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2011 Tour de San Luis - 5th Edition Preview
By Vaughn Trevi
Date: 1/17/2011
2011 Tour de San Luis - 5th Edition Preview

2011 Tour de San Luis - 5th Edition Preview
Parcours preview Profiles, Teams and Rider, s and links to previous coverage...

It may share being in the southern Hemisphere, but the parcours of the 5th edition of the Tour de San Luis shares little else with  the UCI WorldTour season opening event in Australia .where the sprinters will hold center stage all week with one notable climb.

The Argentine tour includes two mountain top finishes, a 19.8 km time trial and a queens stage of 193 kilometers with a mountain top finish.  The race also has its fair share of opportunities for the fast legs of the sprinters and one day specialists inbetween culminating in a grueling finale where anything can happy on a demanding and hilly circuit in and around San Luis.

2011 Tour de San Luis UCI
        January 17 - 23
Stage 1: San Luis - Justo Daract 166 km
Stage 2: Koslay - Mir del Potrero 156.6 km
Stage 3: Buena Esperanza - Villa Mercedes  163.9 km
Stage 4: San Luis - San Luis ITT 19.8 km
Stage 5: La Toma - Merlo (Mirador del Sol)  TOMA  160.6 km
Stage 6: Estancia Grande - La Carolina  193.1 km
Stage 7: San Luis - San Luis  167.1 km
Total km: 1,027.1
2011 Tour de San Luis Website

Stage 1 Profile

Stage 1: San Luis - Justo Daract 166 km
After the Cat. 3 climb of the La Cumbre the riders have a fast drive of 106 km to the finish. A day for the long term dreamers hoping to beat the peloton to the finish to claim the spoils and avoid a bunch sprint... odds against them; but it reminds us how dull racing would be with out the daring few who try against the odds.

Stage 2 Profile

Stage 2: Koslay - Mir del Potrero 156.6 km
Climbing from the start the day is made for the climbers looking to get an early start on the first KOM only 28 km from the start and try to hold off the mountain goats on the Cat. 1 climb of the Mirador del Potero. Expect the jersey to change by the summit finish as the G.C. takes its first selection.

Stage 3 Profile

Stage 3: Buena Esperanza - Villa Mercedes  163.9 km
A day for the one day classics riders who have the grinta  to attack an uphill finish after 160 km. A slight bump up 20 km from the finish will give an opportunity to split the peloton or bridge to an early break before all mayhem breaks out in the final six km. 

Stage 4 Individual Time Trial Profile

Stage 4: San Luis - San Luis ITT 19.5 km
The time specialists take center stage today for a less than flat time trial. With the up and down parcours it will favor the riders capable of a long sustained effort on a low gradient climb. Watch UnitedHealtcare pros looking to impress Ivan Basso with Scott Southerland, Cameron Meier and Scott Zwizanski.

Stage 5 Profile

Stage 5: La Toma - Merlo (Mirador del Sol) Toma 160.6 km
A rolling start will embolden some looking to book some time for the final ten mile climb up Mirador del Sol... a day that the climbers will be on the hunt to define the general classification and reduce their rivals to rubble. Plenty of local talent will make sure this stage isn't anticlimactic. Some of the favorites will want to hold something in reserve for the queens stage tomorrow.

Stage 6 Profile

Stage 6: Estancia Grande - La Carolina  193.1 km
This stage is sure to bring some grumbles, it is after all an early season race and the legs and form are coming after an early team camp more concentrated on getting to know your team mates. The day has to monster climbs over 193 kilometers and the day will be war from the start with the road rising to the sky in the first 20 km. The first climb should make a selection leaving the sprinters behind and the real action will come on the final climb and likely a sprint finish from among a small group of leaders.

Stage 7 Profile

Stage 7: San Luis - San Luis  167.1 km
A rolling but demanding circuit around San Luis with 3 climbs of the steep 2.5 km     Durazno will provide the final stage for our drama in Argentina to resolve the winner of the 5th edition of the race that set Vincenzo Nibali on a course of a remarkable season in 2010... who emerges from the final conflict will be without a doubt a worthy winner.

