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Vuelta Stage 15 Live Coverage: L'Angliru! HERAS!!!
By Podofdonny
Date: 9/22/2002
Vuelta Stage 15 Live Coverage: L'Angliru! HERAS!!!

Good afternoon and welcome to our live coverage of this defining Vuelta stage. Please refresh this page often (F5) to view the latest information.

Stage 15 - the big day. It's a 176.7 km with four categorized climbs, starting in Gijon and finishing at the top of the dreaded Alto de l'Angliru. The first climb is the Cat 1 Puerto Marabio, a 10.6 km climb that hits at the 69 km point: the climb starts gradually at 5.5% and gets to 12.5% towards the top.

The Cat 2 Alto de Tenebredo is the next leg-softener at 109 km, a nasty 4 km climb that is followed by about 37 km of flat riding. At the 150 km point the riders hit the Cat 1 Alto del Cordal, a 5.5 km climb that starts hard at 9.4%, flattens a bit before hitting 9.8% at the middle, and then gets really hard with a 12.3% grade at the top.

How tough is the Angliru? No less a climber than Angel Casero is talking about using a triple-ring up front for this stage. The Angliru makes professional riders look like me on a normal climb. The road to Angliru snakes up the side of the mountain, its large coils strangling the oxygen from the riders' lungs and the strength from the riders' legs. It is 12.9 km long, and starts off relatively modestly at a 5.9% grade in the first kilometer. It tilts to 7.9% in the second kilometer, then 8.7% by the end of the third kilometer. At 5 km the road levels to a mere 2.4% for a full kilometer before twisting up to 14.2% at the 6.5 km mark. Then it gets hard.

The steepness stays above 11% for the next several kilometers. At 10 km the climb gets legendary: starting at 12.9%, the grade goes absolutely perpindicular to 17.4%, then 19.6%, then 21.6%, before hitting the ridiculous, I-might-as-well-just-push-my-damned-bike level of 23.6% at about 10.6 km into the climb. After that, the Angliru returns to simply cruel proportions with a 12.7% grade at 11 km.

The last hundred meters or so of the 12.9 km climb flattens out to 2.8%; if by some miracle the race isn't blown to smithereens by then, we might see something that resembles a crawl mixed with a sprint as the leaders approach the line.

The weather is not going to be the best ally for our protagonists today. The sky is cloudy and it is likely to rain. The wind will be moderate and changeable. As for the temperature, there will be around 17 degrees. At the top of the Angliru there are around 8 degrees.

The show today is guaranteed. No doubt.

The first riders to write their names have been 169 (ZARRABEITIA URANGA Mikel), and 5 (GARMENDIA ARBILLA Aitor). Zarrabeitia was slightly injured yesterday in the crash. The streets in Gijón are crowded with people who have come to see the survivors of this Vuelta 2002.

Yesterday 146 (HORRILLO MUNOZ Pedro), did not start the race and then, 16 (LOMBARDI Giovanni), 25 (CHAURREAU BERNARDEZ Inigo), 65 (KASHECHKIN Andrey), 98 (ODRIOZOLA MUGARZA Jon), 162 (GONZALEZ DE GALDEANO ARANZABAL Igor), 183 (GARRIDO MAYORGA Martin), and 226 (KJAERGAARD Steffen) abandoned during the stage, some before the crash but some as a result.

The Vuelta this year has been very hard - there is a 25.6% failure rate so far.

Today in the morning, between 8:15 and 8:40, blood tests were carried out on 24 riders from the following teams:
All of them have been declared fit.

KM 04 - 93 (FLECHA GIANNONI Juan Antonio) has been riding alone off the front for just one kilometre. The peloton is grouped once again.

KM 10 - After the peloton was grouped again, three men have broken away: 7 (HERNANDEZ BERTRAN Jaime Javier), 57 (SASSONE Robert), and 154 (HORRACH RIPPOLL Joan).

