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61st Gran Premio Città di Camaiore
By Vaughn Trevi
Date: 8/8/2010
61st Gran Premio Città di Camaiore

61st Gran Premio Città di Camaiore 
Liquigas' Young Gun Kristijan Koren Opens his Pro Account in Camaiore Italian August Classic

Young Gun Kristijan Koren (Liquigas) won the six up sprint with Giovanni Visconti (Isd/Neri) second and Androni Giocattoli" Francesco Ginanni third. Vsiconti and Ginanni were locked in a duel for the line when Koren surprised the the duo coming up the road on the left side and passing both  in the final 100 meters to take his first professional victory.

Koren Surprises Giovanni Visconti and Francesco Ginanni - up the left side to take his first pro win! Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

The attackers out distanced the first chase group by 34 seconds with Riccardo Chiarini (De Rosa/Stac Plastic) 4th, Paolo Ciavatta (Acqua&Sapone/d'Angelo) 5th and  Androni Giocattoli's Leonardo Bertagnolli at sixth.

The 23 year old rider neo-pro from Postojna, Slovenia took advantage of his form after making his debut in the Tour de France where he finished 94th on the G.C.. He previously won two in the 2009 Baby Giro as an elite rider.

Race profile courtesy GPCamaiore

The race is not only part of the Italian August classics, but also plays a vital role of the preparation and selection of the Italian "Azzurro" team that will go to Melbourne for the world championships; national selector Paolo Bettini was at the race to evaluate the riders to prepare his selection of the team.

The peloton starts the climb of Monte Pitoro with the beach and sea in the distance.  Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

The race opens on the with 4circuits along the beach dedicated to Fabio Casartelli and then moves inland for six circuits with the finish back in Camaiore only ten kilometers after the sixth and final climb of the steep and demanding 3,4 km climb of Monte Pitoro. At 188.1 kilometers usually fought out in the heat of the summer its a hard race that usually faces a high attrition rate with the Italians looking to impress and gain a berth on the national team for the coming Worlds.

Visconti attacks the peloton on the Pitoro. Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

This year proved to be a fast race and as expected it was the six rounds over the climb of Monte Pitoro that would once again prove to be the deciding factor in the race. An early break of 15 that included danger men Bertagnolli and Serpa was chased down by Liquigas in less than ten kilometers etting off a series of attacks splitting the peloton as the race suffered its usual attrition.  Riccardo Chiarini, recent winner of the Trofeo Matteotti, Ciavatta and Bertagnolli, were most active on the front

With 34 km to go the attacks split; what was left of the peloton 33 riders over the summit of Monte Pitoro minus Ivan Basso and Riccardo Ricco who missed the action and were in a larger group over a minute adrift.

Riccardo Ciarini, Giovanni Viscont and Kristijan Koren lead the break.
Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

On the penultimate circuit attacks again raged on the Pitoro with the determined group of six riders taking leave of the field with 34 km to go - the  sextet: Ginanni and Bertagnolli (Androni), Visconti (ISD), Chiarini (De Rosa) and Ciavatta (Acqua & Sapone).

On the final climb the harmony of the six started to come apart with Italian champion, Giovanni Visconti forcing the pace, with Bertagnolli staying on his wheel... over the summit, the six were still together with ten km to go. The six started the descent of the Montemagno and the downhill to the finish at just over six km to go. The attacks never stopped with Koren dropped on the descent he had to claw his way back to the group before the finish.

Despite of their best efforts Ginanni and Visconti  were not able to drop their four companions. Coming into  the final kilometer it was Bertagnolli to attack and start his sprint first. Koren took the Androni riders wheel withGinanni and Visconti leading the sprint from 500 meters out and leading into the final 200 meters man on man when Koren surprised coming up the left side to claim the victory on the line.

34 seconds later Giairo Ermeti of De Rosa/Stac Plastic led the first chase group of 15 to the finish with Riccardo Ricco leading the 22 survivors to the line at 1:30.

A very happy GP Camaiore winner,  Kristijan Koren  Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

Kristijan Koren, "I'm very happy with  my  first win as a professional, this comes after the joy of having taken part in the Tour de France. Back home I have not taken any  breaks; but I worked to maintain my condition. The parcours suited my strengths. In I knew I had a chance if it came to a sprint; 100 meters from the line I found the right time and space, and was able to succeed. "

The Slovene rider dedicated the victory to his Liquigas/Doimo team mates who urged him to try for the win today...   "I needed the sun; I prefer the warm season weather, where I can get the best from myself .". After his success in Camaiore, Koren is now turns his attention to the World Championships in in Melbourne, where he hopes for good things from the Slovenia squad.

