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64th Coppa Agostoni - Giro Delle Brianze
By Vaughn Trevi
Date: 8/18/2010
64th Coppa Agostoni - Giro Delle Brianze

64th Coppa Agostoni - Giro Delle Brianze
Francesco Gavazzi , Mauro Santambrogio and Luca Paolini in a dash for the diamond in the second day of the Trittico Lombardia...

Francesco Gavazzi took the second race of the Trittico Lombardia in a sprint finish out of a group of 20 riders. Gavazzi won by inches in a tight sprint with BMC's Mauro Santambrogio who claimed second in front of his home crowd in Lissone with Acqua & Sapone veteran Luca Paolini third.

Moment of truth: Luca Paolini, Angel Rubiano, Francesco Gavazzi, and Mauro Santambrogio  Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

Miguel Angel Rubiano Chavez (Meridian) in for fourth with 2008 winner Leonardo Bertagnolli (Androni Diquigiovanni) 5th.

The one day race proved another one of attrition with a group of 20 riders dominating  the second part of the one day race on with the group of 15 separating in the final kilometer. A tough day of racing reduced the peloton of 164  to 35 finishers. 

The early escapees were caught and dispatched on the climb of the Ghisallo as Team Lampre came to the front setting the pace catching the break and thinning the peloton with 70 kilometers to go.. . A further selection came on the Colle Brianza  with the 20 survivors making the elite group that would decide the race. The group worked well together to  set a strong pace over the remaining 42 kilometers to discourage the chasers.

Luca Paolini, Francesco Gavazzi and Mauro Santambrogio gulp air after finishing their sprint. Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

The group were led to the finish by Acqua & Sapone's Massimo Codol and Lampre's Marco Marzano who set a fast pace to in the last ten kilometers to discourage the late attacks. Marzano handed off  Gavazzi at 500 meters to team mate Simone Ponzi who brought Gavazzi in position to launch and catch pass Santambrogio and Paolini in the final meters.

Francesco Gavazzi finally celebrates the win but it seems his arms will go no higher fot the victory salute... Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

Lampre/Farnese Vini
Francesco Gavazzi

"A very nice victory won on a tough route and interesting tactics. The race was difficult from the outset, the group launched at high speed and with so many escape attempts. I was in the right position and ready
when the first big selection came on the Ghisallo with teammates Cunego, Pietropolli, Marzano and Ponzi;  tactically we could control the situation. I knew my form was really good when I rode in on the final circuits. Only 20 riders were left; Marzano displayed unsurpassed generosity, and Ponzi did not disappoint in leading me to my the final lunge for victory."

26 year old, Francesco 'Gava' Gavazzi smiles from the podium
Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

"Santambrogio was a tricky opponent, I had to restrain myself and leave it in Mauro's hands; because otherwise I would have been lost. Today we rode at home since the team's home  is close to roads on the route, and accordingly I dedicated the victory to the sponsor Lampre and all other partners who support us; and special thanks are for teammates, particularly Ponzi and Marzano. Although initially it was not in my plans, take part in the Coppa Bernocchi tomorrow to try to win the ranking of the Trittico Lombardia. IThank Spezialetti for his availability, as I will start in his place. "

BMC Racing team
Mauro Santambrogio took second place in the sprint finish. Steve Morabito supported Santambrogio during the 186.5 km one-day race.

“Everything went very well on my home streets and on my training course. My family and friends were there and that motivated me,” explained Mauro Santambrogio, who comes from the town of Inverigo near Lake Como.

Climbing classification won
“It was a very difficult race, which took us over a few of the Tour of Lombardy’s climbs. The last part was very successful for us. Steve Morabito accompanied Mauro Santambrogio during all of the climbs. He did a good job. Mauro won the points for the last climb,” said a delighted René Savary, BMC Racing Team Assistant Director. Steve Morabito crossed the finish line with the second group. Victory was claimed by Francesco Gavazzi (Lampre).

Coppa Agostini Profile courtesy of Associazione Società Ciclistica Mobili Lissone

Coppa Agostini Monza - Lissone 186 km
Attacks were the order of the day from the start of the race with riders trying to open a a gap... none met with much success until a group the included: Huzarski (ISD), Stadler (BMC), Liquigas's Kuschynski  andSantaromita, Marco Marzano (Lampre), and Garmin's Ryder Hesjedal and Tejay Van Garderen. They too had no luck and were back in the pack after 40 km, lasting only 9 kilometers.

