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Help the Daily Peloton - Fundraiser 2011-2012
By Vaughn Trevi
Date: 6/30/2010
Help the Daily Peloton - Fundraiser 2011-2012

Help! the Daily Peloton 2011 Updated
The Daily Peloton needs your support

Celebrating our 11th year!

The Daily Peloton comes to you free every day. However, our current advertising revenue is just not enough to cover our server and other costs that make the site possible. We would like to continue creating the DP as we have the last ten years; with your support it will be possible through 2012.

If you would like to support our continuing efforts to bring you unique and entertaining coverage of races like the Tour de France. Your donations will secure our server and help our continuing efforts to report on races around the world, the DP forums and chat room, and also get our  photographers into the field so we continue to have a great selection  photos of the your cycling heroes and heroines at the races.

Please click on the Paypal link below to and send a donation to support the Daily Peloton. We appreciate help and support.

If you would like to advertise on our site, contact us.

Help the Daily Peloton

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