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19th Trofeo Melinda - Val di Non
By Vaughn Trevi
Date: 8/24/2010
19th Trofeo Melinda - Val di Non

19th Trofeo Melinda - Val di Non
The Shark Attacks! Vincenzo Nibali wins in final attack... 

Vincenzo "Shark of the Strait" Nibali was victorious in the 19th edition of the Trofeo Melinda attacking on the final climb with 2 km to go  catching and passing the last escapee, ISD/Neri's Patrik Sinkewitz in the last 300 meters to take the win. Vincenzo, could take special satisfaction in the wiin after being denied a victory after a day long attack in the recent Coppa Bernocchi Vincenzo; and he could thank the help of his Liquigas team who worked to pull  back the break and launch the Sicilian to his ultimate success.

Shark Nibali wins in the final straight, Borisov second, last years winner Govanni Visconti follows in third. Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

Russian Vladislav Borisov (Acqua Sapone) finished second with Italian champion Giovanni Visconti (ISD/Neri) third.

5 Pozzovivo Domenico Pozzovivio, Patrik Sinkewitz and Fortunato Baliani finish
Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

Francesco Failli (Acqua & Sapone) and  Domenico Pozzovivo (CSF Inox) finished fourth and fifth with Sinkewitz holding on to take sixth place in the race that took on greater prestige with Italian National Team selector Paolo Bettini present to watch the race as part of his evaluation of the riders for the Worlds.

Vincenzo Nibali on the race...
 "This victory gives me happiness and tranquility.  In a week I face a most important task at the Vuelta a España and I could not ask for better result before the journey. I gained more confidence in my potential as well as awareness of my role with the team. This year I'm winning well and I hope to take a few more satisfactions from here after this season. "

The 17 man, break of the day led by Luca celli,  Przemyslaw ,Niemec and  Luis Angel Mate. The day would prove to be one of attrition with only 43 of the 115 starters around for the finish. Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

ISD/Neri's Sinkewitz launched his attack when the break of 17 that led from the 20th kilometer was taken back on the final circuit of the race with HTC's Tejay Van Garderen and attacking the American with 3 km to go... but the gambit failed when he was caught and passed by the lead chase group of 7 riders in the final 300 meters.

Everything went as expected" said Liquigas/Doimo D.S. Paolo Slongo. "Vincenzo had the condition to win and we created the ideal situation for him to succeed. Kreuziger and Bellotti were wonderful to take up the chase and final Nibali was impeccable: he expected the sign of two kilometers, has attacked and has avoided being caught.
The only downside to the day for Liquigas, was the withdrawal of Ivan Basso. The Varese, at the invitation of Slongo, stopped 90 km from the finish due to severe cold and cough, that he suffered from overnight. Today's effort was his last summer on Italian roads until September.

Italian national team coach Paolo Bettini was delighted with Visconti’s display, after recent criticism of his riders in the Trittico races,  "I have no negative remarks in my notebook, I enjoyed it.

Vincenzo Nibali and Paolo Bettini in the after race press conference.
Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

He was equally pleased by Nibali's effort today, "You only have to look at Vincenzo’s results, as well as his shape and performances to realize how reliable he is by now." Bettini said after the race.

The Trofeo Melinda although in its 19th edition traces it's roots by the back to the beginning as the 1981Circuito Degli Assi - G.B. Baronchelli, of  which Francesco Moser won the first five editions. Other notable riders in the race palmares are:   Maurizio Fondriest (World Champion 1988), Laurent Fignon (Twice winner of the Tour de France), and recently Damiano Cunego,  Leonardo Bertagnolli and last year Givanni Visconti.
Complete Race Results & Roll of Honor below.

2010 Trofeo Melinda Podium: Vladislav Borisov, Vincenzo Nibali and Giovanni Visconti. Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

Officials and President of the race organization, Marco Brentari (right) presents a gift to 2009 winner, Giovanni Viconti at the start.  Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

19th Trofeo Melinda - Val di Non
Male: - Fondo

194 km -  4:49:00 - 40.277 km/h
1 Nibali Vincenzo Liquigas-Doimo Ita  - 4.49.00
2 Borisov Vladislav Amore & Vita - Conad Rus    - 0:00
3 Visconti Giovanni ISD - Neri Ita   - 0:00

4 Failli Francesco Acqua & Sapone Ita   - 0:00
5 Pozzovivo Domenico Colnago - CSF Inox Ita   - 0:00

6 Sinkewitz Patrik ISD - Neri Ger   - 0:00
7 Baliani Fortunato Miche Ita   - 0:00
8 Danielson Thomas Garmin - Transition Usa   - 0:00