KM 14 - There is a group of 24 riders ahead: 5 (GARMENDIA ARBILLA Aitor), 8 (PEREZ RODRIGUEZ Luis), 11 (GONZALEZ CAPILLA Santos), 17 (MARTIN PERDIGUERO Miguel Angel), 24 (BOTCHAROV Alexandre), 35 (MIHOLJEVIC Vladimir), 46 (KINTANA ZARATE Aitor), 54 (CLAIN Médéric), 55 (FERNANDEZ BUSTINZA Bingen), 58 (FOFONOV Dmitriy), 73 (FLORES GALARZA Iker), 84 (PETACCHI Alessandro), and 85 (STANGELJ Gorazd), 93 (FLECHA GIANNONI Juan Antonio), 99 (OSA EIZAGUIRRE Aitor), 127 (MANZANO RUANO Jesus Maria), 132 (BERTOLETTI Simone), 142 (AGGIANO Elio), 145 (CIONI Dario David), 159 (SOUSA BARBOSA Rui Miguel), 173 (BERGMANN Reto), 176 (PEREIRO SIO Oscar), 211 (ZABEL Erik), and 214 (KESSLER Matthias), leading by 34 seconds on 111 (CASERO MORENO Rafael), by 39 seconds on 192 (ASTARLOA Igor), and by 56 seconds on the leader´s group controlled by Kelme-Costa Blanca.

KM 76 - 216 (KLÖDEN Andreas) abandons the race. Klemenic abandons at KM 47.

122 (BOTERO ECHEVERRY Santiago) is finding it difficult to follow the rhythm. The three ahead take a lead of 2:00 on the group of 21 and of 6:30 on the peloton where the leader is travelling.

KM 77 - The average speed for these two hours has been 38 kilometres per hour.

KM 78 - The three riders of the break are still in the three first positions but the second group, where there were 21 riders, has been split in several groups.

KM 80 - Over the top of the Alto de Marabio: 176 (PEREIRO SIO Oscar), 93 (FLECHA GIANNONI Juan Antonio), and 73 (FLORES GALARZA Iker).

1:10 behind: 99 (OSA EIZAGUIRRE Aitor),17 (MARTIN PERDIGUERO Miguel Angel),132 (BERTOLETTI Simone),11 (GONZALEZ CAPILLA Santos),127 (MANZANO RUANO Jesus Maria), and 46 (KINTANA ZARATE Aitor). The peloton 6:04 behind.

KM 82 - So the three leaders begin their descent in the swirling mists of the Spanish countryside - interestingly the chase group includes both Petacchi and Zabel who are continuing their battle for points on the mountain top.

The peloton celebrates yet another birthday today, with Spanish rider Daniel Atienza arriving at the ripe old age of 28. The Cofidis rider, who turned pro in 1997, has spent most of his professional career in Italy riding in the Polti and Saeco teams.

He signed for his current team in 2001, and this year finished in sixth position in the Bicicleta Vasca and the Tour de L’Ain. He is accompanied in the Alain Bondue directed team by fellow Spaniards Iñigo Cuesta and Bingen Fernandez.

Just a reminder on yesterday's casualties - Coast rider Fernando Escartin has had to abandon the race after fracturing a left rib in yesterday's multiple pile up. French rider Guillaume Auger is another rider to have retired from this year's edition of the race.

The Vuelta's doctors Fernando Astorqui and Félix Cabezas have explained that Auger is suffering from a blow he received to his left leg and an injury to his left ankle.

These two riders, plus Daniele Bennati (Acqua & Sapone and Juan Manuel Garate (Lampre), who suffered injuries to their knees, are the four riders who failed to take the start of today's stage. So the iron man of Irun - who bravely finished yesterday is forced to retire - he will have to be content with his fourth place in the Giro d'Italia for this years Grand Tours.

85 KM - CRASH! 73 (FLORES GALARZA Iker) has fallen but he is all right. He has lost contact with his two partners in the break. The two riders ahead lead now by 1:25 on the 21 riders behind and by 5:48 on the peloton.

87 KM - CRASH - There has been a fall, in the peloton this time; the most affected rider has been 129 (VALVERDE BELMONTE Alejandro).

So the day continues to be very hard on the riders - the misty conditions will be making the roads damp and slippy - they must be careful on the descents.

KM 98 - 93 (FLECHA GIANNONI Juan Antonio) and 176 (PEREIRO SIO Oscar) ride ahead, leading by 35 seconds on 73 (FLORES GALARZA Iker); these two lead by 2:38 on the group of 16 riders, and by 5:35 on the peloton.

Flores continues on his own - fortunately he does not seem too badly affected by his fall - meanwhile it is getting more murky ahead, and it has started to rain on the Angliru - it will be a hard day indeed.

The time-gaps on the Angliru will be definitive, and the shape of the final podium will start to clarify as the riders straggle across the line in the thin air at the top.

