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Sparkassen Giro - Bochum (UCI 1.1)
By Bart Hazen
Date: 8/2/2011
Sparkassen Giro - Bochum (UCI 1.1)

Sparkassen Giro - Bochum (UCI 1.1)
HTC-Highroad's Adrie Visser takes win in Sparkassen Giro Bochum. Dutch the best in six rider break. Christine Majerus and Liesbet de Vocht round off a BeNeLux podium. PHOTOS!

Adrie Visser (HTC-Highroad) has won the Sparkassen Giro in Bochum, Germany (July 31). The Dutch rider was the best of a six rider break besting Christine Majerus and Liesbet de Vocht in the sprint. Hanka Kupfernagel, Alessandra D'Ettore and Hanna Amend were the others in the break. Suzanne de Goede won the bunchsprint for 7th place from World Champion Giorgia Bronzini. Chloe Hosking and Nathalie Lamborelle rounded off the top 10.

Adrie Visser takes the win in Bochum with Majerus in second and De Vocht in third. Photo © 2011 Bart Hazen

The race over 88 km (six laps) was animated by a break of Evelyn Stevens (HTC-Highroad) and Hanka Kupfernagel (Horizon Fitness RT). The two worked well together and created a maximum lead of over one minute. In the fourth lap Stevens attacked on a climb and created a small lead on Kupfernagel. With the bunch being at 35 seconds Kupfernagel decided to wait for the bunch.

For Visser it was her third win of the season. Earlier this year she won a stage and the final ranking in the Energiewacht Tour. Photo © 2011 Bart Hazen

After Kupfernagel was caught the peloton slowed down and turning into the final lap Stevens had a 55 second gap on the bunch led by the Colavita Forno D'Asolo team from World Champion Giorgia Bronzini. The American/Italian team was joined by Horizon Fitness and Skil-Koga and Stevens her lead came down very quickly. Within no-time Stevens was caught and it looked like it was going to turn out in a bunchsprint.

Evelyn Stevens animated the race until the final lap. Photo © 2011 Bart Hazen

With less than 5 km to go Hanka Kupfernagel, Adrie Visser, Christine Majerus, Liesbet de Vocht, Alessandra D'Ettore and Hanna Amend broke clear. As the big teams had all one rider in front it was up to Skil-Koga to led the chase for Suzanne de Goede but the team wasn't able to chase down the break. In the sprint Visser won very convincing with Majerus in second and De Vocht in third.

Hanka Kupfernagel and Evelyn Stevens in the race lead. Photo © 2011 Bart Hazen

HTC-Highroad: Adrie Visser nets top German win
HTC-Highroad's Adrie Visser pulled ahead of five other riders to claim her third win of the 2011 season in the Sparkassen Giro Bochum one-day race on Sunday.

Visser clipped off the front in a six-rider breakaway that formed close to the finish of the eighty-nine kilometer race, then easily out-sprinted the rest for a convincing victory.

"When I heard Adrie was away in the group I knew we had a really good chance," said HTC-Highroad sports director Jens Zemke, "It was a flat finish with a three hundred meter straight away and she timed it perfectly. Adrie did it exactly right."

Hanka Kupfernagel - Evelyn Stevens. Photo © 2011 Bart Hazen

Visser's victory was not the day's only highlight for HTC-Highroad, as team-mate Evelyn Stevens won the Grand Prix of the Mountains classification after a day-long break in which the American rider took maximum points on each climb.

"We rode a strong race tactically and Evelyn was really impressive throughout," Zemke said, "There was a great atmosphere too, with massive crowds watching. Bochum is Germany's most important women's race, and it made a big win even more special."

Colavita Forno D'Asolo led the chase behind Stevens turning into the final lap. Photo © 2011 Bart Hazen

This rounds of a successful Sunday for HTC-Highroad, after Ellen Van Dijk and Ina Teutenberg took second and fourth in the Swedish World Cup.