It was more of the same as an attack BMC's John Murphy at 16 km  was joined by Michael Albasini (HTC), Alessandro Bertolini (Androni), 105 Cattaneo (De Rosa) and Muraglia (CDC); the quintet looked like it might have some staying power opening a one minute gap that went up over 4 minutes by 60 km where Murphy was dropped and followed chasing alone at 50 seconds.

Pozzovivo and his Colnago team lead the chase on the Piano del Tivano
Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

at 75 km the quartet still continued their mission with 3 minutes ahead of the peloton... a small group followed ahead of the peloton which had split the first part at 336 and the second at 4:38... behind small groups fought to regain the peloton on the climb of the Piano `del Tivano.

De Rosa' Cattaneo led over the  Pian del Tivano followed by Bertolini, Muraglia and Albasini the main group had closed in at  2:00  with the second half of the peloton at 3:25. Visconti and Borghini were on the chase to return to the first group at 16 seconds.

On the descent Bertolini attacked chasing the four leaders, who lead at 1:45 with the first chase group coming on fast and picking up Albasini who was dropped by the leaders. The half way mark of the race had been passed with as they approached the climb of the Ghisallo the site of the chapel of the Madonna and patron of cyclists. Bertolini, Muraglia and Cattaneo star tthe climb of the Ghisalo with a minute over the chasers... behind Italian Champion Giovanni Visconti gives up his chasing having only made it back to the second chase group, he abandons the race.

Catteano is dropped on the climb; was then caught as the group sailed on to catch Bertolini and Muraglia as a group of 25 led by Colnago closes into 20 seconds on the descent with 76 km to go The Group grows to 40 on the descent.

The attacks continue on the Colle Brianza splitting the group; the lead group led by Santambrogio, Santomaromito, Hesjedal and Lampre's Ponzi, Marzano and Gavazzi take an  advantage of 1:35 with 50 km to go.

Borislav Borisov attacks on the descent of the Brianza Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

Santambrogio (BMC) led by 8 seconds over the summit of the Colle Brianza followed by Massimo Codol (Acqua & Sapone), and Ande4ra Tonti (Carmiooro), behind Pasquale Muto led the first chase group at  33 seconds  the second group is followed at  2:52.

On the climb to Sirtori there are more attacks - first  Rubiano Chavez (Meridian) opening a gap. Bertagnolli (Androni) and   Cristiano Salerno (De Rosa) gaining a hundred meters... behind the chase loses ground and follows at 5 minutes with 25 km to go.

By 10 km to go the 20 rides are all together in a nervous truce as they enter the two local circuits in Lissone. Acqua & Sapone's Massimo Codol and Lampre's Marco Marzano set a furious pace going into the final circuit. The attacks came as the race neared the final km.

Santambrogio got the lead in the final 500 meters with Paolni with Gavazzi being towed to the front and released in the final 200 meters to make up the gap and pass Santambrogio in the final two metes in a photo finish winning by centimeters.

Tomorrows final leg of the Trittico Lombardia, the 92nd Coppa Bernocchi will play out over 199 kilometers and is likely to end in a sprint finish to decide who has the points from the three races to be awarded the Lombardy Triptych prize of a diamond worth approximately $15,000 USA.

64th Coppa Agostoni - Giro Delle Brianze
        Monza - Lissone

186 km - 4:42:15 - 39.667 km/h
1  Francesco Gavazzi (Lampre/Farnese Vini)
2  Mauro Santambrogio (BMC Racing )
3  Luca Paolini (Acqua & Sapone)

4  Miguel Angel Rubiano Chavez (Meridian)
5  Leonardo Bertagnolli (Androni Diquigiovanni)

6   Vladislav Borisov (Amore & Vita)
7 Ryder Hesjedal (Garmin/Transitions)
8  Leonardo Giordani (Ceramica Flaminia)
9  Enrico Zen (Colnago/CSF Inox)
10 Serafin Martinez (Xacobeo Galicia)
Full Results
Started: 164
Finished: 35

Celebrating our tenth year!

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