Tour de San Luis Teams

Ag2r La Mondiale
Movistar Team
Andalucia-Caja Granada
Andrioni Giocattoli
De Rosa Flaminia
United Healthcare
D'angelo & Antenucci
Endura Racing
Sel. Argentina
Sel. Colombia
Sel. Cuba
Sel. Ecuador
Sel. Paraguay
Sel. Uruguay

Tour de San Luis Team
Riders, Numbers &Directeur Sportifs

1 Basso, Ivan (Ita)
2 Capecchi, Eros (Ita)
3 Guarneri, Jacobo (Ita)
4 Dominik, Nerz (Ger)
5 Salerno, Cristiano (Ita)
6 Vanotti, Alessandro (Ita)
D.S.: Stefano Zanatta

-Sel. Argentina
11 Perez, Walter (Arg)
12 Giacinti, Jorge (Arg)
13 Garrido, Martin (Arg)
14 Lucero, Alfredo (Arg)
15 Moyano, Josue (Arg)
16 Richeze, Mauro (Arg)
17 Fernandez, Gerardo (Arg)
18 Messineo, Leandro (Arg)
19 Martinez, Cristian (Arg)
20 Lucero, Juan (Arg)
D.S.: Juan Carlos Ahedo

21 Oyarzun, Carlos (Chi)
22 Iriarte, Javier (Esp)
23 Lastras, Pablo (Esp)
24 Perez, Francisco (Esp)
25 Soler, Mauricio (Col)
26 Tondo, Xavier (Esp)
D.S.: Jose Luis Jaimerena

-Ag2r La Mondiale
31 Gastauer, Ben (Lux)
32 Berard, Julien (Fra)
33 Bonnafond, Guillaume (Fra)
34 Hinault, Sebastien (Fra)
35 De Lay, David (Fra)
36 Montaguti, Matteo (Ita)
D.S.: Guilles Mas

41 Serpa, Jose (Col)
42 Solari, Lucas (Ita)
43 Rodriguez, Jackson (Ven)
44 Ferrari, Roberto (Ita)
45 Ermiti, Gairo (Ita)
46 Vicioso, Angel (Esp)
D.S.: Gianni Savio

Andalucia-Caja Granada
51 Bernabeu, David (Esp)
52 Palomares, Adrian (Esp)
53 Roldan, Jose Luis (Esp)
54 Piedra, Antonio (Esp)
55 Cabello, Antonio (Esp)
56 Rosendo, Jesus (Esp)
D.S.: Fernando De Vecchi

Endura Racing
61 Partridge, Robert (Gbr)
62 Clarke, David (Gbr)
63 De Jonge, Maarten (Ned)
64 Mandri, Rene (Est)
65 Camaño, Iker (Esp)
66 Wetterhall, Alexander (Swe)
D.S.: Alexandre Sans

De Rosa-Flaminia
71 Vila, Patxi (Esp)
72 Brambilla, Giorgio (Ita)
73 Benenati, Cristian (Ita)
74 Margutti, Damiano (Ita)
75 Bailetti, Paolo (Ita)
76 Borchi, Stefano (Ita)
D.S.: Marco Tabai

81 Sousa, Celio (Por)
82 Morras, Alberto (Esp)
83 Pardo, Ion (Esp)
84 Marque, Alexandro (Esp)
85 Lima, Bruno (Por)
86 Oliveira, Helder (Por)
D.S.: Jose Santos

91 Forke, Sebastian (Ger)
92 Fuchs, Sergej (Ger)
93 Janorschke, Crischa (Ger)
94 Muller, Dirk (Ger)
95 Rodachla, Steffen (Ger)
96 Schroder, Bjorn (Ger)
D.S.: Andrzejczak Bozena

D'angelo & Antenucci
101 Baliani, Fortunato (Ita)
102 Campagnaro, Simone (Ita)
103 Riccio, Bernardo (Ita)
104 Muraglia, Giuseppe (Ita)
105 Richeze, Maximiliano (Arg)
106 Rubiano, Miguel Angel (Col)D.S.: Alberto Elli

111 Meier, Christian (Can)
112 Pinfold, Andrew (Can)
113 Sutherland, Rory (Aus)
114 Zwizanski, Scott (Usa)
115 Frattini, Davide (Ita)
116 Wegelius, Charles (Gbr)
D.S.: Michael Tamayo

