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94th Giro d'Italia - Stage 21 Milan ITT Live Part 2
By Mark Sharon
Date: 5/29/2011
94th Giro d'Italia - Stage 21 Milan ITT Live Part 2

94th Giro d'Italia - Stage 21 Milan ITT Live Part 2
The Top ten start their race against the clock with Millar still holding the time to beat...

2011 Giro d'Italia
Jersey Leaders Stage 21

G.C: Alberto Contador Saxo Bank-SunGard
Points: Michele Scarponi* Lampre-ISD
KOM: Stefano Garzelli Acqua & Sapone 
U25: Roman Kreuziger  Team Astana
*Worn in default - Alberto Contador leads.
Team: Astana
Giro d'Italia Preview Week 3
Map & ITT Start Order
General Classification After Stage 20

Sunday 29th May 2011
Stage 21: Milan - Milan ITT 26 km
Kruijswijk is off - can he pull out two and 18 seconds on Roman Kreuziger to take the lead in the young rider's competition?  Garzelli is lighting no fireworks today - and arrives well outside a top ten spot. Roman Kreuziger is off - no room for mistakes today young man.

1654 CEST - Tiny Jose Rujano is next up - any wonder what his DS Savio is saying "go that way, as fast as your little legs can carry you - stop when I tell you, and not before" Rujano will surely drop a few spots today - but how many?

We haven't had any drama for about an hour an half - Millar has the top spot - but Massimo Codol has finished and bounced Porte out of third spot.

Sastre is going to be the next to finish - so close but just not enough. John Gadret is off - another man hoping he has enough time on Joaquin Rodriguez to keep his fourth spot.

Nibali is off - deep breathes, lots of nerves - and 56 seconds to make up on Scarponi.

Garzelli comes in  - 32:49 and 34th spot - Cheers for the Mountain King!

Kiriyenka is next - he has made a large gain on Garzelli and arrives in 31:35 and 9th spot - Michele Scarponi is down the ramp - loud cheers.

Alberto Contador gets a rousing call from the announcer - last man standing? Unassailable lead barring accident? The real question will he beat Millar?  Alberto crosses himself twice - and he is down the ramp and off - out of the saddle - like as swimmer not coming up for breath after the dive -  I wager he will catch and pass Scarponi.

Jose Rujano is doing, for him, a stonking ITT - just 43" down on Millar at 8.9km

Tago Machado arrives in 31:25 and fills 8th spot for now  I might even wager Scarponi will catch Nibali because already the gap is 34 seconds.

At 8.9km John Gadret is sitting in 54th spot - not looking good - Nibali gets a big blast of the horn from the Liquigas coach going the other way.

Nibali passes the 8.9 km check  in 5th spot. Johann Tschopp arrives in 34th spot.

 Waiting for Scarponi now... 14 seconds down on Nibali in 13th spot at the 8.9 km - not danger yet, but the last bit could see a big change.

Contador hits 8.9km in Top SPOT! - Just 1 second faster than Millar but still faster

Current top ten:
1 MILLAR David GBR GRM 30:13 
3 PORTE Richie AUS SBS - 0:43
4 POPOVYCH Yaroslav UKR RSH - 0:55
5 VAN EMDEN Jos NED RAB - 1:02
6 MEYER Cameron AUS GRM - 1:04
7 GRETSCH Patrick GER THR - 1:08
8 MONTAGUTI Matteo ITA ALM - 1:19
9 VANDEWALLE Kristof BEL QST - 1:24
10 LANG Sebastian GER OLO -1:26

1715 CEST - What will Contador do? He has enough in hand to do anything - take a siesta Sivstov arrives in 9th spot.

We are awaiting a bunch of race within the race results - Kreuziger vs Kruijswijk - Rujano against - well anyone - Nibali vs Scarponi, Millar vs Contador.   Scarponi takes a left hander a little ragged - high speed has its price.

Steven Kruijswijk arrives in 31.44 - 16th, now for Kreuziger...   Kruijswijk passed Nieve - that's a two minute gain!

Gadret passes 18.1km in 65th spot - not a good result and will be a big worry - ibali hits 18.1km in 21.37 in 9th spot - Gadret could be caught at this rate.

Denis Menchov 32:16 - 34th spot, surpise that.

 Kreuziger finishes in 31: 39 - his place in Giro history is safe.

Scarponi passes 18.1km in 21.48 14th and now SLOWER than Nibali - still not in trouble.

Contador passes 18.1km 17 secs down on Millar... Looking good for Garmin's Millar to take the welcome stage win for his team.

Jose Rujano gets home safely - in about 35th place not too bad, but may mean he has lost some place on GC. Compatriot Purito  Rodriguez does 32.27 and has 37th spot

Nibali has a 14" advantage on Scarponi - too little too late, In fact Rujano is down 2:25" but it is Ok to stay ahead of Kreuziger - well done on that man!