Roberto Heras (US Postal) built his victory in 2000 on his 3rd place performance on this climb, and will be a big favorite for the victory this year.

Gilberto Simoni (Saeco) won the 2000 stage by over 2', but he wasn't a marked GC rider at the time; still, he is likely the biggest favorite for the stage win. Casero lost the Vuelta that day, finishing over 3' behind Heras and 6' 39" behind Simoni. He and the rest of the GC hopefuls will have to tame the Angliru this year to land on the podium in Madrid.

KM 105 - 73 (FLORES GALARZA Iker) has been bridged up by the group of 16 riders who are 1:26 behind the two ahead.

The peloton is 5:48 behind the two of the break. The Kelme riders have stopped pulling at the head of the peloton and therefore the speed has decreased slightly.

Iker Flores - who is now back in the chasing group - won two stages or the Tour dL'Avenir in 2000 - he will no doubt be used as a stepping stone for his team captains Mayo and Zubeldia.

This morning the GC was:
1º 121 SEVILLA, Oscar ESP KEL 50:11:24
2º 125 GONZALEZ, Aitor ESP KEL a 1
3º 221 HERAS, Roberto ESP USP a 1:42
4º 78 MAYO, Iban ESP EUS a 2:04
5º 161 BELOKI, Joseba ESP ONE a 2:04
6º 79 ZUBELDIA, Haimar ESP EUS a 2:47
8º 59 TRENTIN, Guido ITA COF a 3:34
9º 51 MILLAR, David GBR COF a 3:36
10º 166 JAKSCHE, Jörg GER ONE a 3:51
11º 151 MÖLLER, Klaus DEN MIL a 3:52
12º 81 CASAGRANDE, Francesco ITA FAS a 3:57
13º 3 BELTRAN, Manuel ESP COA a 4:12
14º 191 SIMONI, Gilberto ITA SAE a 4:21
15º 96 LASTRAS, Pablo ESP BAN a 4:30
16º 1 CASERO, Angel ESP COA a 4:51
17º 155 JEKER, Fabian SUI MIL a 5:51

It is conceivable that any one of these men could be a big winner today - although the way the peloton is riding it looks like the big guns will be not making any early attacks - but will wait for the Angliru - as the riders start to climb the Tenebredo pass - a second cat climb.

How things change - during the Tour de France, Botero was the only Kelme rider who seemed to have any sort of form, though of course some of the rest of the team suffered from illness. In the Vuelta all the Kelme boys seem in great shape apart from Botero who is struggling again as the road goes upwards.

KM 113 - The leading duo cross the top of the climb - it is Pereiro over, ahead of Flecha. Pereiro is lying in 33rd position over all - but he is 30:45 minutes down on the race leader Oscar Sevilla.

His breakaway partner Flecha is in 45th position - 42.04 down on the first man - the elimination time limit may come into effect today - the riders in the "bus" will have to be very careful not to find themselves eliminated on the time cut.

KM 113 - Alto de Tenebredo mountain pass: 176 (PEREIRO SIO Oscar), 93 (FLECHA GIANNONI Juan Antonio), 99 (OSA EIZAGUIRRE Aitor), 17 (MARTIN PERDIGUERO Miguel Angel), 159 (SOUSA BARBOSA Rui Miguel), and 127 (MANZANO RUANO Jesus Maria). The two ahead lead by 2:25 on the group of 17 and by 6:20 on the peloton.

KM 115 - It is the Once and Kelme and the front of the peloton as Lelli and Giuseppe Di Grande abandon the race.

The average speed for the third hour has been 38.700 kilometres per hour.

Flecha and Pereiro still in front. The Kelme are not pushing too hard at the front of the peloton, just keeping the tempo up. Still a group of fifteen in the middle.

The riders ahead have reached the feed zone, leading by 2:48 on the middle group and by 6:00 on the peloton.

KM 125 - The race now will flatten out - as it drops into the valley and the two escapees go through the feed zone they will now have to tackle the Alto del Cordal - 780m - but ranked as cat 1 - then a short drop before the Angliru - I wonder if any of the contenders will try a surprise attack on the Cordal...

KM 127 - So Pereiro and Flecha now have 1'26'' on the 16 chasers - who are 4'20'' ahead of the main peloton.

