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New Pathways for Pro Cycling Conference - Update
By Chris Graetz
Date: 9/17/2010
New Pathways for Pro Cycling Conference - Update

New Pathways for Pro Cycling Conference - Update

Earlier this week the Daily Peloton reported on an Anti-Doping Conference prior to the World Championships with Floyd Landis one of the guest speakers. The conference has drawn controversy — but despite public and private backlash, the two–day conference will go ahead. Deakin University released a statement late today.

Deakin University Statement on the New Pathways for Pro Cycling Conference

Deakin University welcomes the considerable interest by the cycling community and media in the New Pathways for Pro Cycling Conference which will take place in Geelong from 27 -28 September 2010.

The role and reputation of a university is based on its ability to contribute to informed public debate on matters of importance to society.

The topic of doping in cycling is such an issue. We recognise it is a controversial one, and is therefore, worth discussion in itself.

The conference is a place for serious and positive discussion of this topic. Deakin University firmly believes in the value of open, rational and transparent interrogation of all views and perspectives.

We know that this cannot occur without a robust exchange from a diversity of views from people, including Mr Landis, who are prepared to speak openly and be part of the solution for the sport.

Deakin is proud to make a positive contribution to public debate in this regard.

We look forward to constructive communication that can take cycling further in the 21st century.

We support academic freedom and encourage staff members to comment, within the law, on matters within their research expertise.

For more information on the event which runs Monday 27th September – Tuesday 28th, please visit the event's website here.

Celebrating our tenth year!

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