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Carla's Circle - HTC-Highroad
By Staff
Date: 1/25/2011
Carla's Circle - HTC-Highroad

Carla's Circle - HTC-Highroad
Team HTC-Highroad continues Carla Swart's legacy

his week we lost a member of our team, Carla Swart. She was new to HTC-Highroad, but her zest for life and engaging nature captured our hearts immediately. She loved cycling and competition, and had a promising future.

Carla Swart Women's World Cup Ronde van Drenthe Team Presentation
Photo 2011 Bart Hazen

Carla was also a loving daughter and sister. She spoke fondly about her parents who were her constant inspiration. Carla's father Deon was brave enough to start a new life in an unfamiliar country and came to the USA in 2003 so that his family would have greater opportunities. She admired her mother for her constant support and dedication to her family while at the same time fighting serious illness. Karen Swart was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 20 years ago. Carla's ambitions included personally raising money to help fight this painful and debilitating disease.

Carla's Circle is a fund that we have created to help Carla's family and to help them continue Carla's interests. Direct deposits can be made on the Carla's Circle page on the team website with 100% of all proceeds going to the Swart family. Please visit this page and learn more about this remarkable young woman, and contribute if you like.

In memory of Carla
From all the members of High Road Sports and HTC-Highroad

Celebrating our tenth year!

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