The Angliru was first climbed in Vuelta 1999; on the 8th stage that had started in León, the rider from Ávila, José María Jiménez, wrote his name in the history books of La Vuelta by winning it - we wish him a speedy recovery from his tragic illness.

KM 130 - The skies are grey and cloudy and spots of rain are falling - if it rains, the descent from Cordal will be very dangerous.

3:24:30 hours of racing - still the Phonak man and the Banesto rider, Pereiro and Flecha, work together as they speed along the valley floor - as Zabel in the chase group looks at the small race profile card and shakes his head in disbelief!

KM 132 - The 16 chasers are 5 (GARMENDIA ARBILLA Aitor), 8 (PEREZ RODRIGUEZ Luis), 11 (GONZALEZ CAPILLA Santos), 24 (BOTCHAROV Alexandre), 35 (MIHOLJEVIC Vladimir), 46 (KINTANA ZARATE Aitor), 55 (FERNANDEZ BUSTINZA Bingen), 58 (FOFONOV Dmitriy), 73 (FLORES GALARZA Iker), 84 (PETACCHI Alessandro), 99 (OSA EIZAGUIRRE Aitor), 127 (MANZANO RUANO Jesus Maria), 132 (BERTOLETTI Simone), 145 (CIONI Dario David), 159 (SOUSA BARBOSA Rui Miguel), 211 (ZABEL Erik) and 214 (KESSLER Matthias).

But the peloton is now one long string behind them - they will probably get caught on the Cordal.

OTHER NEWS -According to Spanish paper Marca, Oscar Freire Gomez (Spa) (Mapei) is going to ride for CSC-Tiscali next year.

KM 135 - Saeco has started pulling ahead of the peloton together with Kelme. The riders ahead lead by 2:48 on the following group and by 5:58 on the peloton. The peloton have certainly upped the pace - as they speed along the valley floor through the red tiled town.

KM 136 - The peloton is now less than 5 minutes behind the two leaders.

OTHER NEWS - Another Spanish paper, AS, mentioned thet there could well be a new Spanish team next year, sponsored by a company from Barcelona.

KM 138 - Saeco working hard at the front of the peloton - Simoni must be feeling in good form for them to do this work - Kelme are tucked in behind - with the gold jersey of Sevilla nicely protected.

The two riders ahead lead by 2:34 on the group in the middle and by 5:06 on the peloton. It has started to rain.

KM 144 - Saeco at the front of the peloton as the road starts to go upwards - they are keeping the pace very high to avoid any unwanted attacks, and shell out the weak and the sick.

KM 148 - The gap between the riders of the break and the middle group is 2:00, and the one between the head of the race and the peloton is 3:42. The crowds are out cheering on the giants of the road - the atmosphere is almost tangible.

KM 150 - The gap is dropping quickly now - as number 114, Jose Garrido the Jazztel rider, launches an early attack - the peloton is picking up riders from the 17 chasers, Petacchi and Zabel are pulled back in.

Now Di Luca attacks - he catches Garrido and is 2.03 away from the two leaders up the road.

KM 152 - The main peloton is thinning out rapidly - Sevilla still close to the front, Millar is there as is Heras. Jose Luis Rubiera, however slipping off the back...

4 hours of racing - the peloton is reduced to around 50 men as Kelme keep the pace high - Simoni and Beloki keep near the front - the gap to the leading men is now 1'45''.

The gap is now down to 1'20'' - Kelme doing a magnificent job for their Captains.

The two leaders near the top of the Alto del Cordal - while the Kelme-led peloton is pulling back the remains of the chasing group - only Vandevelde is left with Heras.

KM 155 - The two leaders are over the top of Cordal the gap to the peloton is 1'01'' - now they face a fast descent.

Last year's winner Casero is in trouble and has lost contact with the main peloton on the Codal climb.

They stream down the wooded mountainside - while Osa has made it up to the two leaders - so now there are three men are at the front - fortunately the rain has held off although it is very dark in the distance.

Number 156, Rui Laverinhas, has had problems - CRASH!!!

Guido Trentin and Lastras are down.

At least 4 men were involved - all seem to have remounted ok - but have lost precious time.

Now it is raining heavily - the peloton has split on the descent.

Millar was also one of the fallers in the crash - but he was one of the first up.

KM 160 - Another crash; it's Millar - he looks hurt.

