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Museo de Jamon Awards: Stage 10
By Manny Samaniego
Date: 9/17/2002
Museo de Jamon Awards: Stage 10

It took 10 days of hard racing for the weather to show its ugly face. Rain in these parts of Spain mean that up north, where the race is headed, things may get even worse. Let's hope it's not as bad as they say, for the sake of the riders.

The sky opened up during the first individual time trial. This had to cause concern for the main protagonists, who had to change their plans and be more careful on the tricky corners and those slick sections of pavement. At times the road looked like a mirror. Scary when you are trying to keep those 700x20 tubulars (or clinchers) on a straight line at warp speed.

Ham Gazers of the Day

Alexander Vinokourov: Was "Vino" on a training ride or was the "Camiseta de Oro" on a different time zone yesterday? A man with a better than average reputation on the bike couldn't allow himself to lose such a huge amount of time. I'm wondering if Rudy P. gave him an earful afterwards.

Angel Casero: Well...well...well...he wasn't as "fresh" as he said at the beginning of the Vuelta. A time trial course suited to his abilities and yet he gets spanked by some climbers (his own teammate "Tricky" Beltran and Heras, to name a few). I will pick him as the next passenger on the Vamonos a Casa bus.

Golden Hams of the Day

Oscar Sevilla: He was on a different time zone, for that matter, on a different planet. Whatever he did as a warmup to get himself ready and into the zone helped. Cara de Niņo rode the time trial of his life.

Aitor Gonzalez: Winning a stage two days ago wasn't enough. He came and defeated riders like Millar, who had their eye on this stage. Now he's only one second behind his team leader. And by the way, the rumor is that he will not be racing for Kelme next year. Is he going to follow team orders?....aaahhhh, the wait is killing me.

[Editor's Note: Locutus will be back with Wednesday's edition of the Museo de Jamon Awards - many thanks to Manny for covering the past few days.]

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