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49th Chevron Manhattan Beach Grand Prix - Women
By Vaughn Trevi
Date: 6/27/2010
49th Chevron Manhattan Beach Grand Prix - Women

49th Chevron Manhattan Beach Grand Prix - Women
Pam Schuster of SoCal Velo stamps the race with her authority... Updated with Results

Pam Schuster of Southern California Velo added her name to the long list of palmares of The Manhattan Beach Grand Prix winning the sprint by a bike length, besting her teammate Priscilla Calderon and Anna Drukullich (Herbalife La Grange).

Dianna Del Fante of Paramount cycling  and Jennifer Weinbrecht (G & L Bikes) filled out the top 5 finishers in the bunch sprint of 35  riders.

The race opened under low coastal clouds but soon the sun was breaking through for perfect clear and sunny conditions by mid race... once again the winds would play their part as the wind got the  sponsor's Chevron flags whipping in wind after the opening six laps. With the wind on their backs on the front side of the course ther women faced a ever stiffer wind on the backside of the course working against the breaks.

Dara Rogers (Helens/Cannondale) leads the peloton on the backside of the course after turn one. Photo copyright 2010 Dennis White

A smaller field graced the race this year which for the first time in years is not an NRC this year. The Men's race however is.

The riders approached the race with caution in the first 2 laps; but by stage 3 a break of two was off only to be caught on the backside as they started lap 5 of the hour long speedfest .

Marlo Stoutenburg (Team Ranchos) leads the peloton
Photo copyright 2010 Dennis White

2002 winner (while riding for Saturn) Suzanne Sonye (Helens/Cannondale) won the lap 4 preem as the pace pumped up into the wind as Bethany Allen (Team Ranchos) led the peloton through the start and finish area with 5 laps to go.

a break by Suzan Given (Paramount Cysling) proved as futile as the early attempts being pulled back on the hill near the first turn. The peloton was set for a bunch sprint as the riders on kept the field strung out on the final 2 laps.

Comiing around the final corner with 200 km to go it was Pam Schuster making the surprise move up the right side of the road to catch the lead group of four and pass to take the win in style...

49th Chevron Manhattan Beach Grand Prix
Women's Pro/1& 2 Results

1 Pamela Schuster Southern California Velo
2 Priscilla Calderon Southern California Velo
3 Anna Drakulich Herbalife LaGrange

4 Dianna Del Fante Paramount Racing
5 Jennifer Weinbrecht B&L Bikes

6 Simone Morissette ACQUA AL 2/SDBC
7 Rachel Tzinberg Bike Religion
8 Erika Graves Herbalife LaGrange
9 Jenny Rios
10 Melinda Weiner Herbalife LaGrange
11 Maria Lechuga Helens/Cannondale
12 Alicia Silvera Unattached
13 Leah Ballamy Swami's Cycling Club
14 Michelle Ignash Major Motion Cycling Club
15 Mindy Sawalha Team Ranchos
16 Joy Duerksen Team PossAbilities Gary Fisher Subaru
17 Suzan Given Paramount Racing
18 Bethany Allen Team Ranchos
19 Betsy Kogan NOW-MS Society
20 Andrea Hensler Team PossAbilities Gary Fisher Subaru
21 Deborah Durand Helens/Cannondale
22 Rachel Schmidt Team Dude Girl / Colnago
23 Debbie Hunter Bicycle Ranch
24 Karen Meske Helens/Cannondale
25 Morgan Kapp Herbalife LaGrange
26 Cheryl Roth Helens/Cannondale
27 Suzanne Sonye Helens/Cannondale
28 Patricia Ortiz Team Ranchos
29 lisa campbell Fast Friday
30 Hilary Crowley Paramount Racing
31 Dara Rogers Helens/Cannondale
32 Raegan Lunsford Team Dude Girl / Colnago
33 Julie Guthrie NOW-MS Society
34 Charlayne Barger Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling
35 Kelli Jones ACQUA AL 2/SDBC
Cathy Keeley Herbalife LaGrange
Nancy Seidler Sho-air/Sonance
Desira Utzig-Miller Team PossAbilities Gary Fisher Subaru
Bonnie Breeze Southern California Velo
Marlo Stoutenburg Team Ranchos

Celebrating our tenth year!

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