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FANTASY SPRING: "Best Team Name Award"
By Fabio
Date: 3/23/2002
FANTASY SPRING: "Best Team Name Award"

Hi Everyone.

As some of you may already know, at the beginning of each Fantasy Game there's a special "award": the "Best Team Name Award", reserved to the most original and funny names given to your virtual teams. Well, I have to say that also the "prize" winners of this "competition" get is quite virtual (just the honor of winning).

I also have to say it wasn't an easy choice at all. Most of your teams have been given very nice, funny and original names. And that forced me to change the previous rules: while in the previous competition there was just a "TOP 3 Ranking", now there are several teams worthy of mention, so I opted for A TOP 10.

In any case, here are, starting from the 10th-placed squad, the results of the "Fantasy Spring Team Names Award".

10. (Remo Kaasenbrood) San Remo
9. (David Shylko) Wind beneath my wings
8. (Rob Rhamy) Who ate all the pigs feet?
7. (Darrell Hobson) USA Riders (nearly)
6. (Christine) Primavera
5. (Walt Armstrong) No Relation
4. (Oscar Yeh) hahaha

And now to the PODIUM PLACES ...
3. (Celine Tytgadt) The Official Cycling Angels
2. (Doris Herman) Wind drinkers

But the absolute, uncontestable winner of the "Best Team Name Award" is ....

1. (Emily King) all the king's men:

Thanks to Walt for letting us known about his "no relation" (with Lance I guess), and congrats to all "creatives" for the names they gave to their teams.

Unfortunately you have to wait a little more to know how not just the "king's men", but also the ones of all other participants performed in the "Virtual MSR". Sorry but as today I've been particularly busy with the live coverage, the post-race interviews and some pictures I'll post later on the site, I had no time to calculate the scores.They will likely be online tomorrow. So please be patient. That's all for now. See you later Fabio

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