hines wins world BMX Cruiser for 17-24
By Imelda March
Date: 8/2/2011
LWC Chase Hines wins world BMX Cruiser for 17-24
Sophomore Chase Hines of Lindsey Wilson College (LWC) captured the bmx cruiser 17-24 age group title at the UCI BMX World Championships in Copenhagen the weekend of July 27-31 2011.

Hines was part of Team USA, but managed to sneak his LWC Cycling jersey onto the platform as shown in the photograph below.

(from left) Chase Hines (USA), Niels Verrijt (NED), and Olivier Begue (FRA) Photo Credit: Zinajda Besic

Visit, Lindsey Wilson College cycling team for more information.

About the author: Imelda March lives in Chicago and is a member of Team Kenda. She is a frequent contributor to The Daily Peloton Cycling News team, reporting on women’s cycling issues and general peloton ramblings. Imelda is an experienced racer who also holds an MBA and is a marketing strategy expert.


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