121 Medici, Matias (Arg)
122 Crespo, Marco (Arg)
123 Aguilar, Hector (Uru)
124 Gasparoto, Tiego (Bra)
125 Silva, Adelio (Bra)
126 Moi, Douglas (Bra)
127 Fiorilli, Tiago (Bra)
D.S.: Benedito Azevedo

Sel. Cuba
131 Alcolea, Arnold (Cub)
132 Garcia, Alien (Cub)
133 Martinez, Yasmani (Cub)
134 Lopez, Yennier (Cub)
135 Portuondo, Pedro (Cub)
136 Alonso, Lisuandi (Cub)
D.S.: Cecilio Mera

Sel. Colombia
141 Roldan, Weimar (Col)
142 Arango, Juan E. (Col)
143 Avila, Edwin (Col)
144 Castro, Arlex (Col)
145 Baron, Felix (Col)
146 Cardenas, Felix R. (Col)
147 Buenahora, Hernan (Col)
148 Gomez, Camilo (Col)
149 Valencia, Juan Pablo (Col)
150 Millan, Jonathan (Col)
D.S.: Luis A.Cely

Sel. Chile
151 Arriagada, Marco (Chi)
152 Mansilla, Luis (Chi)
153 Almonacid, Patricio (Chi)
154 Garrido, Gonzalo (Chi)
155 Cuevas, Rodigo (Chi)
156 Medina, Jose (Chi)
157 Delgado, Luis (Chi)
158 Araya, Sebastin (Chi)
159 Contreras, Jorge (Chi)
160 Miranda, Gonzalo (Chi)
D.S.: Victor Garrido

Sel. Paraguay
161 Rolon, Fernando (Par)
162 Miño, Gustavo A. (Par)
163 Arroyo, Jose Luis (Par)
164 Coronel, Samuel (Par)
165 Villamayor, Juan P. (Par)
166 Matiauda, Oscar A. (Par)
D.S.: Carlos L.Gonzalez

Sel. Brasil
171 Seabra, Renato (Bra)
172 Mendez, Daizon (Bra)
173 Rosa, Cristian (Bra)
174 Delai, Felipe (Bra)
175 Araujo, Rodrigo (Bra)
176 Santos, Renato (Bra)
D.S.: Hernandes Quadri

Sel. Ecuador
181 Guama, Byron (Ecu)
182 Navarrete, Segundo (Ecu)
183 Gallegos, Jorge (Ecu)
184 Ragonessi, Jose (Ecu)
185 Ruiz, Jose (Ecu)
186 Calpa, Ramico (Ecu)
187 Calispa, Luis (Ecu)
D.S.: Santiago Rosero

-Sel. Bolivia
191 Soliz, Oscar (Bol)
192 Cotumba, Juan (Bol)
193 Tarqui, Victor H. (Bol)
194 Gallardo, Horacio (Bol)
195 Campero, Piter (Bol)
196 Montaño, Yamil (Bol)
D.S.: Marco A. Torrico

Sel. Uruguay
201 Mascarañas, Richard (Uru)
202 Miraglia, Jose L. (Uru)
203 Pias, Nestor (Uru)
204 De Fino, Mariano (Uru)
205 Yanes, Emanuel (Uru)
206 Soto, Jorge (Uru)
207 Pintos, Pablo (Uru)
208 Garcia, Nemesio (Uru)
209 Duarte, Gregory (Uru)
D.S.: Enrique Erramuspe

IV Tour de San Luis (Reports) 2010
January 18 - 24

Stage 1: San Luis -Villa Mercedes  168.4 km
Stage 2: Potrero De Funes - M.Del Potrero,174.4 km
Stage 3: Fraga - Buena Esperanza, 199.7 km.
Stage 4: San Luis - San Luis (Itt), 19.8 km
Stage 5: San Luis - Carolina, 156.4 Km (Summit Finish)
Stage 6: Quines - Merlo (Mirador), 150 km (Summit Finish)
Stage 7: San Luis - San Luis, 167.1 km
Race Website

Index: Tour de San Luis - 3rd Edition Race Program 2009
Tour de San Luis - 1rst Edition Race Roundup 2007

Celebrating our tenth year!

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