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Official Vuelta Announcements on Today's Crash: UPDATED
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 9/21/2002
Official Vuelta Announcements on Today's Crash: UPDATED

More than 40 cyclists on the tarmac and numerous injuries were the results of the serious crash which took place today as the peloton passed by kilometre 158 of the 14th stage.

The crash is believed to have been caused by a wing mirror that fell off a car after being hit by a motorbike. Those worst off were Igor González de Galdeano, who suffered a blow to the head and broken right arm, Ińigo Chaurreau, with a possible broken ankle and Jon Odriozola, with a deep cut to his right hand which may have affected his tendon.

Fernando Escartín, Luis Pérez and Juan Manuel Garate were among the many other riders who made it to the finish after having suffered numerous injuries.

The list of retirements from the Vuelta was increased today with the additions of Pedro Horillo, who did not take the start, and Giovanni Lombardi, Andrey Kashechkin, Martín Garrido and Steffen Kjaergaard, who abandoned during the stage. The results of today's fall and the presence of the feared L'Angliru are expected to produce another wave of retirements tomorrow. There are currently 153 riders remaining in the race.

Medical Report: The Coast rider, Fernando Escartín (4), has broken his left ninth rib. The rider from Aragón was assisted at the hospital and will have to abandon the race. The rider Guillaume Auger (42), who rides for Bigmat, has also been assisted by the doctors as he has been injured on his left leg and ankle. The report has been given by the Vuelta doctors, Fernando Astorqui and Félix Cabeza.

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Daniel Schinder - Phonak - Lumbar bruise, wrist, left ankle. Finished the stage.

Luis Pérez - Coast - Hip bruise, shoulder. Finished the stage.

Juan Manuel Gárate - Lampre - Cuts and bruises to both knees, arm abrasions, treated during stage, finished.

Fernando Escartin - Coast - Fractured rib, finished the stage.

Íńigo Chaurreau - AG2R - Left ankle sutures, radiological exams, transported by ambulance.

Igor González of Galdeano - ONCE - Right elbow immobilization with plaster, cervical sprain with light cranial bruise, no loss of consciousness. Continued on the bike but finally had to be transported by ambulance.

Jon Odriozola - iBanesto - Wrist fracture (plastered), wound in right hand requiring sutures, finger bruising, lumbar bruise, knee bruise. Transported by ambulance.

Zarrabeitia, Mauri and Pereiro - Scrapes and bruises.

Best wishes from the Daily Peloton to all these riders.

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