1 Visser, Adrie HTC Highroad Wo 02.18.52 00.00
2 Majerus, Christine GSD Gestion 02.18.52 00.00
3 De Vocht, Liesbet Belgie 02.18.52 00.00
4 Kupfernagel, Hanka Horizon Fitness 02.18.52 00.00
5 D'ettorre, Alessand Colavita-Forno 02.18.52 00.00

Horizon Fitness RT and Skil-Koga joined Colavita in the chase for their sprinters Hannah Rich and Suzanne de Goede (photo). Photo © 2011 Bart Hazen

6 Amend, Hanna Stevens-Redvil 02.18.54 00.02
7 De Goede, Suzanne Skil-Koga Cycli 02.19.02 00.10
8 Bronzini, Giorgia Colavita-Forno 02.19.02 00.10
9 Hosking, Chloe HTC Highroad Wo 02.19.02 00.10
10 Lamborelle, Nathalie Abus Nutrixxion 02.19.02 00.10

Lots of girls suffered on the climbs in each lap. Photo © 2011 Bart Hazen

11 Henrion, Ludivine Lotto Honda Tea 02.19.02 00.10
12 De Vuyst, Sofie Lotto Honda Tea 02.19.02 00.10
13 van Severen, Celine Sengers Ladies 02.19.02 00.10
14 Arnouts, Anne Dura - Vermeer 02.19.02 00.10
15 Wigbold, Juliette Sram-WV Eemland 02.19.02 00.10

The climbs in each lap made it a hard race. Photo © 2011 Bart Hazen

16 van Veghel, Sandra Sram-WV Eemland 02.19.02 00.10
17 Bamelis, Sanne Sengers Ladies 02.19.04 00.12
18 Rich, Hannah Horizon Fitness 02.19.02 00.10
19 Schreurs, Geerike Dolmans Landsca 02.19.02 00.10
20 Caron, Joanie Kanada 02.19.02 00.10

Compatriots Nathalie Lamborelle and Christine Majerus. Photo © 2011 Bart Hazen

21 Roggeman, Inge Sengers Ladies 02.19.02 00.10
22 Novak, Alenka Slowen 02.19.02 00.10
23 Rowson, Penny Horizon Fitness 02.19.02 00.10
24 Jolink, Nathalie Specialized 02.19.02 00.10
25 Van Doorslaer, Annel Belgie 02.19.02 00.10

Hanka Kupfernagel. Photo © 2011 Bart Hazen

26 Kessler, Nina Dolmans Landsca 02.19.02 00.10
27 Werner, Laure Lotto Honda Tea 02.19.02 00.10
28 Verhestraeten, Karen Sengers Ladies 02.19.02 00.10
29 Guloien, Leah Kanada 02.19.02 00.10
30 Crum, Emma Specialized 02.19.02 00.10

Adrie Visser and Ludivine Henrion. Photo © 2011 Bart Hazen

31 Schaus, Fabienne GSD Gestion 02.19.02 00.10
32 Simpson, Annabel Horizon Fitness 02.19.02 00.10
33 Wotsch, Melanie Team Stuttgart 02.19.02 00.10
34 Hahn, Jacqueline Kuota Speed Kue 02.19.02 00.10
35 Rowsell, Joanna Horizon Fitness 02.19.02 00.10

Evelyn Stevens. Photo © 2011 Bart Hazen

36 Ringlever, Linda Movingladies 02.19.02 00.10
37 Pintar, Ursa Slowen 02.19.02 00.10
38 Bravard, Mélanie GSD Gestion 02.19.02 00.10
39 Johansen, Cecilie Hitec Products 02.19.02 00.10
40 Verbic, Ziva Slowen 02.19.02 00.10

Stefan Wyman is analyzing the race with his girls. The Horizon Fitness RT - Prendas Ciclismo had a great weekend of racing. Photo © 2011 Bart Hazen

41 Van de Winkel, Joann Lotto Honda Tea 02.19.02 00.10
42 Klein, Theres Stevens-Redvil 02.19.02 00.10
43 Hessling, Melanie Abus Nutrixxion 02.19.02 00.10
44 Purath, Bianca Kuota Speed Kue 02.19.02 00.10
45 Fouquet, Laura Kuota Speed Kue 02.19.02 00.10

The Horizon Fitness RT - Prendas Ciclismo had a great weekend of racing and were very happy about the results. Photo © 2011 Bart Hazen

46 Van der Merwe, Maris Lotto Honda Tea 02.19.02 00.10
47 Badmann, Johanna Team Stuttgart 02.19.02 00.10
48 Köckerling, Ronja Koga Ladies 02.19.02 00.10
49 Rutar, Tjasa Slowen 02.19.02 00.10
50 Beyen, Ine Belgie 02.19.02 00.10
Full Result

World Champion Giorgia Bronzini isn't happy about the race - Adrie Visser is very delighted with the win. Photo © 2011 Bart Hazen

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