Millar is laid on the grass verge in obvious pain - so disaster for the Cofidis team today - Millar is sat up now and seems not too seriously hurt - but his chances on GC are slipping away...

KM 164 - Osa starts to climb the Angliru - Millar has remounted - as the peloton tackle the legendary climb.

Osa has 1'09'' on the peloton - Kelme still with 5 riders lead the peloton. Tauler takes up the pace for the men in green.

10kms to go - Osa has 1'04'' - Kelme dominating the front of the peloton as they wind their way up the cruel slopes, the rain still falling, the peloton thinning out as Kelme turn the screws.

Simoni is keeping to the front of the peloton - but the scene looks more a bizarre spring classic - grey skies, wet roads and the peloton gradually losing its riders as the pressure builds...

The Kelme still drive hard - Osa still in the lead he has 1'03'' and is obviously going for a legendary win and is making a huge effort at the front.

7 km to go for Osa - the Banesto man is burying himself.

Casagrande of Fassa is at the front of the peloton - he has raised the pace and the peloton has thinned out even more.

Osa gap has dropped to 36 seconds, now Flecha is pulled back Aitor Gonzalez - Sevilla is in trouble, Heras is poised!!

Sousa is about to be caught - Aitor Gonzalez still leads - Sevilla in trouble, now Heras attacks!!!

Heras is making the major move - he has - his attack has stuck! Gonzalez keeps at his own pace.

Heras, his style similar to a certain Texan, is forging a gap, the rain pouring down...he has 18 seconds lead.

Sevilla looks in all sorts of trouble - it is painfiul to watch, while Gonzalez and Beloki go under the 5km to go kite. (Not the 1km to go as previously said.)

5km to go - Sevilla has lost nearly a minute to the rampant Heras.

Meanwhile Heras piles on the pressure - Gonzalez and Beloki are 33 seconds behind Heras.

Now Beloki attacks - he is chasing Heras like a man possessed...

Heras has 42 seconds on the chasing Beloki - Gonzalez is hanging on and is virtual race leader.

Now Mayo is making a great late surge - he is closing up to Gonzalez - while Heras looks very comfortable at the front.

Casagrande is just behind Mayo - Heras is nearly a minute in front!

3KM to go: Heras is pushing on, the gap to Beloki is over a minute.

The weather is appalling as Beloki tries to increase his pace against the cruel slopes - the gap 1'07''.

The crowds are huge - Heras seems to have stalled!!!

Has he hit the wall? Or is it just the steepness of the slopes? Heras seems in trouble - Beloki is chasing.

NO! Heras seems to have recovered - he has regained his pace!

Casagrande is still battling near the front - the General Classification will be completely changed tonight.

Heras now, back in full flight, the roads are narrow, wet and misty, the crowds warm and generous - Heras out of the saddle pushing hard.

Heras leads Beloki, Casagrande third, Heras comes under the Flamme Rouge...

It is epic stuff - Heras has 500 metres to go through the mists of the Angliru.

300m to go, Heras in solo glory...Heras wins! The clock starts ticking!

Beloki is over a minute behind - Heras must surely have taken the Gold Jersey...

Beloki 1.33'' behind, now Mayo 1.54''.

Gonzalez 2'19'' with Simoni.

Sevilla comes in - he has lost his jersey.