 Nibali is on the flagstones - cornering badly - don't panic lad! Nibbles has done just that nibbled at Scarponi but no luck. Gadret is home and safe in 4th; and 10th for Nibali.

 Just Scarponi and Contador to go. Scarpers is going like a train but has lost 54" to Contador, but just 10" or so to Nibali.

The roar of the crowd are deafening as Scarponi zigzags through the streets of Milan. 

 Looking very good - he is about to turn and then the finish line - powering out of the sadle 31:41 and 16th It's enough for second.

Contador is now the only man out there - the crowds adore him - he turns but he is already sitting in 3rd - relaxed arms up - he slautes the crowd - 3rd place for el Pistelero/

Great ride to the Scot who had to endure nearly two hours waiting.

 Could Contador have taken it? Did he pull back in favour of Millar?

Contador is already in the hands of the MC - the adrenalin will be kicking in big time Alberto Contador is the undisputed strongman of the Giro 2011 - putting in a show of power than no one could challenge. It was way back on Etna that he showed what he had and no one has threatened him since. Did Contador actually need a team? Perhaps for the Team Time Trial and some bit of chasing... but the man dominated the race without question.

For the record Contador was 3rd on the stage 36 seconds down on Millar.

Albeertoooooo Contaaaadooooorrrr Wins the 2011 Giro d'Italia!!!

Alberto Contador takes the Maglia Rosa and the Maglia Rossa as race and points competition leader; adding not only the race win to his palmares but the victories of stages 9 and 16.

Stage 21 Results
Milano Individual Time Trial 26 km
1 Millar David Gbr Garmin-Cervélo  - 30:13
2 Rasmussen Alex Den HTC-Highroad   -  0:07
Contador Alberto EspSaxo Bank-SunGard   -  0:36

4 Porte Richie Aus Saxo Bank-SunGard   -  0:43
5 Popovych Yaroslav Ukr RadioShack   -  0:55

6 Van Emden Jos Ned Rabobank   -  1:02
7 Meyer Cameron Aus Garmin-Cervélo   -  1:04
8 Gretsch Patrick Ger HTC-Highroad  -  1:08
9 Machado Tiago Por RadioShack  - 1:12
10 Sivtsov Kanstantsin Blr HTC-Highroad   -  1:16
11 Nibali Vincenzo Ita Liquigas-Cannondale   -  1:18
12 Montaguti Matteo Ita Ag2r La Mondiale   -  1:19
13 Kiryienka Vasili Blr Movistar   -  1:22
14 Vandewalle Kristof Bel Quick Step   -  1:24
15 Lang Sebastian Ger Omega Pharma-Lotto   -  1:26

2011 Giro d'Italia - 94th Edition
General Classification Final
1 Contador Alberto Esp Saxo Bank-SunGard  -  84:05:14 Maglia Rosa
2 Scarponi Michele Ita Lampre-ISD  -  6:10
3 Nibali Vincenzo Ita Liquigas-Cannondale  -  6:56

4 Gadret John Fra Ag2r La Mondiale 
  -  10:04
5 Rodriguez Joaquin Esp Katusha -  11:05
6 Kreuziger Roman Cze Astana   -  11:28 Maglia Bianca
7 Rujano Guillen Jose' Ven Androni Giocattoli    -  12:12
8 Menchov Denis Rus Geox-TMC   -  12:18
9 Kruijswijk Steven Ned Rabobank   -  13:51
10 Sivtsov Kanstantsin Blr HTC-Highroad   -  14:10
11 Nieve Ituralde Mikel Esp Euskaltel-Euskadi   -  16:08
12 Dupont Hubert Fra Ag2r La Mondiale  -  18:06
13 Cataldo Dario Ita Quick Step  - 18:23
14 Arroyo Duran David Esp Movistar   -  26:56
15 Le Mevel Christophe Fra Garmin-Cervélo  -  32:08

Bjarne Riis  proud and happy:
”It's a huge win for Alberto and for the entire team and obviously, I'm immensely proud of our achievements. Alberto has shown incredible stability and that's the main reason that he's so successful. Besides from winning overall, he wins the point classification and is second in the mountain classification which underlines his stability and stamina. The course of this year's Giro has been extremely demanding which has been of his advantage and in my opinion, he has done an errorless race.”

“The team has delivered a formidable effort and each and every rider has lived up to the role they have been assigned. We have successfully defined each rider's abilities and managed to delegate the different tasks accurately so no one was unaware of what to do next. We have been able to work in the front of the pack and at other times we have been able to, and dared to, share the responsibility with other teams. I'm very proud of the whole team.”

A word in memory of Wouter Weylandt who will always be remembered in reference to the 94th edition - RIP number 108.

Thanks for joining Fabio, Mark, Bart and Me (Vaughn) for the 94th edition of the corsa rosa. Top ten results shortly with full official results and team and rider reactions and photos when available.

Have a great ride today...

Celebrating our 11th year!

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