Patrik Sinkewitz Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

9 Mate Mardones Luis Angel Androni Giocattoli Esp   - 0:15
10 Stetina Peter Garmin - Transition Usa 
11 Bailetti Paolo Ceramica Flaminia Ita 
12 Monfort Maxime Team HTC - Columbia   Bel 
13 Peterson Thomas Garmin - Transition Usa 

The peloton races through the apple orchards       Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

14 Salerno Cristiano De Rosa - Stac Plastic Ita   - 0:30
15 Masciarelli Francesco Acqua & Sapone Ita  - 0:32
16 Zanasca Luca CDC - Cavaliere Ita   -  0:36
17 Huzarski Bartosz ISD - Neri Pol  - 45
18 Ermeti Giairo De Rosa - Stac Plastic Ita  - 0:46
19 Serpa Perez Jose Rodolfo Androni Giocattoli Col 
20 Bertagnolli Leonardo Androni Giocattoli Ita 

The podium misses of the 18th Trofeo Melinda    Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

21 Golcer Jure De Rosa - Stac Plastic Slo   - 1:00
22 Ochoa Carlos José Androni Giocattoli Ven 1:15
23 Rodriguez Jackson Androni Giocattoli Ven 1:40

24 Brambilla Giorgio Colnago - Csf Inox Ita  - 2:50
25 Scarponi Michele Androni Giocattoli Ita s.t.
26 Van Garderen Tejay Team HTC - Columbia Usa  - 3:20

27 Miholjevic Vladimir Acqua & Sapone Cro - 5:10
28 Paolini Luca Acqua & Sapone Ita s.t.
29 Masciarelli Andrea Acqua & Sapone Ita  - 5:15
30 Hollenstein Reto Vorarlberg - Corratec Sui s.t.
31 Pydgornyy Ruslan ISD - Neri Ukr s.t.
32 Meier Christian Garmin - Transition Can s.t.
33 Ratti Aristide Carmiooro Ngc Ita s.t.
34 Caccia Diego ISD - Neri Ita s.t.
35 Colex Tepoz Bernardo Amore & Vita - Conad Mex s.t.
36 Barindelli Luciano Carmiooro Ngc Ita s.t.
37 Mironov Alexander Itera - Katusha Rus s.t.
38 Giordani Leonardo Ceramica Flaminia Ita s.t.
39 Sarmiento Tunarrosa Cayetano Josè Acqua & Sapone Col s.t.

40 Tonti Andrea Carmiooro Ngc Ita  - 6:00
41 Pinotti Marco Team HTC - Columbia Ita s.t.
42 Sivtsou Kanstantsin Team HTC - Columbia Blr s.t.
43 Muraglia Giuseppe CDC - Cavaliere Ita s.t.
Starters: 115
Abandons 72

Previous editions of the Trofeo Melinda
19th Trofeo Melinda - Val di Non 2010
18th Trofeo Melinda - Val di Non 2009
17th Trofeo Melinda -Val di Non 2008
16th Trofeo Melinda - Val di Non 2007
15th rofeo Melinda - Val di Non 2006
11th Trofeo Melinda -  Val di Non 2002

The race has been sponsored by the group Melinda for the last 17 years. Melinda is a grower marketing co-op selling apples and other fruit products of growers in Italy. You can visit the site by clicking on their logo above.

Trofeo Melinda & Circuito Degli Assi
1980 -2010

Trofeo Melinda  - Palmares
1992 Maurizio Fondriest (I)
1993 Stefano Della Santa (I)
1994 Massimo Podenzana (I)
1995 Pascal Richard (Ch)
1996 Andrea Tafi (I)
1997 Michele Bartoli (I)
1998 Rodolfo Ongarato (I)
1999 Mauro Gianetti (Ch)
2000 Gozard Stangelj (Slo)
2001 Francesco Casagrande (I)
2002 Dufaux Laurent (Ch)
2003 Francesco Casagrande (I)
2004 Davide Rebellin (I)
2005 Damiano Cunego (I)
2006 Stefano Garzelli (I)
2007 Santo Anza' (I)
2008 Leonardo Bertagnolli (I)
2009 Giovanni Visconti
2010 Vincenzo Nibali

Circuito Degli Assi - Anno
1980 G.B. Baronchelli
1981 Francesco Moser
1983 Francesco Moser
1984 Francesco Moser
1985 Francesco Moser
1987 Francesco Moser
1988 G.B. Baronchelli
1989 Maurizio Fondriest
1990 Laurent Fignon
1991 Maurizio Fondriest

Celebrating our tenth year!

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