Giovanni Visconti commented on the sprint,
"The sprint was clean, I led at 200 meters; but Koren was stronger in the final. The surprise is fine, Koren passed at high speed and there was nothing to do. "

Francesco Ginanni admitted he, "... perhaps 'underestimated his rival' a bit. "

Leonardo Bertagnolli... "I had to close on each of the attacks in the final  five kilometers.  In the sprint I had to start first and Koren just surprised me. The race was intense, fast-paced, with repeated attacks. After the last climb and Ginanni and Koren were dropped but  but managed to return. At that point I had to repel many attacks, and I'm not yet in top condition. The sprint was clean, I left at 200 meters and I had a head to head with Ginanni. But Koren passed us going very fast. "

Podium: Giovanni Visconti, Kristijan Koren and Francesco Ginanni
Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

61st Edition Gran Premio Camaiore
181.1 km  - 4:30:00 - 41.08 km/h

1 Kristijan Koren Liquigas-Doimo Slo 4:30:00
2 Giovanni Visconti Isd/Neri Ita " - 0:00
3 Francesco Ginanni Androni Giocattoli/Serramenti Pvc Ita - 0:00

4 Riccardo Chiarini De Rosa/Stac Plastic Ita " - 0:00
5 Paolo Ciavatta Acqua&Sapone/D'angelo&Antenucci It - 0:00

6 Leonardo Bertagnolli Androni Giocattoli/Serramenti  Ita - 0:00

Giovanni Visconti
Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

Paolo Bettini talks with Ivan Basso... it must be a chat about the worlds team selection   Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

7 Giairo Ermeti De Rosa/Stac Plastic Ita - 0:34"
8 Luis Angel Mate Mardones Androni Giocattoli/Serramenti  Esp - 0:34
9 Fabio Terrenzio Carmiooro Ngc Ita  - 0:34
10 Daniele Colli Ceramica Flaminia Ita - 0:34
11 Daniele Callegarin Cdc/Cavaliere Ita - 0:34
12 Alessandro Donati Acqua&Sapone/D'angelo & Antenucci It - 0:34
13 Aristide Ratti. Carmiooro Ngc Ita - 0:34
14 Volodymyr Starchyk Amore & Vita/Conad Ukr- 0:34

Paolo Bettini with the 'godfather' of Italian cycling an honorary president of the cycling federation and former nationalselector - Alfredo Martini. Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti 

15 Jose Rodolfo Serpa Perez Androni Giocattoli/Serramenti Col - 0:34
16 Bartosz Huzarski Isd/Neri Pol - 0:34
17 Jackson Rodriguez Androni Giocattoli/Serramenti Ven - 0:34
18 Antonio Quadranti Carmiooro Ngc Ita - 0:34
19 Simone Stortoni Colnago/Csf Inox Ita - 0:34
20 Paolo Bailetti Ceramica Flaminia Ita - 0:34
21 Carlos José Ochoa Androni Giocattoli/Serramenti PvcVen - 0:34

22 Davide Torosantucci Cdc/Cavaliere Ita - 1.00
23 Riccardo Ricco' Ceramica Flaminia Ita - 1.30
24 Cristiano Fumagalli Ceramica Flaminia Ita - 1.30
25 Aliaksandr Kuschynski Liquigas-Doimo Blr - 1.30
26 Matteo Montaguti De Rosa/Stac Plastic Ita "- 1.30
27 Michele Gaia Colnago/Csf Inox Ita - 1.30
28 Sergio Lagana De Rosa/Stac Plastic Ita - 1.30
29 Ivan Basso Liquigas-Doimo Ita - 1.30
30 Alessandro Bisolti Colnago/Csf Inox Ita - 1.30
31 Mirko Tedeschi Carmiooro Ngc Ita - 1.30
32 Andrea Masciarelli Acqua&Sapone/D'angelo&Antenucci It - 1.30
33 Diego Caccia Isd/Neri Ita  - 1.30
34 Paolo Longo Borghini Isd/Neri Ita"
35 Francesco Bellotti Liquigas-Doimo Ita "
36 Alberto Contoli Colnago/Csf Inox Ita  - 1.30
37 Alessandro Raisoni Carmiooro Ngc Ita "
38 Giuseppe Muraglia Cdc/Cavaliere Ita "
39 Gianluca Brambilla. Colnago/Csf Inox Ita - 1.30
40 Sebastien Fournet Fayard Carmiooro Ngc Fra "
41 Cristiano Salerno De Rosa/Stac Plastic Ita - 3.00
42 Fabio Taborre Androni Giocattoli/Serramenti PvcIta "
43 Simon Clarke Isd/Neri Aus "
44 Giorgio Brambilla De Rosa/Stac Plastic Ita "

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