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By Vaughn Trevi
Date: 7/1/2011
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Celebrating our 11th year!

The Daily Peloton comes to you free every day. However, our current advertising revenue is just not enough to cover our server and other costs that make the site possible. We would like to continue creating the DP as we have since March of 2002 and earlier on the Rivals network starting in Spring of 2000.  with your support it will be possible to continue and do more.

The Daily Peloton has always been a "labor of Love" and I can't see it continuing any other way; passion for the cycling in all it's remarkable disciplines has always been the foundation of our group. Were former riders and racers ourselves. 

 If you are a regular reader and have enjoyed our coverage of the sport and rich tapestry of photos over the years please consider donating to the site.

We really appreciate each of our readers and receiving your feedback about the site and in the DP Forums. If  you have enjoyed our efforts and would like to express it in the form of a donation we'll be very grateful!

Personally, I'd prefer not to ask, however the economic times, as you know are no better than last year when we had to ask for help after 8 years. If you read the site and forums and would like to help it will be greatly appreciated by all of us.

Your donations will secure our server and help our continuing efforts to report on races around the world, the DP forums and chat room, and also get our photographers into the field so we continue to have a great selection photos of the your cycling heroes and heroines at the races. We are always open to suggestions and your ideas of what and how we cover the sport our contact email is at the bottom of the page. We always love to hear from our readers I always answer the emails as quickly as possible.

The site has never made much money but it has paid its basic costs; much of this is due to a lack of time to promote and sell advertising as we are busy keeping up with the news. We're not a large group with deep pockets but we endeavor to deliver high quality writing and reports from a cycling fanatics viewpoint  of one who loves the beauty and drama nherent in the sport. I've decided to continue to look for sources of income through other partnerships, advertising and by keeping the donation line open all year.  Your help will make that possible.

Please click on the Paypal link below to and send a donation to support the Daily Peloton. We appreciate help and support.

Thank you very much,
        Vaughn Trevi

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If you have a a nagging need to express yourself and write about the sport there is always an opening for new talent. We've had writers start as young as 15. And many of these young guys and gals  have gone on to professional careers as cycling journalists writing for magazines, other sites, and pro teams.  Writing is a skill gained by writing, writing and writing some more.  There is only one thing more fun than writing about cycling and that's riding and racing.

Help the Daily Peloton

Vaughn Trevi & he DP crew _________________________International Pro Cycling News
 It's a cruel sport; the only way to win is to stay ahead of the pack

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Our goal for the year is to raise $5,000 we need $3,400 by  September 1st. This will pay our server rent and other basic costs; it does not include pay for any of our staff.

August 19 2011 Update
As of today we have received $435.00  only $3,000 to go unless we pick up a few more advertisers.
Watch this area for updates. VrT

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