Official Stage Results:
1º 221 HERAS, Roberto ESP USP 5:01:02
2º 161 BELOKI, Joseba ESP ONE a 1:35
3º 81 CASAGRANDE, Francesco ITA FAS a 1:41
4º 78 MAYO, Iban ESP EUS a 1:54
5º 125 GONZALEZ, Aitor ESP KEL a 2:16
6º 194 DI LUCA, Danilo ITA SAE a 2:16
7º 191 SIMONI, Gilberto ITA SAE a 2:16
8º 1 CASERO, Angel ESP COA a 2:22
9º 155 JEKER, Fabian SUI MIL a 2:34
10º 41 GARCIA CASAS, Félix ESP BIG a 2:42
11º 121 SEVILLA, Oscar ESP KEL a 2:50
12º 3 BELTRAN, Manuel ESP COA a 2:50
13º 166 JAKSCHE, Jörg GER ONE a 3:18
14º 124 GARCIA, Carlos ESP KEL a 3:30
15º 159 SOUSA, Rui Miguel POR MIL a 3:48
16º 127 MANZANO, Jesus Maria ESP KEL a 4:01
17º 151 MÖLLER, Klaus DEN MIL a 4:08
18º 79 ZUBELDIA, Haimar ESP EUS a 4:21
19º 9 PLAZA, David ESP COA a 4:32
20º 228 VANDEVELDE, Christian USA USP a 6:12
21º 168 SERRANO, Marcos ESP ONE a 6:24
22º 87 VALJAVEC, Tadej SLO FAS a 6:27
23º 99 OSA, Aitor ESP BAN a 7:28
24º 133 CODOL, Massimo ITA LAM a 7:30
25º 66 KLEYNEN, Steven BEL DFF a 7:47
26º 52 ATIENZA, Daniel ESP COF a 8:03
27º 93 FLECHA, J.Antonio ESP BAN a 8:18
28º 154 HORRACH, Joan ESP MIL a 8:53
29º 139 TONKOV, Pavel RUS LAM a 8:59
32º 169 ZARRABEITIA, Mikel ESP ONE a 9:42
33º 111 CASERO, Rafael ESP JAZ a 9:43
34º 96 LASTRAS, Pablo ESP BAN a 10:09
35º 128 TAULER, Antonio ESP KEL a 10:09
36º 222 RUBIERA, José Luis ESP USP a 10:16
41º 171 CAMENZIND, Oscar SUI PHO a 11:47
42º 132 BERTOLETTI, Simone ITA LAM a 12:03
44º 167 PRADERA, Mikel ESP ONE a 12:16
45º 163 AZEVEDO, José POR ONE a 12:16
46º 192 ASTARLOA, Igor ESP SAE a 12:16
72º 211 ZABEL, Erik GER TEL a 20:04
76º 84 PETACCHI, Alessandro ITA FAS a 20:18
77º 83 LODA, Nicola ITA FAS a 20:18
100º 122 BOTERO, Santiago COL KEL a 23:38

The rest of the peloton is coming in dribs and drabs -

So Heras has a great day - he leads the race and has won the legendary stage. An amazing piece of climbing - Heras in 5.01.02 - a legendary ride!

Official GC after Stage 15:
1º 221 HERAS, Roberto ESP USP 55:14:08
2º 125 GONZALEZ, Aitor ESP KEL a 35
3º 121 SEVILLA, Oscar ESP KEL a 1:08
4º 161 BELOKI, Joseba ESP ONE a 1:57
5º 78 MAYO, Iban ESP EUS a 2:16
6º 81 CASAGRANDE, Francesco ITA FAS a 3:56
7º 41 GARCIA CASAS, Félix ESP BIG a 4:05
8º 191 SIMONI, Gilberto ITA SAE a 4:55
9º 3 BELTRAN, Manuel ESP COA a 5:20
10º 79 ZUBELDIA, Haimar ESP EUS a 5:26
11º 166 JAKSCHE, Jörg GER ONE a 5:27
12º 1 CASERO, Angel ESP COA a 5:31
13º 151 MÖLLER, Klaus DEN MIL a 6:18
14º 155 JEKER, Fabian SUI MIL a 6:43
15º 159 SOUSA, Rui Miguel POR MIL a 9:29
16º 124 GARCIA, Carlos ESP KEL a 15:20
17º 9 PLAZA, David ESP COA a 19:06
18º 194 DI LUCA, Danilo ITA SAE a 23:20
19º 228 VANDEVELDE, Christian USA USP a 33:59
20º 127 MANZANO, Jesus Maria ESP KEL a 54:18

Overall Climber Standings after Stage 15:
1º 191 SIMONI, Gilberto ITA SAE 75
2º 221 HERAS, Roberto ESP USP 74
3º 176 PEREIRO, Oscar ESP PHO 62
4º 41 GARCIA CASAS, Félix ESP BIG 57
5º 99 OSA, Aitor ESP BAN 56
6º 78 MAYO, Iban ESP EUS 49
7º 54 CLAIN, Mederic FRA COF 42
8º 121 SEVILLA, Oscar ESP KEL 41
9º 93 FLECHA, J.Antonio ESP BAN 40
10º 184 LAGUNA, Oscar ESP REL 37

Thank you for joining us today for this incredible Vuelta stage. Tomorrow is a transfer day, so see you on Tuesday for Stage 16, from Aviles to Leon, with the Cat 1 Pajares col about mid-stage which was won by Eric Zabel last year. See you Tuesday!

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