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Janna's Word
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 9/25/2002
Janna's Word

[Quote by Alex Zulle, after a bad stage in the 1995 Tour of Spain --Quotable Cyclist]

Wow, what a Vuelta! The Angliru again served up its own unique brand of spectacular brutality on Sunday, not only in its weather and conditions, but also in the racing. The stage coverage is here, what's left of the teams is here, and young Mr. Millar's tale is here. All in all, an epic day's racing!

I don't know if you saw the pre-race photo of Sevilla today (here), but he does not look as rosy as he did last week (neither does Aitor Gonzalez). And Vuelta race director Franco went to great pains to defend the Angliru's inclusion in the tour today. However, as Jacques Goddet said of another tour: "It's necessary to keep an inhuman side to the Tour. Excess is necessary."

I guess so. There is another mountain stage on Thursday (uphill finish), concluding in Roberto Heras' home of Bejar and certainly the pressure will be on Postal to deliver. Friday's stage is a bit rough too, and then there's the individual contra el reloj on Sunday. So it will be interesting. Remember, you can join our daily "chat peloton" during each stage in the Chatroom.

All of our Vuelta coverage can be easily found on our Vuelta Main Page here - live coverage of each stage, daily photos, Locutus' ham gazing and golden ham awards, official Tour notes and Fabio's Fantasy Game results. Oh, I may not have mentioned that we have Fantasy Game prizes...but more on that later. Anyway, you will find the Vuelta a Espana main page link on the left navigation bar under Grand Tours.

We are working on another guest commentator this week; Kirk Willett, DS of Prime Alliance and Chuck Coyle of 7Up/Nutrafig were kind enough to provide commentary for us in the chat room during earlier Vuelta stages, so we hope to have another guest for you later this week. Stay tuned!

We are also working on our Worlds previews so look for them next week. In the meantime, we have a great report from Anita van Crey on the Ster Electrotoer here, Jaime Nichols' no-holds barred interview with the 7Up team after Charles Dionne's great victory at the San Francisco Grand Prix (here), lots of SFGP photos here (and more on the way), and Vaughn's adventure in the Prime Alliance team car. We also have more Vuelta photos, and Univest photos, on the way.

Gerolsteiner wrapped up the Rheinland - Pfalz Rundfahrt; all the reports can be found here. We also have reports on the GP des Nations and the Giro del Lazio. We are covering numerous races this week, including Circuit Franco-Belge (preview here), Coppa Sabatini, Giro dell'Emilia, the GP di Prato today and the Duo Normand this weekend. You will find numerous other race reports and peloton tidbits in the News Roundups that are posted each day.

So, see you in Madrid, but on the off chance you've heard about the great cycling in Colorado, this might be the reason why...

Courtesy of Colorado Cyclist

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