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Alberto Contador - Tests Positive, UCI Suspension
By Staff
Date: 9/29/2010
Alberto Contador - Tests Positive, UCI Suspension

Alberto Contador - Positive for Clenbuterol
Alberto Contador tested positive after a blood test at the tour on the 2nd rest day.  UCI Statement...

Three time winner of the tour de France Alberto Contador tested positive for a minute amount of Clenbuterol in a test taken on the second rest day of the tour in July.

Vidarte, Contador's publicist, said Contador has blamed food contamination as the only possible explanation for the test. "The experts consulted so far have agreed also that this is a food contamination case, especially considering the number of tests passed by Alberto Contador during the Tour de France," Vidarte said in the release, "making it possible to define precisely both the time the emergence of the substance as the tiny amount detected, ruling out any other source or intentionality."

Contador will hold a news conference on Thursday morning in in Pinto, Spain. Contador was first heard of the positive test on Aug. 24, according to statement, and has provided his explanation to the authorities.

Press release - Adverse analytical finding for Alberto Contador
Date: 30.09.2010

Description: The UCI confirmed today that Spanish rider Alberto Contador returned an adverse analytical finding for clenbuterol following the analysis of urine sample taken during an in competition test on 21st July 2010 on the second rest day of the Tour de France.

This result was reported by the WADA accredited laboratory in Cologne to UCI and WADA simultaneously.

The concentration found by the laboratory was estimated at 50 picograms (or 0,000 000 000 05 grams per ml).

In view of this very small concentration and in consultation with WADA, the UCI immediately had the proper results management proceedings conducted including the analysis of B sample that confirmed the first result. The rider, who had already put an end to his cycling season before the result was known, was nevertheless formally and provisionally suspended as is prescribed by the World Anti-Doping Code.

This case required further scientific investigation before any conclusion could be drawn.

The UCI continues working with the scientific support of WADA to analyze all the elements that are relevant to the case. This further investigation may take some more time.

In order to protect the integrity of the proceedings and in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code, the UCI will refrain from making any further comments until the management of this adverse analytical finding has been completed.
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